Planning as a management function.


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The Control is a function or an element of organized systems (social, biological, technological and so on), which ensures the implementation of the regime activities, the conservation of their structure, performance goals activities and programs. The subject of the science management are management relations which the social, economic, political interests and attitudes, methods and management technologies. And facilities management - a sector (agriculture, industry); aspects of economic activities (marketing, product quality); the territorial community (district, region); types of resources (human, financial); stages of reproduction (sales, procurement); performance production (quality of life, efficiency).

The Office has and their functions. They are only eleven. First there is the goal, then the analysis, then the forecasts, then plan, then organization, then coordination, followed by motivation, further training, the following function accounting and control, followed by communication, and finally decision-making. All these functions are mutually complementary and closely linked. But planning as a basic management function is of paramount importance.

We Know that governance is a process of interrelated functions. And the main link in this chain - planning as a management function. The plan is nothing like an official document. It reflects a prediction of the future development of the organization is required to have not only intermediate but also the final objectives and goals, which it faces or its individual units. The plan always reflects the mechanisms of coordination of the current activities, strategy for the unexpected cases.


Planning as a management function - building plan of action in the future. With it, you define the sequence and content of steps, which should lead to the target, set the planned end results. Planning as function of management of production has its own identity, which manifests itself in clearly specifying the objectives of further development of the entire enterprise and each of its divisions separately for the specified period, the competent definition of tasks and of possible means to achieve them, and deadlines and consistency of the organization. By means of planning identifies the human, material and financial resources that will be needed to solve the task.

It's safe to say that planning as a management function - it is the desire for opportunities  in advance to consider all the internal and external factors that provide conditions for the normal development and functioning of businesses within a specific organization.  

Planning as a management function necessarily involves the development of a complex of events that defines a clear sequence of achievement of goals.

There are several types of planning. First, from the achieved level. This method is not intended to focus the company on search of reserves, which could increase production efficiency. That is how everything is now, so let it be and in the following year.

The Second type of planning is called optimal. It seeks to achieve higher final results. This method is more progressive. The third type of adaptive planning. It allows to react more flexibly to various changes in the external environment. That is, they can be taken into account in the planning process and more effective to adapt to them.


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