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Shades of mint many associated with the gentle coolness of morning freshness and elegance. Wedding dresses made in this color range, looks original and delicious. Mint shades neutral. They can build upon and complement other colors. Menthol, rich, cool colors are ideal for brunettes, and warm, pastel-blondes. Mint wedding – that extraordinary idea for newlyweds. Most importantly, pick the right colors and to create a romantic, subtle, but interesting images.

mint wedding

To avoid errors

Mint wedding – this is the original celebration, full of warmth and freshness. When making such marriage should be avoided monochrome. The overabundance of mint shades can play a cruel joke. It is not necessary to buy all the mint, starting with the bride's attire and ending with the dishes. It will look ugly. To avoid this, one should properly arrange the accents. There are several schemes to make the right choice:

  1. Table Decoration, tie, groom, desserts, bridesmaid dress.
  2. Shoes and the bride's bouquet, any of the accessories of the groom, for example, pocket square, cufflinks or tie, wedding cake, decoration of the hall.
  3. Ribbon in the bouquet, decorations and accessories of the bride, bridesmaid dress, ceremonial cake, floral decorations for the hall, parts of interior design.

This scheme will allow to keep harmony. Mint wedding, photos of which are impressive, not monochrome. This celebration will be remembered for the newlyweds and their guests.


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wedding mint color

Bride's Bouquet – this is important

It is Difficult to imagine a bride without a bouquet of flowers. This attribute must match the color scheme of the celebration. To create the bouquet, use colored and white roses. You can add Brunei, hydrangea, Amaryllis, baby's breath, eustoma.

The Finished composition, you need to decorate. For this approach braid, beads, lace, silk ribbons and other small parts, made in mint colours.

Mint wedding decoration

For the decoration of the Banquet hall, use fabric mint tones. It could be curtains, tablecloths, napkins and so on. As for the tableware, it is better to use porcelain ivory. On the chairs wear white covers and decorate them with ribbons menthol undertone. The desired effect will help to give candles with the scent of mint, various compositions of ribbon, lace, flowers and balloons in the appropriate color palette of the wedding.

Also, the original will look of the tuple mint colors. For wedding it is possible to order the vintage car for a photo shoot. Decorate the vehicle with ribbons, bows and flowers used to make ceremonial wedding photo

The Combination of minty shades

To mint the wedding was wonderful, you need to think carefully about the colors for the design of the hall and for the dresses of the guests. You need to know what shades combined menthol.

Best of all, this color would look with purple, yellow, blue, red, white, and brown. Mint green blends with warm and pastel shades. Ideal olive, dark grey, chocolate, beige, pale yellow.

Classic menthol is better to combine with coral, sand, wine shade and color of dark fuchsia. Blue mint suit more saturated and cool colors: pink, Burgundy, purple and the whole palette of blue, ranging from pale blue to dark blue.

mint wedding decoration

Pleasant things

Any wedding mint color begins not only with the choice of attire, but also with invitations. If you are planning a themed celebration, then the card must match the main trend. In this case, invitations must be mint color. For their production is to use lace, vintage monograms, colored paper and so on. This will allow to emphasize the main theme of the wedding.

When choosing a cake, you also need to consider the direction of the celebration. For mint wedding will fit a treat with a minty base and white decorations. The taste of the cake can be absolutely any. If you want you can add mint notes.

To Complement the wedding decoration will allow such things as pillow for rings, candles, decorated bottles of champagne, the original Banquet cards, guest book for the wishes, embellished glasses for the bride and groom, garter, etc.

Decoration wedding table in retro style

The Peak of the popularity of mint color was in the middle of the last century. At this time enjoyed great demand ware, made in green and blue colors. When carrying out mint wedding in retro style, you can focus on serving tables. For celebration of this theme, use vintage product. Dishes should combine shades of ivory and mint green.

In this case, you want a table with a sweet. Can accommodate tall bookcases filled with original cupcakes. Treats can be coated with a minty glaze. On the surface you can also create an original drawing that matches the theme of your event.

As for flowers, the designBanquet tables, it is recommended to use turquoise glass vase filled with pink and white peonies.

Want to mint the wedding was decorated in a retro style? You definitely need to pick matching outfits for the newlyweds! In addition, it is worth thinking about invitations. Cards have to be made of yellowed paper, faded ink signed. Invitations should be sent out in envelopes, sealed with wax.

mint wedding in the style of

The Wedding is outdoors

Wedding in a minty style can be carried out in nature. You can even organize the marriage ceremony. Similar celebrations are planned very carefully. The ceremony must be held in a beautiful location, preferably in the middle of flowering trees and shrubs. However, the design should avoid the prevalence of the rustic style.

All details of the occasion needs to be refined and simple. When choosing accessories, textiles, utensils and decorative items is to give preference to products made in gold and mint-blue tone. As for floral arrangements, it is best to choose white buds.

For table decoration newlyweds should use decorated champagne bottles and glasses. They should be decorated with gold leaf. As for pads for rings and satin ribbons used for decoration of the venue of the celebration, they should be bright turquoise tones. This will allow accents.

Particular attention should be paid to design the invitations. They should fully reflect the theme of the celebration. It should be real works of art. Invitation cards for wedding usually mint with original gold decoration and extraordinary in mint colours

In conclusion

The Wedding is in mint colours – it is a wonderful themed event. A festive mood is guaranteed to all the participants, in advance if the couple will think through the design of the Banquet hall images and costumes for the witnesses and the bridesmaids. In the preparation of the celebration special attention should be paid to the details. The end result is original, elegant, classy menthol wedding which will be remembered by all.

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