Dvunitka - what fabric? How to use it in embroidery?


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What kind of fabric — dvunitka? What are its features? So-called special textile material which can be well-known handy called the basket weave where the warp and weft double. This increases the strength of the fabric and makes it more durable. Tracksuits made of fabric sturdy Turkish are especially practical. They look attractive, breathable and good long wear. Most embroiderers are familiar with this cloth and use it for their work as a replacement for the more expensive “ravnomerno” and canvas.

dvunitka what kind of fabric

Dvunitka to help the seamstress

Many women engaged in manual work, dreaming to save on material for embroidery. They seek their own scheme, select the floss and try to find a fabric that will be easy to use, while not overpaying for the brand. Judging by the reviews, the fabric dvunitka often becomes the help in this question, and is able to replace the fabric, let it and is not intended for embroidery.

There are several different variants of this fabric with different density weave. In addition, the material can be rough or processed. In the second case, the weave is more uniform and dense and without the pellets and marriage. Front of the embroidery cloth is better to wash, then it is not the village and not spoil the ideas needlewoman. The first type of material is often dyed in various colors or other food dyes. But the same can be done with the treated tissue.

fabric dvunitka reviews

Staining sturdy

What dvunitka for cloth and how to paint? The material is blended, and it may be comprised of various fibers: natural and synthetic. Previously, it could only be cotton but now there is often a polyester raw material. Color paintings by contemporary craftswomen usually made using natural products. For example, you can use onion skin, a decoction of BlackBerry, or dyes for Easter eggs. Toning tea and coffee allows you to get different shades of light brown and gray. Disinfecting agents, such as iodine and potassium permanganate, can also dye fabric in greyish and brownish tones.


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A Lot depends on the period of time for which the material is soaked in the solution. Sometimes it's just enough to dip and remove the piece of cloth to get the desired result. In other cases, it requires a long soak, up to 10 minutes.

It is Important to correctly calculate the amount of ingredients, which will be done the solution. For example, how much iodine will remain in solution, depends on the saturation of the color. If to keep the material within 10 minutes, dissolved in water, 20 drops, white canvas "Aida” will become uneven gray-brownish hue. If you dissolve 40 drops and place the fabric into the liquid for the same term, it will be a rich brown.

dvunitka knit that fabric

Tortoiseshell for fabric sturdy

Various types of tea can dye the dvunitka in a wide range of shades, from gray to purple. The same can be said about herbs and berries. The more the solution chosen ingredient, the richer will the final color. You can create uneven color fabric by using black tea and crushed red pepper. For this, dry tea leaves are distributed on the slightly damp surface of the canvas uniformly, similarly poured ground pepper. Then the edges of the material you need to carefully wrap, forming folds, and give it the shape of a ball, tightly obratiti thread and cook them in boiling water for 30 minutes, then another about the same, but reducing the heat to low. You should get an unusual color spotted fabric.

Turkish dvunitka fabric tracksuit

Disadvantages sturdy

Trying to figure out what kind of fabric dvunitka, and what her characteristics, it is important to be aware of some shortcomings of the material, otherwise the work with him will be difficult. This cloth has one unpleasant feature: the edges of the fabric when cutting highly showered, and that you need to consider buying it for sewing some things or as a canvas for embroidery. Another feature of — after washing, the material can sit down, which caused the pattern deformation, and the thing changes size. Squeeze too hard otherwise the fabric will lose shape. Best gently squeeze it and dry in the usual way.

Features of work with fabric

For working with Dunakey require special skills, because beginners to the needle is not desirable to choose this material for their first jobs. While cross stitch on It note that the pattern may be severely stretched vertically. Some of the motifs it can spoil, because the crosses will turn out rough. It is not desirable to embroider the pattern on such an uneven fabric. But if the work is done in another technique, the image shift sometimes even Quietly. Sometimes instead of harsh or processed sturdy in the store offerknitted material, Not like on the canvas that is used for embroidery.

Knit-dvunitka What kind of fabric? This cloth is called the footer and made a little bit different technology. Many people confuse it with Dunakey, as It weaving two threads, but one of them used to the basics, and the other — for Fleece on the wrong side. For embroidery this kind of fabric is not used.

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