Industrial ventilation: features, options and reviews


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Industrial ventilation – it is a process whose purpose is the technological and hygienic requirements in the production, including to the air in the workplace.

Task and function

Design and installation of industrial ventilation systems can solve some problems, chief among them – the process of exchange. After the necessary calculations experts define the technical conditions in the production process, the volume and nature of emissions, and taking into account this information to design the ventilation system.

To Accurately determine the necessary data is almost impossible. Much here is played by knowledge and experience of the specialists: technologists, designers, and engineers. If to determine the quantity of exhaust from the room air correctly, even the most expensive and modern ventilation will not give the desired effect.

industrial ventilation

What is needed ventilation of industrial premises?

It – ensuring comfortable conditions of stay of the employees of this manufacturing plant. In addition, thanks to proper ventilation, provided with the necessary technological processes and storage requirements of a particular type of products.

With the aid of ventilation systems, the enterprises create optimal conditions in accordance with sanitary standards. They not only increase the production efficiency and labor productivity, but also improve the quality of products, reducing the percentage of defects.

In the process of ventilation of air in the workplace removes dust particles and excess moisture, set the optimum temperature. The air is cleaned from flammable, explosive and simply harmful substances.


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installation of industrial ventilation

Harmful substances, emitted in production

Industrial ventilation and air conditioning clean the air and neutralize the negative effects generated in the production of substances. For example, they successfully cope with excessive heat and flagovedeniya, give substance in vapor and gaseous form, including various toxins that are harmful to health.

Industrial ventilation solves the problem of excessive dusty areas, when the air particles of dust in quantities exceeding the maximum allowable value. The same applies to particles of smoke and aerosol substances. Finally, in the production process of the air concentrated in the smallest particles of the liquid in a mist or drops, hollow bubbles of gas.

These “harm” are carried by the air. A ventilation system that determines the desired flow of air, forming of the temperature field. It permanently removes contaminated air from outside, clean on the outside and pumps cool air. Such ventilation is accomplished by a special exhaust equipment.

industrial ventilation

Design and calculation of ventilation

So, industrial ventilation directly affects the work efficiency. Its correct calculation and functioning of many technical processes. So before you undertake installation of industrial ventilation specialists carefully calculate the intensity and frequency of updates of the air in the room. Here are some of the factors taken into account.

  • Production Area, its size and height;
  • Design Features and architectural nuances;
  • The Appointment of an industrial facility;
  • The Size and type of plants emit harmful substances into the air;
  • The Number of workers residing in the premises and the duration of their stay;
  • Location of jobs;
  • Number of pieces of equipment and the level of congestion, and much more.

Industrial ventilation in Moscow and other major cities is subject to certain requirements. For example, in a small room whose area is less than 20 square metres, must be received at least 30 cubic meters of clean air per hour per person.

industrial ventilation and air conditioning

Equipment in the ventilation system

In the ventilation system there are two main types of equipment: extractor and inflow. For the removal of dirty air meets the extractor, or exhaust ventilation of industrial, and for the supply of clean – supply. They can work simultaneously or randomly. However, the amount of injection and the exhaust air is always the same.

Depending on the way of discharge of air, industrial ventilation divided into mechanical and natural. The latter is due to the natural movement of air indoors, due to the different pressure and the action of the winds. Mechanical ventilation, respectively, works by installed fans.

To enhance the safety of technical process ventilation, in some cases, mount the emergency or backup system.

industrial ventilation


So, the supply of industrial ventilation is to replace dirty air discharged from the room is clean, which is supplied from the outside. It is divided into two types: local and General.


This system cleans the air in the most polluted areas. The air is supplied in amounts sufficient to dilute harmful substances to the maximum permissible values. If we are talking about heat values, the temperature decreases to the limit to avoid excess heat.

Local exhaust ventilation

Is used to create specific parameters in a well defined area. Technically it is implemented by using special designs, including:

  • Air curtain – flat air jet, not allowing ingress of harmful substances from the air in a certain zone;
  • Air shower – directed jet of air, for example, in an industrial setting or a work;
  • Air oasis – the system for filling the pure air of a certain part of the room.

industrial ventilation

So, General industrial ventilation only neutralizes the excess heat and reduces the concentration of harmful substances in the air. If in the production process there is a significant release of harmful gases, vapors and dust, is a mixed system, on the basis of General ventilation, local suction.

For enterprises with higher dust and gas to establish General dilution ventilation is not recommended. In this case, the more powerful the equipment, the more harmful substances will be posted on the production premises.

What are the fans on the industry?

Today there are different types of fans. Here are the main ones.

  • Axis. The most common type in production today. It can be installed not only in industry but also in the system of domestic ventilation. The design of this device is familiar to anyone and is a casing with the blades.
  • Roof. As the name implies, is mounted on the roof: shops, warehouses, and other industrial enterprises. Also used in the ventilation system of residential complexes.
  • Channel. Often used in offices, mounted under hinged ceilings or in ducts, directly in the duct.

industrial ventilation Moskva

Besides the usual, there are fans with special functions.

  • Soundproofed. Put them in areas where even seemingly minimal noise from the fan needs to be neutralized. For example, in hospitals, or libraries.
  • Heat Resistant. Can work in a wide range of temperatures-from minus 20 to plus 100 degrees. Made of durable materials and covered with special fire resistant paint.
  • Shatter-resistant. Applied at the enterprises which activity is connected with the production of explosive gases. They are made of special material silumin, corrosion resistant and durable.
  • Resistant to corrosive environments. Great for chemical plants or laboratories, where the presence of chemically aggressive substances in the gaseous state.
  • For removal of smoke. These fans can often be seen in the systems of emergency ventilation. They are perfectly cope with the task of withdrawal of polluted air and reduce smoke in case of fire.

Industrial ventilation System – an important part of any production, and their design and installation should be done by competent professionals.

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