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Very Few people may be indifferent to the spectacular air show of fighter jets. Especially performing aerobatics the whole team. This is truly mastery of the car, instantly the calculations, confidence and courage. However thought over all these figures once for the spectacular views, and as a way of a sudden attack or evade the enemy. One of the most elaborate and incredible somersaults is the so-called "kulbit". That's how it is executed and where, in fact, such a name, we will deal in this article.

Aerobatics - what is it?

The Pilot is maneuvering the aircraft, the ultimate goal of which is to carry out some kind of figure in the air or to hit the enemy. Here aerobatics:

  • Highest degree of flying skills, namely the art to perform on the aircraft the complex figure in the air;
  • Control of the aircraft, the purpose of which is to perform individual maneuvers or complex;
  • Flight of the aircraft, characterized by the execution of the most difficult manoeuvres;
  • Highest degree of skill of the pilot.



The maneuver is called aerial somersault on a pre-defined path, the position of the aircraft which does not conform to the standard horizontal. At various air shows and flight views of these figures are made whole entertainment complexes.

Maneuvers are divided into single and group. The following classification - simple, complex, and higher. I must say that it is not static - depending on the improvement of aircraft structures some of the highest somersaults moved to complex, complex to simple, etc. Present to your attention a modern Ungroup.


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Simple aerobatics

To include the following figures:

  • Turn - the aircraft moves forward, rotates horizontally 360°, while maintaining the roll in the 60°.
  • "Horizontal eight" - the trajectory lies in the horizontal plane. This figure is a combination of two bends, left and right, resulting in the air issued a "eight". It does not needs to happen on the set, and loss of height.
  • Spiral - the trajectory of the aircraft spiral, and the operating angles of attack the pilot or producing a set of reduced height.
  • Dive with an exposure angle of 45° - the plane moves at an angle relative to the transverse axis of inertia.
  • "Slide" - the pilot gains altitude, maintaining a constant flight-path angle (up to 45°).
  • "Combat turn" - the skill of the pilot to quickly turn 180°, while gaining altitude.

kulbit aerobatics

Complex aerobatics

This includes:

  • Turns with a roll of more than 60-70°.
  • Coup - the device flips up 180° along its longitudinal axis and move in the upside-down relative to the horizon position.
  • "Loop" - sometimes erroneously often referred to as "dead". It is a closed loop like the movement in the vertical direction. "Loop" and "kulbit" - the figure of the Russian aerobatics.
  • The Dive with an angle of more than 45°.
  • "Slide" with an angle of more than 45°.
  • Barrel - plane turns about its longitudinal axis 360°, while maintaining altitude and direction of flight.
  • "Spin" - the impression of an uncontrolled crash. The device abruptly decreases descending a steep spiral, while spinning around all three axes.
  • "Candle" - vertical take-off aircraft.
  • "Hammerhead" - rotate the camera to vertical.
  • "RenderMan" twist in the "roller coaster."
  • Coup of the flying ship in the vertical.
  • "Snap barrel" - the combination of figures "barrel" with the "corkscrew".

loop and kulbit


This includes all the outstanding figures, and so-called reverse maneuvers. Particularly noteworthy are three:

  • Kolokol the nose of the plane pointing up at zero speed, then the camera dramatically tilts the nose down, which in some ways resembles the swinging of the clapper. Used to deceive the radar enemy in the figure, the machine hangs in the air for a few seconds, becoming invisible to these devices.
  • Cobra - during the execution of this shape pilot demonstrates a masterly control pitch during flight, showing the maneuverability of a jet apparatus.
  • "kulbit". About this figure we will speak particularly.

Description of the "Frolov chakra"

Such interesting name is referred to as "loop with a very small radius of turn; somersault, characterized by a reversal in the plane of the plane body 360°. Observers think that the plane just turns around its tail. The device is moving at low speeds, which further add to the entertainment.

air somersault

"kulbit" - aerobatics, have never used during actual air combat. Basically, it demonstrates high-class pilots in a showperformances and Airshow. Like no other, she shows the aerodynamic perfection of the propulsion systems of fighter 4+generation.

Almost "Frolov chakra" can be used successfully in combat - it allows you to quickly attack the enemy, which is behind the pilot. Also this is a snapshot of the maneuver transition retreat in a counterattack when the enemy is near, the run loop pass it forward, to behind his back.

Aircraft operated by the "Frolov chakra"

To Perform this Wisepilot figure capable only vehicles with thrust vectoring is when the jet engine is deflected away from the direction of movement of the aircraft.

planes performing the Frolov chakra

In particular, the following fighters:

  • SU-30 MKI/CM.
  • SU-35.
  • SU-37.
  • SU-47.
  • SU-57 (PAK-FA).
  • MiG-29 OVT.
  • F22 "Raptor".

If you're wondering why there was such an interesting name the shapes - "kulbit", read on.

What is "chakra"?

The Word "chakra" comes from Sanskrit. चक्र, which means "ring", "circle", "disc". As it is a throwing weapon of the Hindus. By the way, according to Hinduism, the energy centers of the human chakra too, and they appear to be spherical, spherical.

kulbit description

Chakra - a very simple kind of weapon. It's a metal ring with a sharpened edge. The diameter can be from 12 to 30 cm, its thickness - 1-3,5 mm, and the width of the metal strips - 1-4 see an Interesting look on his carry - on conical hat, reminiscent of the high caps wizards. Some of the soldiers tied chakra to his belt. But the Sikhs strung the weapon on his high turban.

How is this invention relates aerobatics? His movement during throwing is very similar to the movement of the aircraft in the performance of "dead" loop Frolov. Ran the weapon is very simple - whirled around the forefinger and sent to the enemy. Chakra could fly up to 50 m and seriously injure the opponent. How it all looked in practice, you can see by reviewing the legendary "Xena - the warrior Princess". The main character in the film metal weapons, much like chakra.

Test Pilot Frolov

Evgeny Frolov, born in 1951, is a test pilot, who performed the first aerobatics in an experimental highly maneuverable fourth-generation fighter SU-37. No wonder his name became a household word.


The Honored test pilot of the Soviet Union and hero of the Russian Federation, E. I. Frolov for the first time demonstrated the "chakra" in 1995. This occurred on the basis of the air show in Le Bourget.

"kulbit" is not the only merit of this ACE. Let's familiarize with the list of achievements of Evgeny Ivanovich:

  • Four aircraft of the world-level.
  • The Development of landings and takeoffs from the deck of the aircraft carrier "Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Kuznetsov".
  • As the development and implementation of the system of training pilots disseminating three figures, one of which was the "kulbit".
  • First took to the skies and spent the necessary tests of a number of fighters: SU-26, SU-27SM, SU-29, SU-38, and also the first Russian aircraft with variable thrust vector, the SU - 37 in 1996.
  • In 1988, E. I. Frolov successful landing of the aircraft after a direct lightning strike.
  • In 1994, to participate in the air show made the flight on the fighter in the direction of "Moscow-Chile", a total of breaking the 20 thousand km. return journey was complicated by the damage to the engine in its air intake got a bird. The pilot was able to perform trouble-free fit to your car.
  • In 2007, the number mastered by Evgeny Frolov modifications and types of aircraft exceeded 60 units.

"kulbit" is a spectacular visszaallitasa figure, which is already a little over 20 years. "Dead" loop, during which the aircraft turns around its tail like an Indian throwing weapon, the chakra, is not only impressive trick, but the turn that can go on the offensive in a real fight.

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