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Currently, city are enormous. So to get from one end to another becomes quite problematic, since it is necessary to do several of the buses. Then people thinking about purchasing a personal vehicle, as it saves time, and in some cases cash. This process should be taken seriously. Often cars get in the showroom. They are now a huge number to choose from which the most suitable is problematic. In this paper we consider a Autocenter "Ohta" reviews and ratings dealer. So, let's center Okhta, Saint Petersburg reviews

About company

Dealership "Ohta" was founded relatively recently. But, despite this, there are experienced specialists in their field. The company sells new and used cars from various manufacturers. Any client, judging by the reviews about centre "Okhta" on Ladozhskaya in Saint-Petersburg, can choose the car he likes. Because the range in the salon is great. The number of cars with mileage here is constantly increasing. They all are thoroughly tested before putting up for sale. The employees of the dealership can help the client in many procedures: choosing a car, paperwork, registration in traffic police and etc.

Methods of purchasing a car

The Car in the company “Period” can be purchased in different ways. Here are some of them:

  • On the Trade-In program;
  • The recycling program;
  • Taking out a loan with minimal interest rate (in this case of 3.7%).

Many dealerships work with banks to process loans. "Ohta" has no partners. So the credit is made in the showroom. It is necessary to inform the credit Department of their data, namely the surname and mobile phone number. After this special calculator will calculate the monthly payment amount, which should satisfy the client. This can be done on the website of the company. However in his work there are nuances, for which he receives a negative feedback. Car center "Okhta" in St. Petersburg are also disadvantages. One of them – it goes to the website of the dealership "Orbita" every time I try to open privacy policy. Avtotsentr Ohta Ladoga Saint Petersburg reviews


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For clients

In the showroom there is a technical center, which means that it does not repair and service cars. Because of this, before purchasing the car then you need to think about where it will undergo further, and fix problems, if they arise.

However, if in terms of auto maintenance clients are in some sense disadvantaged, they open up other possibilities. For example, a visitor to the showroom to inspect the cars in the showroom, and what particular model they are interested in. In order to learn about it as much as possible about car is always the following information:

  • How to request a call back;
  • How to apply for a Trade-In program;
  • How to contact an Advisor or Manager.

In the reviews about centre "Okhta" in St. Petersburg, clients often note that this solution is quite convenient because you can quickly find the information that interests.

Cars in stock

According to the company, always available is a huge number of cars. However, if you delve into this question, we can understand that it is actually otherwise. Consultants always claim that the car is available, but most often it is a hoax, and it is often mention in the reviews about the car service center "Okhta" in St. Petersburg. car center Okhta reviews dealer rating

When a potential customer calls the Manager and asks about the availability of a model of interest, as a rule, the employee always responds positively. However, when the customer visits the dealership, it turns out that this car is no for various reasons:

  • His just acquired by another person;
  • The Manager was wrong, but now he can't come to explain the situation.

After this disordered client offered another car, which often is more expensive. As a rule, in the showroom the amount available for purchase of vehicles is minimal, the main of which – a budget model. Experienced experts that have visited this dealership write in their reviews about the centre "Okhta" on the highway Revolution in St. Petersburg that for this range of cars the company deserves 2 out of 5 points.

Location map, address and contact salon

In the reviews about centre "Okhta" is often mentioned about the inconvenient location. The dealership is located in Saint Petersburg, his exact address: Highway of Revolution, 86. most visitors from other settlements are guided in this town at its center. Here to get to the dealership can be at least 25 minutes. For this you will need to make 2 changes on the bus, tram or metro. Company contacts can be found on the official website of the company.

If the customer will buy in the showroom car, it will have to go to the traffic police for setting the machine on the registration. The nearest Department is not close.

If the client is delayed, no place to eat nearby. So buyers often leavethe negative reviews about the dealership. The centre "Okhta" a lot of bad reviews and this is not the most terrible.

car center Okhta reviews address salon contact us

Feedback about the staff

The Quality of customer service is below average. When you call to company, the operator reluctantly communicates with a potential customer, it does not answer many questions, and offers to visit the dealership and learn everything yourself.

