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To Celebrate the wedding of a few days - not a fad but a tradition. The bride and groom and they are close people usually pre-book restaurants and cafes, buy enough food and alcohol, come up with interesting scenarios. The second day of wedding is characterized in that the continuation of the Banquet only the most important guests. Despite the fact how the couple will celebrate its triumph, modestly or "wide" leg, cool script will need to be sure.

To blame tradition

In the second scenario the wedding day is dedicated only for newlyweds with a calculated continuation of the Banquet and the others who want to celebrate. Not to turn celebration into a boring drinking of alcoholic beverages, began to think interesting competitions that involves all the remaining guests.

  1. On the second day the young were sent to the bath to bathe, while loved ones lay the table, did appetizers and thought through the remaining contests. Now the couple visit a Spa where you can both enjoy relaxing massages, sauna, stone therapy and pleasant complex procedures.
  2. To amuse guests, the scenario on the second day of the wedding, kidnapped the bride and the groom together with his entourage had to find her. Of course, before the Grand celebration staged in small villages and towns where all the inhabitants knew each other and easily come into play. Now it has become a bit more complicated, because instead of foreclosure now dancing, nature walk and picnics.
Theme script


It is Important to understand that the wedding may last until the morning, and the bride and groom tirelessly to welcome guests, distribute the remaining salads and collect gifts. It is therefore logical that on the second day of the wedding scenario begins with lunch and continues until late at night.


In the morning, only the most cheerful start to prepare snacks, think the contests to the last detail, prepare clothes for the newlyweds.


Usually held the second day of the wedding without a toastmaster. Scenarios consider themselves the bride and groom, their friends or relatives. In order to save the continuation of the Banquet gets home, but if you can afford it, then in a cafe. The second option greatly simplifies the process of cooking and saves the newlyweds and their loved ones from unnecessary household chores.

Guests sit at a table

After waking up the young satisfied with a delicious lunch, preferably without fanfare. At the same time they declare that immediately after the meal, they go to relax in a Spa for a few hours and then you need to re-take the newly arrived guests.

A Brief plan of action:

  1. Pair after the Spa-procedures is sent to meet guests where either the host or one of the closest friends to announce the first contests. But, first and foremost, starts the meal, where all ate new dishes, toast, relax.
  2. In between there is dancing and then the bride and groom take turns to thank their close friends and relatives, showing collages of their funny pictures.
  3. Up To six in the evening, usually themed photo shoot, where the couple appear in the new images.


Of Course, the scenario of the second day of the wedding prepared in accordance with the desires of the bride and groom. The above method - budget and quiet option, so in the late afternoon, when the main festivities will take place, the couple together with the guests can go outside and let the fireworks, to organize competitions with gifts for the best dance or song in the karaoke.

Guy and girl on beach

It is Important to understand that this is not the main celebration, where everything is done with refinement and taste. Fun second scenario the wedding day focuses on communicating with friends and family, the friendly toast, and even the tea party (without fighting, a large amount of alcoholic beverages, cooking incredible meals, ordering an expensive photographer and toastmaster).

How to spend

A Cool script second day of the wedding come from the bride and groom. If the couple want to arrange the continuation of the Banquet modestly for yourself, you should choose a themed photo shoot outdoors and indoors with a nice background and good lighting. Now in the Russian culture, where early on the second day newly-met family entertainers includes the Western tradition, which suggests that immediately after the wedding the bride and groom go on a honeymoon. It's for the best, because guests at their discretion to celebrate this event all you want, but tired of the training, the couple will go to its deserved and proper rest.

In Addition to the wedding trip, the bride and groom can collect the loved ones and go to a Spa or sauna. In summer, cool in the script of the second day of the wedding (excluding Toastmasters) should include a trip to the river, sea, pool, water Park or outside the city - where you can book a terrace, have a barbecue and enjoy refreshing cocktails.

the Couple at the Holi festival

If the couple wants privacy, especially after the noisythe day before the party, you can go to nature alone, taking with him enough food, tents, bicycles, inflatable boats.

