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Peace on our planet is due to, unfortunately, mainly a balance of strategic capabilities key countries – rivals. Geopolitical parity was first violated in 1945 with the advent of the military Arsenal of the United States nuclear weapons.

hypersonic missiles of Russia

In 1947 the USSR was able to build an atomic bomb, but the country's leadership was faced with the problem of delivery of the warhead to the target. The first temporary measure was copying the American B-29 bomber, at that time served as the main carrier of weapons of mass destruction.

The Advent of Intercontinental missiles again disrupted the strategic balance, this time in favor of the USSR. However, the ballistic trajectory was easy to predict, which created the conditions for the destruction of delivery systems at different stages of its flight.

testing of hypersonic missiles in Russia

For the First time with the problem of low efficiency of air defense against high-altitude and high-speed goals faced in 1973, the Israeli armed forces. At a great height over the territory of the state flew a Soviet multi-purpose aircraft the MiG-25. All actions customary in such cases, including the launching of anti-aircraft missiles, were useless. A unique and fantastic ceiling at the time the speed just did not allow them to chase the target.

In the early nineties researchers in different countries have started research in the field of creation of weapons that would be difficult to neutralize even if it is detected by the warning systems.

hypersonic missiles of Russia 2013

Developing a hypersonic Russian missiles were a response to the us Prompt Global Strike program (funds global instant kick).

Countering US dominance in strategic initiatives underway in different directions.

One of them was the creation of combat units capable of changing trajectory after separation from the head portion and reach the target with an unpredictable direction.

Another line of development trudnoreshaemyh delivery vehicles have become hypersonic missiles of Russia. Their main difference from conventional ballistic missiles is speed, many times greater than the number M (which corresponds to about 1070 km/h).


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hypersonic missiles of Russia

The First experiments on creation of new samples of weapons, which would be difficult to intercept, started in the eighties. Dyna Soar X-20 was an American project unmanned space plane, starting in the stratospheric layers of the atmosphere (at an altitude of about 30 sq m) with supersonic aircraft. The answer could be a hypersonic missile Russian aerospace system “Spiral”, capable of speeds up to 7 thousand km/h, but soon they were both collapsed. The cost of construction work proved too heavy even for the U.S. economy.

testing of hypersonic missiles in Russia

It took three decades, but the task of maintaining strategic parity has not lost relevance. "Zircon" - the so-called new hypersonic missiles of Russia.

In 2013, the international aviation and space salon in Zhukovsky. Joint Russian-Indian company «Brassaiopsis” announces plans to create weapons, to intercept which is not under the power of the newest and promising missile defense system.

The First tests of hypersonic missiles in Russia has shown that it can develop a speed three times exceeding the indicator of the American "Tomahawk" at altitudes ranging from 10 meters to 14 kilometers. The combat load is 300 kg, two-stage design. Overall dimensions: length about 10 meters, a diameter of 700 mm. Total weight at the start less than 4 tons together with a transport container.

The Basic design for HSR «BrahMos» and parallel development of anti-ship system "Zircon" was the rocket "Onyx" P-800 submarine-based. Design work began in 1999, and in June 2001 at the site in the Indian state of Orissa was made the first test runs. It is expected that the new hypersonic missiles of Russia and India can be run with the aircraft MiG-29.

Another alternative system a superfast weapon called “Cold” tested at the Sary-Shagan test site in late 1991. The basis of the powertrain in its design used a rocket engine of air defense s-200 with excellent characteristics. The financial crisis is not allowed to complete the test.

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