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One of the leading suppliers of soft furniture in Russia is OOO «Furniture cheaper here”. Feedback from employees and customers, the scope of activities of the company, the offered range of products will be examined in this article.
the furniture here is cheaper reviews

Main activity

Is a chain of stores that sell upholstered furniture for residential premises. The provider offers manufactured high quality products that can please any customer.

The company's Products can be purchased from the factories of these cities:

  • Nizhny Novgorod;
  • Moscow;
  • London;
  • Penza;
  • Saratov.

The Company “the Furniture here is cheaper”, according to customer feedback, promptly arrange for the delivery of goods. Its cost justifies the expectations of the customers.

All the furniture is made of high quality materials on modern equipment. As accessories used parts of the Russian and European production.

The company Also conducts certification of the quality of each product. Network, despite its youth in the field of furniture sales, managed to gain loyal customers. Reviews of OOO «the Furniture here is cheaper” say that manufacturing offers a wide range of products with unique design.


The Store provides the buyer a variety of options products. This modern and functional solutions, selecting which to her own taste, style and wealth will not be difficult for even the most demanding customer. For example, the customer reviews on sofas “the Furniture here is cheaper” they say that the products are of good quality and affordable. The entire range is represented on the manufacturer's website.


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  • Cabinets. The range of this category includes conventional products, wardrobes, shelves, wardrobes and cupboards. Furniture can be decorated with fotoprint or a mirror, according to the customer. The cost of goods starts from 15 thousand rubles.
  • Hallways. Category models full-size vestibules. The price of accessories starts from 10 thousand rubles.
  • Bedroom Furniture. In the room you can buy a bed, with extra shelves. Price - from 10 thousand. Customers have a positive say in the reviews about beds “March”. “the Furniture here is cheaper” is also a huge number of other models of beds.
  • Mattress for beds category of “standard”, “optimal” and “comfort” of different size will be a pleasant addition to shopping. The price starts from 10 thousand rubles.
  • Wall. In this category, each customer will find a suitable option thanks to the bold design decisions. The minimum price of a unit of product - 10 thousand rubles – a minimum unit price of goods which the stores “the Furniture here is cheaper”.

Reviews on sofas, and other upholstered furniture, consumers note that the products pricing are more economy than luxury. the furniture here is cheaper customer reviews


In the reviews about the stores “the Furniture here is cheaper” says the company provides a range of additional services.

  1. Delivery of goods in cities. The buyer has the opportunity to order furniture delivered to your house. The issue of the agreement date, representatives of the company negotiated with the customer within days after ordering. All goods are delivered unassembled. A buyer has the opportunity to check the quality on the spot, complete the configuration and integrity of the furniture.
  2. Delivery to the floor. The cost of raising furniture is not included in the shipping charges and is calculated based on the number of pieces of furniture order, floor rise and the availability of the Elevator. The company engages third parties for delivery, not responsible for their actions.
  3. Furniture Assembly. The buyer can also order this service after delivery of the goods ordered. Assembly is done on a paid basis in the period up to 7 working days from the date of filing. Specific time of arrival of the specialists agreed in advance. Assembly occurs in the presence of purchaser or his representative. The cost of service does not include Assembly of furniture. Furniture manufacturers are performing only the Assembly for the project of goods specified in the receipt.
  4. The Installment. The buyer has the opportunity to take your goods in installments for 3-36 months. While the first installment is 0-50%. Company “the Furniture here is cheaper” cooperates with such banks: “Rusfinance Bank”, «Alfa Bank», «Russian Standard», «home Loan», «Cetelem”, “OTP”. Reviews of store “the Furniture here is cheaper” says installment – very handy and practical solution for buyers.
  5. Warranty. Each product has the warranty period. To address issues arising in the operation of the product, the purchaser must give the vendor the contract specified in this warranty and the purchase receipt of the goods. The right to return or exchange does not apply to accessories and the accompanying goods (mattresses, sinks, etc.). There are a few features that cannot be repair under the warranty agreement:
  • If you have not complied with the rules of operation, Assembly, or installation of furniture;
  • Broken security requirements;
  • There are mechanical damage due to contact with dirt, water, chemicals, fire and so on;
  • Repair by unauthorized persons;
  • Using the object improperly.

The buyer has the right to make a complaint about the quality of the goods within 2 days from the date of purchase. To help resolve any emerging problems regarding this issue the staff is always ready store “the Furniture here is cheaper”. Consumer reviews confirm this.
furniture here cheaper employee reviews

Promotions & discounts

Chain stores are constantly satisfied with stock of goods of any category, makes significant discounts. Reviews on “the Furniture here is cheaper” confirm this fact: buyers glad to have the opportunity to purchase items at a discounted price and even get a gift.

The network Managers are constantly monitoring the prices on the official website. If the product is listed in the category of “Special”, the changes are immediately reflected online. The buyer has the opportunity, without leaving home, monitor cost interesting furniture and to track promotions and sales. The staff of the chain stores “the Furniture here is cheaper” mentioned that in the period of holding of shares increases the number of potential buyers and sellers do not have time to make goods.

During the discount furniture can be purchased at a price 70% lower. Thus, the cost of sofas for the shares is only 5-10 thousand rubles. When buying multiple items of interior upholstered furniture, you can get a gift. For example, the total price of the sofa “Soft” is 13 000 rubles., and on the stock it is reduced to 5 thousand.

Corner sofas for living room also can be purchased at a significantly reduced cost. So, at the usual price from 25 000 to 67 000 rubles with the discount the new price will be from 10 to 20 thousand. This pricing policy are very happy customers.

A Model of the walls of the “Dallas” and “Vegas”, which include not only TV stand but also the wardrobe, closed and open shelves, can be bought on the stock for 3-5 thousand.

Every buyer should carefully study the terms of the promotions and discounts. Often, such a significant reduction in cost is due to the fact that the company is trying to sell multiple products to one customer. For example, taking simultaneously a bedside table and a chest of drawers, one gets a substantial discount on the purchase of the bed.

Visitors to the store say, such solution is particularly advantageous when it is necessary to arrange the living room. While regular updating of the interior to purchase multiple items are often not included in their plans.
shop furniture here cheaper reviews

Feedback about the employer “the Furniture here is cheaper”

The Managing stores is SP Bryukhanov Mikhail Alexandrovich. The entrepreneur is not engaged in state contracts and the period of its activity not participated in the arbitration proceedings. The main activity - retail sale of furniture in specialized stores.

As a rule, the opinion of the employer affects the operation of chain stores in General. The attitude of the leader towards his subordinates can attract customers or scare off. Also impacts on relationships with customers and competitors.

What is said in the reviews about the employer?

  • Each store has its own Manager who solves local issues. Many buyers point out the incompetence of some managers in solving problems. They increase the voice of customers and employees, especially interns, do not go towards the solution of problems.
  • The Stores are in walking distance. Visitors like the fact that you can come and choose a product, with the delivery and Assembly are carried out in one day. This indicates nebezrazlichnomy the employer to the buyer.
  • Workers say that the boss appreciates the contribution of each employee to the common cause. The company employs people who are willing to work “feet” all day and coming...

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