The Best contests

The second Scenario the wedding day - an important detail, especially if the couple decided to celebrate the continuation of the Banquet "wide" leg. And an important component of this event are the competitions. Here are some of them:

  1. House Bridal. This competition involves everyone. Will need two people give out a large box of fireplace matches and PVA glue. Turn on a favorite song of the bride and groom, they go to the gym and start dancing. For a while that music is playing, participants must be able to glue and assemble a beautiful, sturdy house for the newlyweds. The rest of the guests choose the winner, and all of the model homes are placed in glass cubes, which will be now a family heirloom.
  2. Strictly masculine. This is a fun and unusual contest that can be conducted even at home. In the second scenario the wedding day should start with a fun dance - ballet, but instead of the graceful girls will participate in it with the male relatives and friends of the spouses. Each participant is given the tutu, the music, a La "the chicken Dance". Men have to dance as if they were real professional artists. To capture this unusual competition, it is recommended to remove pirouettes representatives of the stronger sex on camera.
  3. A Cow on ice. The main thing at the festival - laugh all the guests. This task definitely can do our competition. Select four participants and hand out two pairs of boots. The essence of the contest is that the guests wear shoes on the hands and feet, and then ran the path with obstacles on all fours. The winners will receive a nice gift.
Family at the feast on the street

Celebrating home

Perhaps this is the budget, but difficult option. First, because then you have to set the table, order meals, snacks and drinks enough for all guests. Second, if the second day of the wedding will be celebrated in the apartment, it can cause problems with the neighbors, as not everyone likes loud music, laughter, and the clatter over the head.

As a rule, at home held a modest event where a small group of people playing "Crocodile", "Twister" or "UNO."


What can you do in nature

If the wedding is played in the warm season, it is the best option to arrange the continuation of the Banquet in the fresh air. Here you will be able to come up with a themed party because in the period from spring to autumn you can rent gazebos in parks, to go to the recreation center, to rent a house on the beach. Of course, renting of such premises may be costly, so there is a more budget option, just to get a group, get in the car and go to the nearest lake or the recreational area.

Apart from the fact that in nature you can cook aromatic kebabs as vegetable and meat, to think of interesting contests, and soak up the sun, breathe fresh air and do a themed photoshoot.

The Only negative stores, usually in remote areas stay there, and if there is, very expensive, so you'll have to foresee the availability of disposable utensils, blankets, food and drinks. As newlyweds on our wedding night will be busy, this is usually charge close people - relatives or friends.

party in the cafe

Theme script

Want to be different and to impress your guests? Arrange a real carnival. For example, if you love the Wild West, all guests must meet the dress code, namely to have the cowboy boots, hat and themed dress.

  1. In a day, you can visit the paintball club, to shoot the bottles, run around on a wooden horse on speed, drink real brandy or tequila.
  2. Another original theme is a sports event. In this case, the couple needs to stock up on swords, Frisbee, baseball bat and tennis racket, all the guests amused by the fact that she enjoyed an active lifestyle. Of course, you need to consider and the choice of the loved ones as not all agree to jump in a canvas bag or to climb a tree to get the flying disc.

What to choose

It is Necessary to proceed strictly from the chosen scenario and personal preferences of the bride and groom. It is important to understand that the wedding is a laborious preparation, heavy and sometimes uncomfortable clothing, makeup and layered hairstyle, which is tired scalp.

the Bride with her bridesmaids

The Couple can choose loose-fitting clothing that does not burden them and does not cause discomfort, and a new suit with the dress. It depends also on the theme of the second day of the wedding. If a newly formed family decided to spend the day with family, just enjoying the quiet music in the cafe, a light dinner and find yourself talking with, a comfortable evening outfits, but if you're having a naval battle, Provencal dinner or ballroom dancing, then you still have to choose any swimsuit in white-blue stripes, or a dress with a full skirt and a wig. In any case, alldepends only on personal preferences of the spouses, because such a holiday only important thing is convenience and peace of mind of husband and wife.

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