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Domestic lathe 1А616 produced even since the fifties of the last century. Production model Srednevolzhskiy plant can still be found at various manufacturing plants. Consider the characteristics and features of this technology, and consumer reviews.

lathe 1а616


Lathe 1А616 equipped with a support movable in the transverse direction by mechanical means to the maximum value to 195 millimeters. In the longitudinal plane of the stroke element is provided with a screw and a cushion on the limit value of 670 mm. the parameters of the flows have the same range from 0.065 to 0.91 rpm.

Features of the machine enables rapid replacement of gears in the feed box on interchangeable precision parts. This allows you to cut the threads with the highest possible accuracy. For cutting standard threads inch, metric or modular configuration, such a change needs to be done. Obtaining accurate parameters is caused by the inclusion of the lead screw directly, bypassing the feed boxes.

Specifications lathe 1А616

Considering the unit is used for machining of workpieces compact size. The equipment has the following technical parameters of the plan:

  • Limit grinding length – 660 mm.
  • Length of workpiece to the maximum – 710 mm.
  • Diameter of workpiece over carriage/bed – 180/320 mm.
  • Weight – 1.5 t
  • Diameter of through hole spindle – 35 mm.
  • Type of threaded tip according to GOST – 6K.
  • The Interval of rotation of the spindle – 9-1800 rpm.
  • Length/width/height – 2,13/1,22/1,22 M.



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On a lathe 1А616 cut the following types of threads:

  • Pitjeva processing step 2-128.
  • Inch thread – 1-56 of threads in one inch.
  • Modular version – in the range from 0.25 to 5.5 mm.
  • Metric study of 0.2-24 mm.

The workpiece is placed in a conventional cartridge, is fixed in place by a pneumatic or hydraulic clamping devices.


The hardware in question includes the following elements and components:

  • Front and rear Cabinet.
  • Front and back of the headstock.
  • Reversible device, a search device and the unit responsible for the increase in the working step.
  • The Node of replacement wheels.
  • Cabinet for electrical equipment.
  • Apron with the feed mechanism.
  • Frame.
  • The Feed box.
  • The cooling System of the cutting tool.
  • Box-shifter.
  • Drip Tray for collecting swarf and coolant waste.

 the lathe 1а616 characteristics

Principle of operation

Metalworking machines 1А616 work like this:

  • Detail before treatment is fixed in the Chuck of the equipment or between centers.
  • Cutters mounted in its holder on the caliper. At the same time can accommodate up to four cutting elements.
  • For the manipulation of the drilling or cutting internal threads, a suitable tool is fixed in the tailstock quill.
  • Basic machining is carried out through a combination of translational and rotational motion of the cutter and rpm parts. This design allows the machining of cylindrical, conical and shaped parts, including screw and mechanical part.

On a lathe for metal 1А616 transfer torque on the spindle and the workpiece is made using the belt pulley, which is placed between the supports. If necessary, replace the V-belt can be performed without removing the spindle. In the design of the equipment provides for the principle of separate transfer to the caliper. It can move with the help of lead screw or roller. In the winding of the starter motor is involved, the DC, ensuring the effective braking of the drive.

The Circuit

In the electrical diagram of the lathe 1А616 included the following elements:

  • Fuses.
  • Switch on input.
  • Luminous element for illuminating a working area.
  • Voltage Relay.
  • Contactors on and reverse.
  • Controller enable the coolant pump.
  • Relay speed of the motor and analogue control contactor.
  • Step-down Transformer configuration.
  • Load level Indicator.
  • A Rectifier.
  • Switch control node equipment.

lathe for metal 1а616

The metal unit is equipped with two electric motors, each of which has its own functionality. ПА22 three-phase motor has a power of 0.12 kW and revving 2800 rotations per minute. It serves to activate the feed pump of the coolant in the working area.

Three-phase analog A02-41-4 has a power rating of 4 kW (1430 rpm). Its purpose – operation of the main drive of the machine.

The Industrial models are designed for 380V, household options are aggregated to the mains 220 V. Under the order available in versions with a capacity of 500 V.

The workflow

Feeding Movement when operating machine tools 1А616 comes from the site of the spindle to the caliper. Transmission ableto ensure the functioning of equipment in the 48 bands, officially stated their 22, as some speeds are the same. For longitudinal displacement of the caliper is activated by a toothed coupling and in the transverse plane – spindle.

For threading with a pitch of less than six millimeters, the caliper and the spindle aggregate between themselves directly. Treatment of large values is done with the help of Robin and the intermediate element increasing a step. The main labor movement considered equipment – cutting time, performed by the spindle with fixed therein the workpiece. In addition, this is a pair of V-belt transmission and speed unit 12 ranges.

lathe 1а616 price


This is an important node of the lathe includes three shaft placed in the compartments with bearings, movable screws with gears and single active gear. The speed of rotation is selected by means of meshing gears with different parameters. Dynamics is transmitted to the shaft, gears and spindle equipment. To increase the speed of rotation of the spindle, it connects directly with the hollow shaft with the clutch Cam type.

When managing a lathe remember additional mechanical (manual) manipulation. These include:

  • Rotate holder cutters and setting it to the desired position.
  • Move the tailstock with the hosted quill.
  • Install the caliper into position.

Lathe 1А616: price and reviews

The Value of the considered equipment in the secondary market, depending on condition, equipment and year of issuance, the secondary market is 40 thousand rubles and above.

Responses about the machine enable to highlight the main advantages of this metal-working technique. By users include:

  • Versatility.
  • Reliability.
  • High accuracy.

Among the disadvantages the owners indicate that many operations must be manually configured. In addition, calibration and adjustment of the equipment requires the participation of a specialist.

 lathe 1а616 reviews

In conclusion

Technical capabilities of the domestic lathe 1А616, reviews of which are given above, lead to the possibility of its use in production plants for the machining of workpieces in large quantities in the manufacture of individual products. Be equipped with the unit working parts of high speed steel and carbide cutters. The versatility of the equipment allows to perform not only turning treatment but also the threading of various configurations.

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