So what is melon? It is a fruit or a vegetable or maybe berry?


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No One will remember why there was a doubt about what melon-is a fruit or a vegetable? Moreover, some believe that she and her cousin are watermelon and all berries. Whether so it actually, will try to understand right now.

melon – a fruit or a vegetable?

Sister cucumber

To answer such an interesting question, it is necessary to mentally travel to the garden or plantation, and to remember how to grow melon at what looks like its leaves, to which family it belongs.

Some of the first to see the whip of melon and cucumber, and surprised, because they are so similar. A kind of vine, depending on variety, extends for a few meters. Beyond this common characteristic, the leaves of both cultures are almost identical. They are small, fan-shaped forms. Of course, for example, in Uzbekistan melon leaves are large in size, but in the Suburban greenhouses, they are very modest. And it will help to answer the question: “Melon-is a fruit or a vegetable?” Because of the small size sheet fragrant beauties allow one to see its relationship with cucumber. He they are the same shape, but slightly darker in color and less hairy.

Melon-is a fruit or a vegetable?

Those who have never grown or seen growing melon to see what is before them cucumber whip. Once on it seems yellow flowers, it also will be difficult to say, melon or cucumber is a vine. After all, the last flowers are almost the same size and color. No wonder this factor confuses even bees. They pollinate those and other plants on their legs transferring pollen from flower to flower. So sometimes the fruits are melons grown next to cucumber, a taste reminiscent of the latter.


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The Root system of representatives of both cultures are identical – it's not deep, but increasing in breadth. Both vegetables don't like transplanting, as this will injure the roots.

melon is a fruit, vegetable or berry?

All of the above helps to dispel doubts. Thinking, melon-is a fruit or vegetable, we can say with confidence that this vegetable. Because the cucumber it is, and its native fragrant sister can not refer to different Botanical classes of plants.

Dispel the myth that melon-berry

So what is a melon-fruit, vegetable or berry? Honey fruit is often equated not only to fruit, but also berries. Where did such an opinion? Something to think about was watermelon. For some reason, some began to call him a huge berry. They say the watermelon is very sweet, so it's not a vegetable, but it can be berry. Because they also grow on the ground, not on trees. Yes, strawberry, cranberry and some others live on the soil level. However, the writers of myths have forgotten that cherry, that is a berries that grow on trees. So what watermelon inhabited the earth, is not a proof of his ‘berry’ origin.

melon is a fruit, vegetable or berry,

The Melon, as he also bocheva culture. Writers of myths to prove that once a watermelon is a berry, and melon is also relative it is. But, as was shown above, the fruit with juicy scarlet flesh is not a berry, and therefore a melon not belong to the Botanical class of plants.

If you look at the leaves of pumpkin, squash, cucumber, melon, clearly shows their similarity to the leaves of the melon. Therefore, the melon – is a vegetable, and the data of culture. By the way, courgettes zucchini leaves are almost the same as the watermelon – they are openwork and carved. Why watermelon though sweet but also a vegetable. And not a berry. Now everyone, thinking about how melon-is a fruit or vegetable can say that it is a vegetable.

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