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 Features of the organization of modern production and ensure its effective use require that the management not only of knowledge, but successful and effective for their application. The whole innovation activity of an enterprise should be aimed at achieving specified goals. It is necessary, in addition to the standard start-up production and to check its proper functional activity, to provide timely updates of innovative not only in production capacity and technology, but also the forms of organization of modern production.

The Whole innovation activity of an enterprise should carry planned and carefully considered right from the beginning. The efforts of the team is usually reduced to the search and further implement the latest innovations to update or improve the product range, improve its quality characteristics, the use of new technologies not only in the sphere of production and in the organizational component of the enterprise.

Modern and innovative activity of the enterprise involves several basic steps:

  1. For analysis of innovative potential of the enterprise managers of the company carried out a number of necessary operations, and primarily detected all the problems of enterprises in all key functions of its production.
  2. Carried On the careful design of the details of the process of innovative activity of the enterprise.
  3. Carried out a series of measures for the organization and implementation of all changes in accordance with the plan for the innovation activities of enterprises using modern system analysis and control. If needed urgently made the necessary adjustments and changes.

To identify the innovative potential of an enterprise may be invited to additional specialists and analysts with third-party organizations. After all, the correct and clear picture of the starting position of the company in the future will depend not only on the selection of innovative solutions, but also the process of its implementation, and effectiveness in obtaining the final product in the form of financial profits of the company. Correctly identified the innovative potential of the enterprise is not just a scheduled inspection of all production and business activities of production, evaluation of products and markets, and the basis for the future success of innovative changes at the enterprise.


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Development of the innovation strategy of the company consists of a few key points. Two main of them – the selection of the most innovative technologies and determine funding for innovative activities.

Today on the market plenty of offers of new technologies from all areas of production. Of the company except the developers of new systems and equipment, also offer the complex of services on introduction of technologies, their adaptation of the enterprise and staff training.Correctly chosen innovative strategy of the enterprise, determining its effectiveness and develop a system for its implementation in the production – it is the task of management of the company. His responsibilities include control system and monitoring the implementation of measures in the framework of the implementation of the innovation strategy of the enterprise. The team of managers of the company can be charged and financial control in the process of innovation implementation at all stages of the tactical implementation of the decisions taken.

Innovation activities of the enterprise conducted at large industrial complexes may involve the creation of temporary financial venture capital funds.

So, despite the visible complexity with proper analysis of all factors, the full study of innovative potential of the enterprise, and knowing the ultimate goal of innovative changes, the management team may achieve rapid and effective results in your company.

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