Certification welding technology: types, procedure of preparation and holding


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You should Start with the fact that certification of technology of welding can be of two types. The first is a research type, and the second - production.


The First group attestation work is conducted in the following cases:

  • Using new types of materials (steels), parameters which, for any reason above or lower than the specified limits.
  • Research certification of technology of welding is carried out in cases when the preparatory work to the application of a new type of the technological process of welding.
  • Also, this type of certification is applied in a situation when you plan to use any new kind of welding work from the perspective of its technology.
  • The Reason for carrying out such inspection could be the use of new types of welding materials that are not used to it.
  • Attestation required even if the planned production use of the new mechanized or automatic welding systems, which were not in use before.

certification of welding technology

Certification of technology of welding research type is LLC "NII TNN" also participates in this process and ASTST with the necessary resources and qualified staff. Inspections of this kind carried out in coordination with the JSC «Transneft”.

Production test

The Main purpose of certification is to identify the presence of the organization's technical and organizational capabilities for carrying out welding works. Also it verifies the existence of qualified employees who have the right to conduct such operations.


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It is important to note that the production test, which is not provided by the current ND, can be conducted only if the research work of this technology to determine its capabilities and conditions of use.

welding journal

Types of production monitoring

It is Important to know that certification of technology of welding production type is divided into three types. It can be initial, periodic or extraordinary.

If we talk about the primary appraisal, the reasons for it can be the following:

  • Organization will be first to use any technology during welding work at those companies, which belong to the JSC «Transneft”.
  • There Are cases when there is a need to make some change in the process of welding. Production certification is carried out in the case, if the welding technology is to go beyond the limits that were set earlier.

certification of technology of welding NAKS

It is Also worth adding that the certificate issued after inspection is valid for four years. Record on the date of the logged welding.

Periodical and extraordinary verification

With regard to the periodic checks are performed every four years. However, this is assuming that the organization will constantly carry out welding works in the territory of those enterprises which belong to the JSC «Transneft». The interval between services may be no more than six months. If this deadline was exceeded, then before you start work, you need to conduct a periodic review, even if 4 years have not yet passed.

The Reason for carrying out extraordinary certification of works may be the fact that the weld quality is poor and does not meet the qualities and the parameters set out in the certification issued by enterprise. Conducting this kind of verification is carried out by agreement between the independent representative and technical supervision by the company.

In addition, it could be also that poor quality seams will be repeated. In this case, it will be collected the Commission which should include representatives of the customer, employer, technical supervision. Moreover, it should be the worker responsible for conducting of welding work at the site. Based on the findings obtained in the course of Commission meetings, can also be assigned to an extraordinary test. The records also logged welding.

production certification

Preparing for the test

All activities concerning preparation and carrying out of measures for attestation, should be in accordance with RD 03-615-03. In order to apply for verification, you must complete Appendix B and submit the documents regarding production and technological process. The packet of papers sent to the organization ASTST for further consideration.

Also when applying you must confirm that the company has all the necessary equipment, and organizational capabilities for carrying out welding works. In addition, you need to submit a list with the structure of welding services to provide you with a list of numbers of qualified personnel, who must do all the work.



The First thing the Board checks is the availability of technical means, organizational capabilities, and the number of frames capable of performing the work that, in the application, stated the company. Will check also the organizational structure or service chief welder. Appraisal shall be the true one, how to fill in the technological production of paper, as well as their conformity to the standards of ND JSC «Transneft». The audit will examine the certification documents confirming qualification of employees.

If the audit had revealed any inconsistencies that the organization is unable to resolve, the Commission shall issue the corresponding negative conclusion, which should include reasons for the refusal. Rather important point which draws attention in the review was the safety of welding works. It is also worth noting that the applicant may reapply for certification, but only when you eliminate all these shortcomings.

safety welding


It is important to understand that enterprises certification of personnel takes place only at the initiative of the organization itself. But certification of technology of welding NAKS is mandatory for all employees. NAKS is the national Agency of welding control. Verification shall not only personnel but also equipment, materials and the process of welding.

It is Important to note that before the employee will be entitled to certification in this Agency, he should already be a skill category in this region. There are currently four levels of certification depending on what claims an employee. For example, to get a regular work permit, you need to get just 1 level. Leadership positions, such as master welders, engineers and others who need to get a 4 level.

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