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Information System – an automated system through which to hear certain information. Currently, such systems operate in different spheres of human activity. For example, there is a system of communicating the results of state examinations who pass the high school graduates. Distributed automated systems alerts, transportation, tax control, etc. we next Consider several information systems. reporting

The Suspension of operations with Bank account

In NC has several measures of influence on taxpayers-debtors. One of the most effective is to freeze the account.

To validate data about all accounts, blocked tax service, has developed a "System for informing banks about the status of processing of the electronic documentation." Briefly it is called "Bankinter".

Access to this information system is opened. To check the information about the suspended operations may, any interested person having knowledge of NIR or INN Bank.


In the information system of "Bankinter" interested entity may request:

  • According to existing decisions on suspension of settlement operations.
  • The processing State of the online documentation of the credit institution.
  • The Parties to financial transactions.
  • Combined files on.

How it works?

System information "of Bankinter" contains data on tax authorities ' decisions taken in relation to different individuals and organizations. The service allows to know the number and date of lock, including electronic accounts, placing the appropriate decision in the database. Any lender may check the status of the accounts of the company.


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The Service is available on the official website FNS. To check existing solutions need to go to the "Active decision on the suspension". In a special form, you enter the BIC or was banking organization. The answer will be received almost instantly.


This information system is used to alert the population about emergency situations.

OKSION – a nationwide organizational and technical system comprising software and hardware methods and means of processing, transfer, display the data, in audio and video formats.

This complex is used for protection from emergencies and preparedness of population, fire safety, policing, security at various water facilities. Information system OKSION allows timely inform citizens about the threat of terrorist attacks, to conduct monitoring of situation in places of a mass congestion of people.

The basis of the complex use of advanced technical means and technologies.

Tasks complex OKSION

The information System allows:

  • Reduce the time emergency alert.
  • Improve the efficiency of informing citizens about the safety rules with the threat of emergency situations.
  • To Increase the level of preparedness of the inhabitants of the country in the sphere of security.
  • Increase the effectiveness of informational influence to expedite the rehabilitation of citizens affected by the disaster.
  • To Raise the cultural level of the population in matters of security.
  • Increase the effectiveness of monitoring chemical and radiation environment, the state of order in places of a mass congestion of people.

Features of operation

For alerting the public to important information hosted on dedicated terminals. They are installed in the premises and on the streets. As terminals are projection and led screens, plasma televisions. In addition, currently being actively implemented mobile alerts.

In each terminal are equipped with surveillance cameras and sensors. These devices not only perform the function of alerts, but also provide information-gathering survey. The data forwarded to the information centre where are processed and analyzed. system of informing about the results of the MSE

System to report results OGE

As you know, pupils of the 9th and 11th grades must pass the exams. The procedure set at the Federal level.

There are several ways to learn about the results delivered OGE. In the system information you can obtain information on pre-approved outcomes. As a rule, the service used by those who need to know your scores for admissions to institutions of vocational education.

Currently there is a single system of informing about the results of the exam. In the regions, competent authorities may publish the results independently. The difficulty of obtaining information may occur in individuals who passed the exam again. To see the results, you may need to obtain official access to the system. It can be obtained at the regional information center.

In other cases, to know the results on the official information portal of the exam. This is entered the full name, passport number (non-series) or registration code, the name of the region - and to enter the code from the picture (captcha). a system for reporting the results of the exam

Warning Systems in transport

They are designed to ensure public safety. The use of complexthe system allows to transfer information about the current or next stop in the audiovisual format, the route number and other messages via the internal scoreboard, the routing identifier and the answering machine.

system of report results

Features functionality

Posting on internal boards, external routing identifier and the informer shall be based on the location of the vehicle. The breeding information in this case can be carried out in manual and automatic mode.

The System automatically locks the entrance to the "zone stop", the beginning of the movement, opening/closing doors.

system of report results

An Automated system allows you to remotely change the route and list of stops. Due to the large amount of memory devices and maintaining the appropriate number of message sequences for the different routes.

The system provides a function of warning about the closing doors. The corresponding message is played by pressing a special button. The actual closing is performed after playback of the warning information.

For the convenience of passengers there is a possibility of warning about the upcoming stop, if it is not the last in the flight.

If necessary, the driver can quickly switch from the primary route to another by selecting the appropriate number or name from the list. Such a function is necessary, for example, in emergency situations, when congestion on the road, etc.

the system for informing banks about the status

The benefits of a system of notification transport

Capabilities Through the use of satellite monitoring, the system can automatically determine the location of the vehicle, automatically play or display on a Bulletin Board with information about the stops without driver intervention.

The complex can be used as internal or external (mobile) auto.

Depending on the features of the vehicle information display can be custom sizes. However, it must comply with the requirements of the legislation in the sphere of ensuring road safety.

The Developers of information systems provide comprehensive support for the project, including preparation of design documentation and putting into operation of the complex.

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