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The shops of Fix Price know the residents of both large and small cities of Russia. These alternatives to American markets "Everything one dollar" a lot of help to save money on buying household goods, groceries, small consumer goods. But what about working in a "Fixed Price" - what are the available jobs, salaries, requirements for employees, are there any "pitfalls? All this we will talk further.

About the "Fixed Price"

Fix Price - as the name implies, the shop fixed prices, i.e. the whole range of goods is sold at a uniform cost. The first store of this brand owned by LLC "best Price" was opened ten years ago, and last year the company had been on the international level - established stores in Georgia and Kazakhstan. Her key area of retail sale of household and industrial goods. If you look at the figures in January 2017 acted 2285 addresses "Fixed Price" in more than 600 towns and villages in 64 subjects of the Russian Federation.

The retail chain has attracted new buyers to the Russian concept, however, is quite long common in Western countries is the pound shops, shop, variety store, dollar store in the US, Canada, Japan, Australia, the UK, Germany and other countries. This is the market's "fixed price" offering food and non-food assortment at the same price. Then the idea was picked up by other Russian stores, but "Fixed Price" was a definite pioneer in this field.

fixed price employee reviews

The Purchase of "Fixed price list" originally cost the purchasers of 30 rubles - as you remember, a long time this was the fixed exchange rate of the dollar, and the founders of the Russian network is based on the idea of markets "1 $ ". In December 2015, the total price increased up to 50 rubles. And in 2016 the goods "Fixed Price" is divided into three price groups: 55, 77 and 99 rubles.


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The company emphasizes its exclusivity and popularity among buyers of three factors:

  • A Unique concept, for the first time it was presented in the sphere of Russian trade.
  • Convenient location of shops "Fix Price" in Omsk, Moscow, Ryazan, Kaluga, etc. - close to transport links, major shopping centers, near a popular pedestrian routes and roads.
  • Low prices. Adequate cost is due to the fact that the network is one hundred percent all the goods she imports from producers without third-party suppliers. Low cost also provides the current technology of the discounter.

Brief history trading network

Of OO "best Price" was registered on 1 June 2007 in the Moscow suburb of Khimki. Its founders were Artyom Khachatryan and Sergey Lomakin, the former owners of a trading network "copeck". In principle, the sale of the latter was due to the fact that businessmen like to bring to the market a new concept of the store - goods "fixed price", which since 1879 profitable and popular in Western countries. In December 2007 opened the first store.

fixed price products

Two years later, the General Director of the "Fixed price list", the address of which began to appear in many cities, was Dmitry Kirsanov, who held the same position earlier in "Penny". 2016 was marked not only by the company on the international level, but also the change of the founding group - the former owners of the "Penny" was taken by the group of Baltic investors, direct investment Fund and the top management of "Fixed price list", including Dmitry Kirsanov.

Open jobs in the "Fixed Price"

Depending on the location separation network, in the "Fixed Price" the following open positions:

  • For students, people without special education: trainee-records Manager, Intern in Department recruiting, Intern in the Department of labor, administrator, merchandiser, assistant in the marketing Department.
  • Worker: loader, loader-merchandiser, order picker.
  • Sales: administrator (store room), head, quality controller, merchandiser, sales assistant, the seller-the cashier.
  • Logistics: the dispatcher, warehouse clerk, picker, supervisor of receiving, logistics Manager, tovarishtchi, premonarchic, operator, PTO the warehouse worker.
  • Procurement: the import Manager.
  • Property: the accountant, the expert in labour protection, real estate Manager.
  • Production: a specialist in labour protection.
  • Accounting, Finance: chief accountant, Deputy chief accountant, accountant for calculating s/n, the cashier, the seller-cashier, auditor.
  • Administrative staff the administrator on the reception Desk, specialists in the marketing Department, the driver with l/a.
  • Staff: staffing specialist, recruitment Manager.

fix price address

Their future employees "Fixed Price" promises a guaranteed career on the steps of the "Manager - senior Manager - head of Department - head of Department - Director of Department". The company, on its assurances, is pleased to anyone with the desire to associate with it his career young and ambitious job seekers. Beginners it offers:

  • Proven in practice, the mentoring system that helps to achieve heights even in the absence of special knowledge or their minimum Luggage.
  • Training in special Educational centers where newcomers will be taught the essential skills for their future work, will give the necessary experience, in General, will actively introducegrowing network.

As for the experts "Fixed Price" is glad to offer further successful career growth in different fields - logistics, advertising, management, marketing, information technology, Finance and accounting, personnel management, sales.

Geography jobs

The Stores are open across the country - there is a "Fixed Price" in Omsk, Smolensk, Moscow, Yaroslavl, Voronezh, Tula and other cities. The main areas network in the Russian Federation same:

  • Mosque.
  • Center.
  • Severe-sapad.
  • Posologie.
  • Uh.
  • Oral.
  • Sibir.
  • Far East.

Convenient way to learn about vacancies in the "Fixed Price" in your community, on the tab that employer on a popular site Head Hunter. On the map you can click on your region of the above, and the page will appear a list of vacancies that are open in the cities related to it.

And now let us turn to the analysis of feedback from staff "Fixed Price".


Give feedback beginners:

  • Non-paid internship.
  • The Newcomers are forced to take on additional responsibilities (for example, to wash the floors), again free of charge.
  • Trainees put in the conditions of competition - at one point unable to train several people in one post. Who will show themselves better than the rest, I invite you to continuous employment.


That's what they say about their work, "admins":

  • Official employment.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to perform the duties of other employees in case of absence them in the workplace or simply lack of personnel.
  • Small salary.
  • Inconvenient work schedule.

fixed price


Imagine the staff of "Fixed price list" working now or worked previously by cashiers:

  • Work place of a cashier is not equipped sometimes the seat - labor day is supposed to carry out on his feet.
  • Informal employment.
  • Medical history is made by the employee.
  • S/n does not match the requirements of a worker.
  • Very limited time of rest breaks.
  • Often at the end of the working day to perform the cleaner function of the room.

fixed price Omsk


And now the staff "Fixed price list" working with blocks of goods:

  • Informal employment.
  • Loss, nedostaci identified in the inventory, fully compensate for merchandisers.
  • Job duties go beyond those mentioned in the job description.
  • If the day of audit falls on a weekend worker, then it must appear in the workplace, with compensation.
  • Large burden on the worker throughout the working day.

 shopping from a fixed price list


Positive feedback on wages, collective operation in a "Fixed Price"

  • "White" s/n
  • Excellent experience of the first employment.
  • The Salary is calculated, including overtime.
  • A good chance to get into a friendly working team.
  • Flexible work schedule.


Staff "Fixed Price" say the following shortcomings of the company:

  • There is a selection of incompetent managers - in many offices there is a lack of subordination.
  • Sometimes untimely charging s/n
  • Not always equipped place of rest of staff.
  • Turnover.
  • Large burden on the worker due to inadequately staffed state employees.
  • Many employees are employed informally, they are not supposed to vacation, sick leave, pension contributions.

fixed price work

Unfortunately, we have to note that the vast majority of staff "Fixed price list" is negative. From one text to the other people listed the same disadvantages of working in the company. Is it worth it to work here? Of course, it depends on the shop, office, office, you decided to find a job.

Article in other languages:

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ZH: https://tostpost.com/zh/business/3062-fixed-price-the-feedback-from-staff-about-work-in-the-company.html

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