Decorative rabbits: duration of life and conditions of detention


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Remember: "Rabbits – it's not only valuable fur…”? Here you can just add that it is also a lot of positive emotions at the sight of a wonderful-eared lump, munching grass in his cage or Bouncing around the room. It's hard to resist his charm!

But, of course, bringing a pet, the owner is trying to find out how many years of living rabbit. How to make it a long and happy life?rabbits life expectancy

Rabbits: life expectancy in their natural environment and in captivity

It should be noted that the animals that live in the wild live much less than their decorative counterparts. I guess it's clear why: the struggle for survival, disease and a high risk of becoming dinner of a predator greatly shortens the time they stay in this world.

Even taken home a wild rabbit in captivity there is not enough – an average of about two years. However, there are instances when these Pets to please their owners and are much longer: up to 7-8 years.

The Owners of the wonderful fluffy lumps I hasten to reassure the average life expectancy of a rabbit, Born and raised in the home, Is not less than that of cats and dogs, which people used to live side by side, namely from 7 to 13 years.

It is Clear that these figures can not claim the title of absolute values. They vary both upwards and downwards. It all depends on the breed, nutrition and health status of your pet.

Different breeds have their own indicators. Let's look at them.

Dwarf bunnies

the life expectancy of dwarf rabbitsThese crumbs are very convenient for home breeding. They are very clean (they can be trained to use the kitty litter box), you get used to his nickname and well know host. Seeing him and hearing her name, little girls are raised on its hind legs to greet the newcomer.


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When properly maintained, the life expectancy of a dwarf rabbit is 8 to 12 years. Recorded among the centenarians who died at age 18.

However, the monitoring of domestic breeders, many working individuals with the gene for dwarfism die at the age of five. Obviously, this is due to a stronger wear of the body manufacturer's offspring.

Lop-eared rabbits

life expectancy rabbit

Because of the peculiarities of character which have lop-eared rabbits life expectancy of They are significantly more than individuals with ears that stand up straight. They are more resistant to stress the nervous system, and therefore heart and blood vessels they are functioning better, which, of course, prolongs life. These fluffy balls of non-corrosive, never allowed to move teeth, quickly become accustomed to the owner and are willing to play with him.

Life expectancy lop-eared rabbits is from 7 to 8 years.

What determines how many will live rabbits

Life expectancy of a baby born, depends on several important components:

  • Heredity (healthy mom and dad).
  • Absence of congenital anomalies. For example, abnormal occlusion of the rabbit is removed from the breeding because of this anomaly severely undermines the health and, consequently, the life expectancy of such individuals.
  • Feeding and maintenance. Since rabbits – mobile animals, they must create the conditions for movement, the ability to walk outside the cell. To maintain normal health you should let your pet no less than an hour twice a day to warm up.

The Canadian breeders, for example, suggest to prolong the life of animals to make them castration. It is, in their opinion, it is necessary to exclude inflammation and malignant neoplasms in the genitourinary system of animals. These pathologies are quite often hit five or six individuals, significantly reducing the time of their lives.the life expectancy of rabbits

How to keep a rabbit at home

In order to maximize the increased life expectancy rabbit, ushastik certain conditions are necessary. First, it is done on time vaccinations. Second, a convenient cell. It should allow the baby to stretch out to full length and stand on his hind legs. In addition, it should be a place to house fearful animal can get away from it all, to the toilet, and also for the manger with hay. Well if the cage will fit boxes with sand for digging, as it is one of the natural needs of your pet.

The Pallet in such a cell must be plastic. Do not forget to provide your pet with avtopoilki.

How to care for decorative rabbit

Rabbits, the life of which we are discussing today, can please long, if the owners adhere to the basic rules of the content of your miracle.

  • Avoid placing the cage with the rabbit drafts, as well as places near a heater.
  • Keep your pet away from the TV. Your baby – this is a very timid creature, and stress shortens life.
  • Take the animal on hands very carefully: in any case – ears.
  • Do Not wash it unless absolutely necessary.
  • Switch to rabbit as raw vegetables, and a special dry food, not forgetting the Seine.

And most importantly, of course, love and attention from the owner. The lives of our Pets depends on taking care of them!


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