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Skeptics believe that all the serials are the same, but it is necessary to get acquainted with them and to compare pop up curious details. Of course, a Brazilian soap Opera and the legendary «Santa Barbara" is a completely different story. What is the difference between the Asian series, and why they are called drama? Why fans are so famous quotes from the Dor, because in most cases they are understandable only to those who watched these stories? Indeed, it is impossible to compare entertaining TV shows with the pearls of world literature, is a completely different art form that has not threatened the age old memory. But this one does not require.

quotes from the Dor

Popular Korean doram

The word “drama” is the Japanese reading of the English word “drama”. With a light hand the Russian-speaking fandom drama has been called not only Japanese, but also Korean series, later joined by Taiwan, Hong Kong. Lately here consider all the Asian TV shows that have certain formally General signs.

The Standard size of the series — from 12 to 24 episodes, the average duration of each series of about an hour, but in all of these settings options. If you go through quotes from the Dor Korean production, it is possible to derive a certain thing in common. In most cases, it is about love, but it's a special chaste feeling, which has little in common with the Western view of the relationship. Perhaps that is why drama is popular with young girls who want romance.

quotes from the drama the heirs

Korea, Japan or Taiwan?

The Main debate is between the fans, Japanese and Korean doram, but really it's just a matter of personal taste. Sometimes the Koreans are hot on the heels of releasing a remake of the Japanese drama, sometimes the opposite is true, and all of Asian cinema in one way or another operates a strictly limited number of plots, just different scenery and artistic techniques. Here the artistic techniques make the series such attractive.


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The best quotes from the Dor associated with love, relationships, friendship and warm family feelings. Almost as popular sayings on philosophical topics about life — and it is in the spirit of the Asian worldview. Therefore, choosing the country of origin, do not worry — values are about the same, only the original languages sound different.

About the family

If you talk about the reasons for the attractiveness of the door, it is, among other things, respect for family, respect for elders, help younger. Of course, there are some problems, they are common to all countries and have become a sign of our time. Remarkably, however, many quotes from the Dor deprived of the usual Patriarchal cliches:

  • “Even parents — the people”. This is a phrase from the movie “I'll take care of you, dad” can be considered the motto of some good books for parents. If before was preached absolute dissolution of the children, now people suddenly remembered that parents are not just willing and able but also have the right to live for myself too.
  • “If the father has no time for his child, so he's a bad father”. This quote from the TV series ‘the affair to my wife" very significant, especially for Korea. Traditionally, the child is the mother, and finally talked about the responsibilities of fathers, even in Asian culture, it speaks to global trends.

drama quotes from the Dor

About relationships

Romance, love, relationships with friends and even enemies — the main leitmotif of the Dor. While events can happen in our day and in ancient times. Many fans have noted that Korean filmmakers particularly good historical drama.

For Example, “red heart” — a combination of history and fiction with a romantic line basis, considered by many the most famous drama. Quotes from the Dor illuminate very different aspects of gender relations, traditional or feminist:

  • “do not Care what others say. He's the best”.
  • “All men — the dregs. He immediately change his mind, after going to sleep with you”.
  • “You will not get better because of another's fall. You will not fail, if someone gets better”.

The last Two quotes from the drama ‘novel my wife». Here, perhaps, affect a broader view, covering a reasonable balanced approach to other people.

quotes from Korean doram

About the kids

Great drama “Angry mommy” describes the special relationship mothers and daughters, the ways of solving the problems, addresses the issue of bullying in schools:

  • “the Kids are the true monsters. Worse than the gangsters’.

No less significant can be considered quotes from the drama “Heirs”, despite the fact that it is primarily a film about love:

  • “the harder life is the child, the stronger his dream”.
  • “Welcome to the world of greed, son”.

Is it Really too easy life does not take away the ability to dream and to strive for the best? More difficult for adults to explain thatreally even family capital does not warrant nor friendship, nor love, nor even well-being in the future.

quotes from the drama descendants of the sun

About life

If you wish a romantic story you can weave in any circumstances.

  • “Weapon - not a dog. He doesn't care, the owner or the villain”.
  • “the Fight is easy, but the world is always a problem”.

This is a quote from the drama «Children of the sun”, just a couple of examples of many. In fact, if you want the entire movie to understand a quote and use in real life situations. It would seem, of army life, the main characters are not just busy, they all must end... But except for love there are many aspects which make life what it is.

Funny quotes from the Dor

It is Unknown, the advantage or a serious disadvantage, but a drama is created in an exaggerated comedic manner, and the country is independent. The most striking example of — “Host club Ouran high school”. What is remarkable was seen in the format of manga and anime was a lost in the drama. Special effects and funny sounds plus killed all the charm.

But sometimes you just want to laugh, be touched and to have fun, such moments can be found in any drama, because the creators remember that funny and sad in our life often go hand in hand:

  • “If you're a Ghost, scare me" (‘Ideal pair’). a Great reaction to a complex about their appearance former beauty experiencing because of failed cosmetic surgery!
  • “Kon-Kon!” (“Nobuta WO produce online”). Not all fans know that Akira plays the sound of a Fox, and characteristic movements of your fingers just shows yapping Fox.

best quotes from the Dor

The paradox of the obvious truths

The charm of the Dor is based on the combination of emphasized chastity, which now seems a bit old-fashioned. This is actually the features of the Eastern mentality, it is not accepted publicly display their feelings, to impose on any other person own reaction to events. So even if someone cries, he rather let me cry, respecting his right to Express grief, and try delicately to pretend that nothing is happening. It's perplexing, but all the strange attracts.

When fans gather quotes from Korean doram, this kind of a way to keep in mind this unfamiliar "otherness". If the characters say something trite and obvious, this does not mean that the writers did a bad job. Maybe someone will hear comforting or instructive phrase in the time of his life, surprised that he had heard before, but have thought about it just now. This is a very valuable ability to help people even through entertainment.

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