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To Include poultry in his economy sought by many. Chickens, turkeys, ducks need to produce eggs and meat. In order to upgrade the livestock, poultry farmers don't always use the traditional way, when the bird hatches Chicks. Currently, preference is given more and more homemade incubators.


Artificial hatching allows you to update the number at any time of the year and in any quantity. There is another factor. Chicken as a hen has very limited performance. The hatching in the incubator simultaneously to obtain a lot more youngsters. Here everything will depend on the number of available eggs.

as a conclusion Chicks in the incubator the hatching in homemade incubator greatly facilitates the work of the poultry farmer. Produced in the factory instruments provide for automatic adjustment of temperature, rotate trays and so on. If the young hatch, the hen requires constant monitoring of her behavior, as well as the presence of water and feed. Is a poultry-lover expended a large amount of time.

Natural incubators

The Big thick pile of wet leaves eventually begins to warm up. The same thing happens with the manure. Temperatures in these piles reaches seventy degrees. This phenomenon is caused by bacteria. They decompose rotting leaves or manure. Thus there is a large amount of heat. In nature it enjoys the kind of huge-footed chickens. These birds eggs do not hatch. They simply buried them in piles of rotting leaves. The generated heat is sufficient for the development of the embryo.


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how to pull Chicks at home in the incubatorSo do turtles. They bury their eggs in the coastal sand, which is heated by sun rays. After a while displays small turtles.

The invention of the incubator

All of these examples, existing in nature, have guided human thought withdraw without the hen chickens. The first incubators appeared in Egypt 2-3 thousand years ago. They were a huge furnace in the chamber which was laid up to seven thousand eggs. These incubators do not have any devices. The man put the egg to the eyelid, thus determining its temperature.

In some countries, there was a special profession – a one-man incubator. These people heated up the eggs with her body heat, placing them in bags made of old fishing nets.

The First incubator in Europe was invented by physicist Port in the 18th century But the Church in those days was against the opening of the mysteries of nature. The incubator at the behest of the priests were burned.

In pre-revolutionary Russia used incubators, small poultry lovers. Devices usually discharged from abroad.

hatching incubator Modern incubators for artificial hatching Chicks have mechanized the process of controlling humidity and temperature. They are easy to use and applicable to all poultry farms. Small appliances are indispensable in the farm.


How to pull Chicks at home in the incubator? First of all, the device should prepare to work. Before enabling it is necessary to carefully study the enclosed instructions. It will be sufficient in detail this manual describes the controls and modes of operation.

how to bring Chicks in the incubator

The Device should be installed horizontally on the floor. While standing, he should not swaying, tightly. For incubator need to allocate such space in the room so he was away from radiators, Windows and doors. This is necessary in order that streams of cool or warm air is not exerted its influence on the temperature inside the incubator. It will hurt the inference process of the young.

Before using the internal hardware of the device should be cleaned from dirt and dust. The trays should be washed hot water and then dry them in the sun or in a warm room. After that, for humidifying the air to the bottom of the incubator need to put trays filled with water. Only then the device can be turned on by setting the necessary temperature.

Download eggs

As a conclusion Chicks in the incubator? After switching on the device must pass the day. Only after this time it will be possible to load eggs. This operation should be taken seriously. The fact that the withdrawal of the young birds depends on the quality of laying eggs. They should only be fresh (not more than six or seven days of storage), have the same size, the right shape and have a durable shell.

chickens in homemade incubatorBefore putting the device in the selected eggs should be marked in pencil. On one side put down the zero (0), and the second - cross. These signs will help in complying with the order of turning over. The upper side of the laid eggs should be from one sign. At a distance of one centimeter from the surface of the shell mount the thermometer. Having done all this, as a conclusion Chicks in the incubator? The tray is pushed into the device, and tightly closed the door.

Control device

How to withdrawChicks in the incubator? Of paramount importance is the control mode of the device. Even small (0.5-1 degree) temperature deviation from the norm have a negative impact on the viability of the Chicks. As a conclusion Chicks in the incubator? After laying the eggs the control over the device you need to carry out every hour. At the beginning of incubation a great influence on the development of the embryo has a rapid warm-up. The device needs to increase the temperature of the eggs in just three to four hours.

In the period of the output of Chicks should especially to control humidity. At this time it is of particular importance for the development of the embryo. How you get rid of chickens at home in the incubator? Prior to the period of the PIP the shell, the humidity should be small, only fifty to fifty - four percent. Further, it should be increased. At a time when there is a PIP and hatching Chicks, the humidity should reach eighty percent.

Final phase

As a conclusion Chicks in the incubator? The process of withdrawal of the device is not open. It is forbidden to take out of the incubator hatched Chicks, to change modes, turn on lights etc.

hatching in homemade incubator

The Youngsters from the device is displayed at a time. Chickens in homemade incubator must finally dry. Then they are placed in the heater or under the hen.

Make an incubator with your own hands

Display of chickens at home with the help of the device, which is easy to make yourself. This will greatly facilitate the fancier the task of replenishing their farm. young. The body of the incubator should be made of wood, insulated with felt or foam. At the bottom you should drill some holes. On the cover are especially satisfied with a small viewing window (it should be from time to time to slightly open to provide ventilation). To eggs during incubation period could be inverted in the side wall of the housing must be provided for the door. The device is mounted on small legs (3-5 cm tall). This will ensure the access of air through the holes in the bottom. Inside the homemade incubator to host eggs include drawers with slatted bottom. The gap between them and the walls of the incubator should be at least five centimeters.

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