What to feed a duck? The farming of ducks


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One of the first birds subjected to domestication, have ducks. Not too demanding in terms of care and feeding, these winged, the ancestors of which are wild mallards, are quite popular in the household courtyard. Significant weight gain within a short period, one of the important advantages of such sought-after birds.

Duck on the home farmstead: the advantages

Farming ducks at home is aimed primarily at the speedy obtaining of meat. Different from the usual chicken, it has a rich taste; a little greasy, with pronounced large fiber.

The Egg is also a product obtained from the noisy pet. Food, however, it is not used because a kind of taste, but successfully spent in baking and cooking various dishes (e.g. mayonnaise). Also eggs are used for incubation for the purpose of reproduction of the feathered flock.what eats a duck

A by-product of the content of the weft is fluff - highly demanded raw material for stuffing blankets and pillows, and duck droppings – it is a valuable organic fertilizer.

Main duck diet

The Content of such poultry is not particularly difficult even for a beginner, it is important to know what to feed domestic ducks. The bulk of the food in the diet of "quacks" are cereals containing large amounts of carbohydrates, providing the bird stable weight gain and growth. The coefficient of digestibility of grain is about 80%, which is significantly higher than in chickens. The most nutritious food for ducks is corn that contains a small percentage of the fiber, thereby easily digested. The total percentage of the daily diet she may be his half. duck birdWheat rich in vitamins b and E, is the second largest of its nutritional value, but corn is ahead of its protein content. You can use flour from wheat, only the grind should be coarse, otherwise small particles can clog the bird nasal passages that will lead to undesirable consequences.


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Grain mixture can be enriched with barley, which should be contained in a total amount of not more than 30%, because the grain is hard to digest. Therefore, adult population, it is recommended to feed sprouted barley, youngsters – the grain in perimortem condition. The ducks also recommended to feed oats and beans containing a high percentage of protein and protein.

What to feed a duck, but grain?

However, one grain for feeding the ducks enough. What to feed a duck, in addition to cereals? To diversify the diet using bran, oil cake and meal. Bran – waste from grain production, are a kind of economical option: you can add them to the wet mash that duck (bird) eats with pleasure. advantages and disadvantagesCake (peanut, rapeseed, soybean, sunflower) rich in fat, because it is a product of processing (pressing) the oil-containing seeds. It has enough potassium and phosphorus-elements that are required for skeletal system of a bird.

What to feed a duck, in addition to cereals? Can the ducks be fed pre-soaked dry bread, which they eat with pleasure.

Feeding the ducks in the summer

The Above feed is suitable for ducks in the cold season, and feeding at this time should be done 3-4 times a day (2 times – wet mash, 2 times – dry food). In summer the farming of ducks is low-cost because they can be put on the ponds and surrounding grasslands, where birds actively seek food. In the summer, when the meadows the abundance of green grass, is less likely to think about what to feed the duck. During this period, the bird can be fed two times a day.

What eats a duck in nature? It is interesting to know that her favorite food is the water duckweed; adult specimens can be fed at 0.5 kg per day per each head, the kids - depending on age, but at a lower dosage. Chopped mixture of green herbs (clover, peas, young nettle, alfalfa) that are connected to the wet mash will help in the short term to gain enough weight. To cook the mash in the quantity to be eaten at once, otherwise the food will spoil quickly because of the warm weather.what to feed a duck

For quality growth and optimal egg production of ducks in the main recommended food add meat and bone meal and fish meal (rich in phosphorus, calcium, b vitamins and proteins), can also be fed dairy products (for example, low-fat cottage cheese, which is especially useful for ducklings) and small fish.

Definitely in the diet of ducks should be present mineral additives (chalk, shell, eggshell), which facilitates the process of digestion and conducive to proper formation of the eggs in the body. For grinding in the stomach of a solid grain in the food is required to mix the gravel or coarse sand.

What to feed a hen

Duck-hens, you should use another method of feeding, which requires to increase the amount of protein and concentrated food and reduce the amount of succulent and coarse. This is due to the need to increase the content of calcium and other minerals.

When breeding ducks for meat, the duration of which averages 2.5 months, feeding should begin from birth. In the early days of give kids boiled chopped eggs and low-fat cottage cheese, which should always be fresh. You can give a special food with a high content of minerals and vitamins.what to feed domestic ducks

For two weeks before slaughter fattening aimed at increasing protein in the diet, which leads to accelerated lean muscle growth. A week before the appearance of the offspring should be given more feed, which is aimed at the formation of fat (boiled potatoes, mash, etc.) and eliminate from the diet of fish meal and fish. During this period, it is recommended to minimize motor activity of ducks-hens.

Clean and fresh water – the perfect conditions for keeping ducks

At any time of the day the bird should be provided with fresh water, this is especially true if you are not near bodies of water. Waterers should be designed so that the ducks can rinse the nose, but not to swim, otherwise the water will have to be changed constantly.

Everything–what eats a duck? Domestic ducks are omnivorous birds, almost swept on its way any food. Unpretentiousness to the conditions of detention, fast weight gain, disease resistance – these are precisely the benefits for which is to contain the ducks on their home compound.


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