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What is air backup? Official term: increased air pressure in excess of atmospheric in front of the obstacle, etc. driving the jaw. Anyway, I just do not understand. Had to deal with it. In a certain place, usually on the stairs, installed a fan which, when the alarm begins to catch up with outside air (boost pressure). The fan air overpressure, generally very powerful and can work without limitations on capacity in the entire range of performance. In fact it is the whole system of air pressurization. Its task is to ensure that in selected areas, which are escape routes, the air pressure was higher than in other areas. Thanks to this smoke-filled air will not penetrate into these areas and it will not hurt to move people to a safe place or to leave a burning building.
The calculation of the air pressurization is carried out at a worst-case scenario. The fire will occur at strong wind speeds, with shattered Windows and open doors, and Elevator shafts.
When installing the fan air pressurization consider:

  • The location (top level of the room or the stairwell);
  • Excess pressure on escape routes should not exceed 150 PA (so as not to impede the opening of doors);
  • The minimum pressure should not be less than 20 PA;
  • Hydraulic resistance;
  • Place the air intake is located on the leeward side of the building.


People never facing fire-fighting measures mostly unaware of the systems of smoke removal and air overpressure. Meanwhile, the majority of people in a fire die from asphyxiation and carbon monoxide poisoning. The smoke spread instantly and penetrates to the most remote corners of the building. Remember, if something's burning on the stove, the stench can be felt throughout the apartment. Similarly with carbon monoxide! It penetrates everywhere with great speed, but unlike the unpleasant smell. Carbon monoxide threat. When its concentration is in excess of you are able to think and navigate in space. Can't find a way out of the smoke room and to evacuate. To avoid the disastrous effects of smoke and poisoning are created by the smoke exhaust system.

In accordance with the rules of the joint venture 7.13130.2013 and regulations of the FZ-123 smoke removal systems are equipped with:

  • Corridors; and
  • Lobbies;
  • Staircases;
  • Basements;
  • Tunnels

In all the dangerous places without natural light.

When the fire alarm conventional ventilation is blocked because it contributes to the development of a fire. Smoke removal system removes from the premises the smoke and carbon monoxide increasing the likelihood of survival. Therefore, the functionality of the system of smoke removal and air conditioning systems different. And most importantly, a completely different technical features. Smoke extraction systems more powerful. Their challenge is to remove all contaminated air from the room in the shortest time. Calculations are made in accordance with paragraph 7 of the joint venture 7.13130.2013. In addition to removing the products of combustion smoke exhaust system expels excess heat. Prevents the spread of smoke and carbon monoxide between rooms (fire zones). Aims to clear evacuation routes, as well as areas of the following fire brigades. Therefore, a smoke exhaust system is divided into supply and exhaust. They are always used together (private use is prohibited by the rules), so the division is conditional and not worth detailed consideration.

Smoke ventilation consists of:

  • Fan;
  • Duct;
  • Smoke dampers;
  • Air pressurization system.


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