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Every girl wants to meet the Prince of her dreams. For you have come to this point? So, it's time to solve many of the problems that the wedding celebration went great. The main point here – this is to give enough time for ourselves.
wedding braids

Choosing a wedding hairstyle trends

How are the wedding hairstyles? Braids for wedding, photos of which you can see in this article! This traditional Russian decorative element gives the image of a girl feminine, Flirty, sexy.

Variants of such hairstyles are many. For example, bold brides can try on a very naive girl, plated two playful pigtails. But you can use them to create hair a work of art.

Braids for a wedding-type face

Wedding hairstyle you can choose for each type of appearance. So, if you are the owner of round face, you need to choose high styling with vertical lines. Brides with protruding ears, it is desirable to cover them with straight strands. Optimally elect to stop the hair up high on top of the head hair.

If you have a rectangular face, the lines can soften the curls of the hair, avoid hairstyles with straight lines. It is necessary that the bulk of the hair was located in the area of the ears. A great solution would be braids for a wedding, fitted with soft roller.

For triangular faces can use the following method – the combination of wavy and straight hair. For example, straight bangs and wavy hair.hairstyles for wedding photos

For girls with a square face shape suitable hairstyles with wavy contours. Great choice — “French” braid, from the top of the forehead lifts the hair and frame the face. The flowing lines of a hairstyle will make lines more soft.


Funny script of the second day of the wedding

Funny script of the second day of the wedding

To Celebrate the wedding of a few days - not a fad but a tradition. The bride and groom and they are close people usually pre-book restaurants and cafes, buy enough food and alcohol, come up with interesting scenarios. The second day of wedding is ch...

But lucky enough, it's the girls with oval face! They can pick up various wedding hairstyles with various options of laying and braiding.

Braids for wedding and decoration: the flowers, the veils,

Due to the fact that the shape of such hairstyle can be different, it is easy to pick up a veil. So, short braids, you can arrange a small veil, and a long will look great with tiered long veil and gown.

However, this accessory could be dismantled in favor of a wreath of flowers. You need to consider that live plants its beauty should be maintained for the entire celebration, therefore, before you decide on such a step, it is advisable to consult a professional florist. A good alternative will be flowers made from silk. A huge number of shades you can choose from natural colors.

Colors can be present in a contour of styling, and you can weave them into a braid. Effectively in braids will look feathers and pearls. Tiara or tiara will make you a real Queen!

beautiful braids for wedding photo

Braids for the wedding with their hands

To Wash a head should be the day before the celebration. Creating a hairstyle, each stage, you need to fix the hair lacquer. In this case, the strands are hold tight, don't sleepas.

You can Also braid “French” beautiful braids for wedding, pictures of which are presented above. Part of the hair when it is best to leave her. Brides who want something unusual, you can make a braid, woven in the opposite direction (upward).

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