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A Unique animal-the walrus the Atlantic – in the ecological region of the Barents sea. Huge mammals drifting giant ice floes along the North coast to the harsh Atlantic. They nuzzle, imposingly lounging on the rocky braids, framing the ocean water.

The Atlantic giants in the red data book

The Population of these pinnipeds is rapidly declining. Therefore, in Russia, taken under the protection of Atlantic walrus. Red book, where were these beasts, trying to prevent the extinction of unique subspecies. Large rookeries of walruses are protected.

Atlantic walrus Red book

The marine animal Population includes isolated, little contact with each other of the herd. Their numbers declined sharply due to uncontrolled commercial whaling. Of the 25 000 birds left about 4,000 animals.

Description Atlantic walrus

Information about these giants of the Arctic are very scarce. Walrus – large animals with the skin of brown color. Weight 3 to 4 feet of males is about two tons, and females growing to a length of 2.6 meters, it is close to a ton. The huge mammals have a small head with a broad snout and tiny eyes.

Walrus Atlantic description

The Upper jaw is decorated with two powerful canines up to a length of 35-50 cm. The tusks easily pierce the ice. They help clumsy animal to climb onto ice from the sea waters. Tusks – this weapon against opponents and protection from enemies. Walruses often pierced by the fangs of polar bears.

The Mighty Atlantic walrus, a photo that is not easy to do, has another brilliant device – straw-colored mustache. They form hundreds of stiff hairs. The hairs are thick, like acini bird feathers, delicate like fingers. Thanks to them, the walrus distinguish even the smallest items and easily find shellfish, zaburilis in the oceanic soil.


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Outwardly it looks quite unattractive walrus the Atlantic. The description of it is this: fat deposited on the rocky beach body, body rolls, furrowed with deep scars, emits a sharp fetid smell; tiny eyes, bloodshot, fester. Body of adult walruses studded with rare coarse hair, and surrounded by thick young hair, dark-brown hue.

On land, the walrus Atlantic clumsy, he barely moved, fingering with all four flippers. But in the ocean it feels great, sliding easily in the water column. Apparently, that is why he is on a stony beach lay, and in marine waters, actively moving.

Shellfish – the main food of the mighty beast. Although it happens that he attacks baby seals. Giant animal feels full after eating 35-50 kg of food.

The Mating season and reproduction

Life expectancy Atlantic walrus – 45 years. He slowly Matures. The sexual maturity he begins to 6-10 years. Walruses are not only able to doze off, burp, growl, engage in fights, but also to bark.

Strong animals are very musical. Their musicianship most pronounced in the mating season. In January-April pinnipeds expressive singing. Mating takes place from the giants in may and June. The female gestates for 12 months.

Atlantic Walrus

The Cubs have her appear once in a couple years. After all, the mother has to nurse the pup for up to two years. And Morata males remain with the mother for up to 5 years. The female never leaves the herd (by and large his and form females with cubs).


Walruses live in the discharged ice fields, the clearings of sagebrush in the open ocean. For life, they choose a water depth of 20-30 meters. Rookery prefer to arrange on the ice and rocky coasts. Their annual migration is caused by the movement of the ice. They climbed on the drifting ice floe, floating like a ship, to places familiar habitat, where, once out on the land, arrange the rookeries.


These pinnipeds live along the coasts of the Barents and Kara seas. They are chosen bays, lagoons, and lips, isisascii Bank of multiple Islands in this region. Ice and coastal rookeries of subspecies scattered on the Land of Franz Joseph.

The North-Eastern end of Novaya Zemlya – a place that inhabit the Atlantic walrus and always comes back. In the Eastern regions of the Kara sea it will meet not often. It suits their abode in the White sea, on the Kanin Peninsula, the Islands of Kolguev and Vaigach.

He liked her, and the East coast of the canadian Arctic. In this region, his abode became the Bay and Hudson Strait, Frobisher Bay and Fox, Affinova Earth, Devon island. Less frequently it forms the nest on the Arctic Islands West of barrow Strait. They inhabited Baffin Bay, Greenland from the West coast, water Divisova Strait.

Walrus Atlantic photo

The European Atlantic provided the pinnipeds drifting ice North of Iceland, lips and lagoons, thrust out into the North Atlantic. Norway from the Northern coastline of sheltered individuals.

Limiting causes

The population of the mighty beast fell sharply due to increased fishing. Particularly hard hitthe Atlantic walrus that lives in the Kara sea. Pinnipeds were brutally exterminated in the XIX century. In some regions they are destroyed completely. The strongest to exterminate the population has been in the canadian Arctic, Greenland, Svalbard.

In our days, the number of the beast limit the rapid management of a person. Especially the occurrence of oil and gas companies involved in the development of new fields. They catastrophically pollute the natural habitats of Atlantic giants, expelled them from populated areas. Species with low potential it is difficult to provide inadequate opposition to fishing stress and other anthropogenic aspects.

Walruses affect 10 species of helminths. Diseases and causes of death of pinnipeds scientists has not been elucidated. Natural enemy populations are considered as killer whales and polar bears.

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