In the showroom, the consultants do not know the answers to many questions, often excommunicated for further information or simply refuse to answer. In some cases, clients are interested in a certain car, but then the Manager tries to offer a different model, which is often expensive or has defects, and therefore it is necessary to get rid of.

When buying a car on credit, the staff sent the application to only one Bank, and when the request is send to another Bank refused, sometimes rudely. In the showroom there is a Department of insurance. Everything here is also not ideal. Staff insure the car only for the program hull and CTP refuse, without disclosing the cause.

Prices in "Okhta" in St. Petersburg

Often potential customers to become familiar with the cost of the various models and offered discounts to visit the website of the company. They see a fairly attractive prices. However, the information there is incorrect. When choosing a car, the Manager will not call the cost of the models under consideration before the registration of documents.

Also, if the customer's question about pricing, the Manager often walks away from this subject and begins to tell another, sometimes unnecessary, information. When the buyer finds out the cost, it turns out that it is higher than many similar companies. In this case, the client understands that the purchase of a car can only loan. Information about lending, which is listed on the website are also wrong. The interest rate is always higher at center Okhta on the highway revolution SPb

Maybe when you call the dealership the operator does not specify the value of the car due to the fact that it is not available. However, on the website and on the phone will indicate that any desired model in stock. On arrival at the company the Manager will distract a prospective customer who inquired about the availability of the machine. Later it will start to offer to the consideration of another model.

The Consultants to do so due to the fact that interested in cars ever available in the showroom, and most likely will not. In this case, the visitor understand what is available to acquire car is actually not enough. Many of the proposed models, there is no TCP, which also raises suspicions.


The Most notable shortcoming of the dealership is its location. No nearby cafes. Most customers learn about it at the last moment. Paperwork here takes a long time, during this period will do that to you. So you need to think in advance about food. It is also worth noting that the dealership is located far from the traffic police, from-for what the client has to overcome in unformed car a long way.

The catalog showroom, you may notice that there is a huge number of cars, including expensive. However, on arrival the company can be understood that actually everything is different. Basically, there are only budget cars. While some of them have very low level of security.

On the company website, the cost of the vehicles listed low. It is also agreed that lending conditions are very favorable, and the interest rate is minimal. However, the company does not indicate the banks with which it center Okhta feedback rating salon contact us

When choosing a car, it is best to present the independent expert, as the quality of some of the vehicles on offer is questionable.


In their reviews not all customers celebrate the dignity of the dealership "Ohta". This files most often about the benefits says the company. Advantages:

  • Constantly has various discounts, the size of which is different. Information needs to be clarified. Sometimes the discount reaches the cost of a used car.
  • When applying for a loan minimum interest rate here is 3.7%.
  • When buying a car to any customer is guaranteed the gifts. Most often it is a set of tires or insurance program CASCO.

Before deciding to purchase a car it is best to read reviews of customers about the dealership.

Auto-center "Okhta": positive feedback

Customers often like to leave feedback about the company. In a positive review, they note that the company has experienced staff, ready to help when choosing a car, and when you make a transaction.

Customers in the feedback about the centre "Okhta" in St.-Petersburg it is often noted that the quality of new cars here is great. But with used cars there are some issues. Some specimens are in a poor state, the operation of which is simply impossible. Therefore, when choosing a car leasing it is best to use the services of an independent expert.

Negative feedback

Customers often leave negative reviews about centre "Okhta". Ratings of the salon, too, leave much to be desired. The reviews say that some staff are rude. If the customer asks questions, thensometimes the Manager may not respond. Also, in some cases, buyers notice the moments when the staff insulted them. Most often, customers make comments about it. But the staff argued that any offense was not.

showroom auto center Okhta customer reviews

If after purchasing the car it broke, then the repair or replacement of the leadership and refuse to answer, that it was necessary to carefully select a car.


Dealership "Ohta" leaves the majority of customers have a negative impression. So go here to purchase a vehicle or not have to decide each for himself. Be sure to learn to communicate with employees, to pay attention to all the reviews and ratings of salon. Contacts of car center "Okhta" if necessary, you can easily find on the official site.

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