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Prominent entrepreneurs and businessmen, one of which is Vadim Stanislavovich Belyaev, has always been the idols of the younger generation. Particularly interesting for Teens be stories of successful businessmen who started their business from scratch and subsequently rose to Eminence in the financial sphere.

Biography of Vadim Stanislavovich Belyaev will be able to prove that the man who has nothing can become a successful entrepreneur with a huge income. In childhood he had interest in exact Sciences like mathematics and physics, and was different from other children in nature, which is believed to have led Vadim to such success. He was able without any assistance to gain financial independence and now his example inspires the younger generation and beginners.

Basic information

Belyaev Vadim Stanislavovich

Vadim Stanislavovich Belyaev has a fascinating biography. He was born in Moscow on may 28, 1966 in a family of scientists, specialized in chemistry. In his youth he demonstrated his commercial society “vein”, when in 1985 he began to engage in black marketeering. Big profits this lesson is not brought, and yet was a criminal offense, so I had to move on to another career.

About the biography of the parents of Vadim Stanislavovich Belyaev knows very little and only mentioned that they were engaged in scientific activities.

After a short-lived classes black marketeering Vadim went to study at radio College, from which he graduated in 1989 and received a degree electrofizika. In 1993 he went to work in the «Moscow petrochemical Bank” as the Deputy Chairman of the Board.

Two years later, the future businessman finds a new thirst for knowledge and fed into the Financial Academy under the government of the Russian Federation. In 1995 Vadim graduated from this school and receive a diploma, and then immediately opens a company called “Discovery”.

A year Later, he completely severs all relations with past employer “Moscow petrochemical Bank” and focuses on the functioning of the enterprise. A bit later, “Open” have already become a group company, then Vadim Stanislavovich Belyaev started to create the Bank “trust” and the centre of production of arts.


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At the moment this person is on the 185th place in the ranking of the richest citizens of the Russian Federation. Assets Vadim have between 400 to 500 million dollars. In 2015, Vadim was chosen as the best entrepreneur of the year.

For the First time abroad

Belyaev Vadim Stanislavovich photo

In the beginning of the nineties, when the country was under the great name of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics still existed, the future entrepreneur was working on a speciality the programmer in the computer center of the Ministry of shipbuilding.

Once the center decided on a bargain, after which he got the latest computer equipment, but lost one of their submarines. Make all the new equipment was right for the company, which it was released. On this important mission, was elected and delegated a young programmer Vadim Belyaev.

In his interview, he said that this trip was the first time when he got abroad into the country the capitalist system.

Some time later, Vadim quit my job as a programmer and moved on to a better paying position of Deputy Chairman of the Board «Moscow petrochemical Bank”. After that, he became CEO in the organization “VEO-invest”, and then set up your own brokerage house under the name of “Open”.

Photo by Vadim Stanislavovich Belyaev you can view below.


Belyaev Vadim Stanislavovich biography

The private life of Vadim Stanislavovich Belyaev directly connected with Amalia Goldansky, which is a theater and film actress. They met while visiting mutual friends, at first sight liked each other and already in 2005 decided to legalize their relationship in the registry office. The wedding was held not quite in standard form because the couple decided to abandon the classic wedding dresses. The celebration took place quietly and modestly, without a large number of people and grandiose fun.

Vadim was dressed in a striped cream-colored suit and black shirt, and the bride decided to wear a cotton dress and some jewelry. After the wedding ceremony, Vadim and Amalia went to dinner in the restaurant, and then went on vacation outside the city. After all this, Vadim Stanislavovich Belyaev with his wife went on vacation to foreign countries.

For a long time they lived a happy and rich family life. Even years after leaving Amalia with great warmth remembered about the joint pastime with a well-known businessman. To Vadim, the actress of theatre and cinema already had 2 failed marriages.

Since 2008, a married couple affect frequent quarrels. Amalia wanted to move with her husband to India, but Vadim Belyaev rejects such ideas. Despite the fact that they had three children, in October 2008, they divorced, and Amalia went to the NAV of the Himalayas.


Belyaev Vadim Stanislavovich biography parents

Vadim Stanislavovich Belyaev only three: one son and two daughters. Herman was born in 2005, Evangelina in 2007, and Seraphim in 2009. They all live together with my mother and only occasionally see my father. Ex-wife of Vadim Belyaev Amalia never married and devoted themselves only to children.

The youngest daughter of the Seraphim, which is currently 8 years old, dreams of becoming a dentist. She's smart and savvy, able to understand the other and to compromise.

Ten years Evangelina wants to be a singer, but in everyday life is active and charming.

The oldest of the children – the son of Herman has not yet thought about their future profession. At the moment, he enjoys playing computer games and communicating with peers.

The Price of wealth

Belyaev Vadim Stanislavovich wife

Vadim is currently one of the richest people in the country. The police of St. Petersburg surprised how many attacks it suffers a Bank. Robbers use guns, act arrogantly, and sometimes even violence against the employees of the Bank.

Only one such robbery has contributed to a net loss of 3 million rubles. A little later the attack was subjected to collector car of the Bank “Open”.

Not all cases of an attack of robbers were related to getting money. In 2015, the attacker ran into the Bank building “Open” and threw a few smoke bombs, and then just ran away. In another branch of the Bank tossed a few bags full of entrails animals.

In one of their small interview Vadim Belyaev said that he was ready to move to new heights in his career, despite the troubles described above. Most likely, it will, after all, a businessman has a strong character and great tenacity.


Belyaev Vadim Stanislavovich personal life

One of the main Hobbies Vadim is his work that takes almost all my free time. If he falls a few free moments, he spends it on the game of tennis, or reading books of such writers like Sheckley or Zhvanetsky.

The businessman Also is interested in the history of Ancient Rome and is involved in charity work, sponsorship interesting groups of the Russian platform “Quartet” and “Accident”.

Ranking and fortune

Vadim Stanislavovich Belyaev twice was selected the best investment banker of the year. He also has for many years included in such a rating, like “a Thousand of the best managers of the Russian Federation”, which was the newspaper «Kommersant».

Interesting facts

Belyaev Vadim Stanislavovich children

Vadim manages a lot despite being very busy and full work schedule. Once he said that may not be a professional in many areas, but I think then he was being disingenuous. In all his life, Vadim had to deal with all aspects of life, and he became the best in them.

It takes the first place among the best managers of Russia, will be among the three most successful managers of financial institutions. Also Vadim Belyaev sponsored by some music group.

In his spare time likes to watch movies, most often it is a fantastic fighters, but if confronted with the choice of sleeping or of watching the film, he will choose the former.

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