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JSC «Balashikha casting-mechanical plant» – unique manufacture magnesium, aluminum and titanium shaped castings, including with the possibility of high-precision machining. The enterprise has mastered thousands of parts with the supply of domestic and foreign companies from Israel, Italy and Scandinavian countries.

JSC Balashikha casting-mechanical plant


The Balashikha foundry-mechanical plant was created in the turbulent period of industrialization. The year 1931. Signed, the first resolution on construction. Selected area to the North-East of the village of mill, in the village of gorenki Reutov district (now the 19-th km of the Gorky highway M7).

The Year 1932. Began design of the facility: designed a location map, the location of the work buildings, residential areas and infrastructure. In parallel, the first 60 people for the future many thousands of workers began clearing forests, filling of reservoirs. February 22 issued a decree of the Council of people's Commissars No. 199/40 on the attribution of the construction to the number of impact construction projects. The solution involves a special supply of materials, clothing, food.

Plant Construction

25.04.1932 year was laid the first stone in the Foundation of the mechanical housing of the future JSC "BLMZ". Then began the construction of the camp. Near the modern streets of Victory, Soviet, World, Lenin Avenue apartments were built barracks. In one of the barracks organized a training school where short courses were preparing turners, millers, * the reason, molders, starzhinskii, draftsmen, designers.


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The Year 1933. Construction began on the main foundry building. Erected the first of a 5-storey brick house (the highway of Enthusiasts, d. 5/1), 33 Barak, commissioned the boiler room, opened an evening school for working youth.

Balashikha casting-mechanical plant

Start production

In 1933 the Balashikha foundry-mechanical plant started production of pilot products – spicemix of avicoles and control valves. For the year produced 1455 aviation wheels. In parallel to infrastructure improvements: the construction of baths, hotels, club, a five-story brick homes. The first issue of the factory newspaper.

The enterprise Extension was progressive:

  • The Year 1934. Built three span mechanical housing. Created the country's first independent design Bureau landing gear system.
  • Year 1935. In the boiler room organized a temporary foundry. Released the first aluminum casting.
  • 1937. In April launched the first phase of the main litago corps.
  • The Year 1938. Started mass production of aluminum and magnesium castings for engines and aircraft.
  • Year 1939. The plant is characterized as one of the largest factories of non-ferrous casting, which is not yet in Europe and America.
  • The Year 1940. Commissioned in the chill case. A fully built village of Pervomayskaya, opened a kindergarten-nursery school is a secondary school.

It was truly a shock construction for well-chosen building site. The directions were extremely successful: the highway Moscow-Balashikha factory workers have joined with research institutes, design offices, administrative bodies of the capital. The railroad was allowed to deliver bulky cargo. Workers came from the surrounding areas. Every year along with the construction of an industrial facility unfolded and related residential infrastructure.

Second world

In the first months of the war Balashikha casting-mechanical plant had to urgently evacuate. In early July, the trains were taken away unique equipment, people in Nizhny Tagil, Kamensk-Uralsky (mechanical production), Kazan, Ufa, Kuybyshev (foundry). In October ended the evacuation of the plant.

The Plant began to recover immediately after the battle of Moscow in December. The equipment was collected from nearby stations Reutov, Obiralovka (Rail). Women and teenagers came to the shop and did all the hard work. In February the plant produced its first military products.

During 4 years of WWII aircraft components produced at the plant, was delivered to 137 000 combat aircraft. Performed a repair of wheels for aircraft, modifications of the wheels of the downed Junkers and Messerschmitt for installation on Soviet machine. Only in the first days of war, 40 factory workers joined in Balashikha fighter battalion, 1300 went to the front.

BLMZ address


The experience of the war demanded an unprecedented pace to develop defense industries, including aircraft manufacturing. Design Bureau landing gear system stands out from BLMZ independent enterprise, which is now known as the aircraft Corporation JSC «Rubin».

After the war, Balashikha casting-mechanical plant becoming a serial major producer of wheels, brakes, control units for braking systems. Develops new and new designs for the booming aircraft industry, supplying spare parts to military and civilian consumers.


OJSC “Balashikha casting-mechanical plant» remains the leading domestic center of non-ferrous casting. At its base has formed a scientific school shaped magnesium casting. The work of specialists was awarded the State prize and the diploma of the first degree ENEA.

The plant built the country's first plant of powder metallurgy for the production of friction products. Put to mass production manufacturer of aluminum casting, including in the framework of the development of the domestic automotive industry.

On account of the enterprise - the highest two state awards:

  • 1976 – order of the red banner of Labor for high production achievements and selfless work of the staff;
  • 1982 – order of the October Revolution for the development of new aviation technology,­rate of casting and assemblies for the aircraft Il-85.

aircraft equipment

Present Day

Aviation enterprise JSC "BLMZ" successfully maximizes the production of complex castings for automobile engines. The plant is a scientific and technical basis of completely new direction-the production of shaped castings of titanium alloys. And this research laboratory and the latest equipment. For these tasks a new workshop was built, successfully operating on the Russian and foreign markets.

When the plant operates vocational school, technical College and evening Institute. The administration is modernizing existing production, continually enters new areas, involving design institutions and purchasing the newest, including foreign equipment.



The Company is engaged in serial production of avicoles, brakes, components for civilian and military aircraft, including the aircraft marks of mud (models 86, 76, 62, and others), Yak, An, Tu, helicopters Kamov design Bureau and Mil. Today, the plant is focused on re-equipping the manufacturing of new generation equipment. In recent years, introduced high-tech machining of metals, of all types (non-ferrous, ferrous, alloys), improved casting with machining.

Upgrading gives fruit. For example, a supplier of wheels and brake units for the production of a new Russian transport aircraft Il-76MD-90 at the Ulyanovsk plant “Aviastar-SP” chosen JSC "BLMZ". Also, is mutually beneficial cooperation with JSC "AESTC “Union”" - is the joint development of the landing gear system.



A Large amount of Russian-made aircraft operated abroad. Last year the volume of deliveries of Russian arms exports amounted to 15.7 billion dollars. It is encouraging that in this area also contributes to the Balashikha plant, receiving profits from exports. The provision of military technology products production BLMZ going through «Rosoboronexport» and enterprises that have relevant documents. Providing civil engineering goes through the JSC «Aviazapchast”.

BLMZ: address, telephone numbers

105118, Moscow region, city of Balashikha, sh. Enthusiasts 4.

CEO: Okroyan Nikogos Strozzi, tel.: (495) 52-17-883, (495) 52-42-121.

Sales Department: (495) 63-99-494.

Tender Department: (495) 63-99-494, extension 357.

The Personnel Department: (495)52-17-819, (495) 52-17-666.


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