Personal qualities - the defining factor of his life


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In order to better understand the nature of the origin of the expression "personal qualities”, better to turn to psychology, its basic concepts, and definitions of certain sides of human nature.

The Concept of “individual” includes the generic identity of the person, in fact, is the formation of genetic, set individual and hereditary characteristics. Born, man becomes a personality, it is a social concept, which is largely influenced by environment. That is, the same individual, but considered as a social being. The concept of “personality” was introduced into psychology in order to show that mental phenomena originate from an actual human being, from his relationship with the material world, other people and the social environment. The implementation of these relations is through human activity, through which knowledge of the world and its changes. Personality is simply impossible to isolate from the role she has to play in life.

Based on the pattern that is emerging in the reflection of the human relationship to reality, occurs in nature, gathered the personal qualities of the man. As each person relates to what is happening in different ways, that is to reflect the reality, nature, and, therefore, personal qualities are purely individual set, just as at birth we are given a certain set of chromosomes, but only in a social perspective. Well, sitting on the road dog, black, four legs, a tail, but some see it as a potential danger, while other will pay attention to a wounded paw. Pretty primitive, but available. Therefore, some kind, others prudently.


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I Probably don't need to pass on paper full list, which is a personal quality of a person – empty and unnecessary work. It is better to devote a few lines more productive occupation.

Qualities of the person are the determining onset of many areas of life, including professional. If personality is dominated by the qualities of a leader (psychology separately exploring this side of the personality), it is appropriate to speak of such a comprehensive concept of the quality of the business person.

Here the text speaks about more specific concepts, character traits that define one, you can say, collectively, as – efficiency. These include:

  • The ability to search and find the shortest path leading to the goal;
  • The ability to think independently and quickly make better, informed decisions;
  • The ability to enforce them;
  • Ability to initiative course of action, reaching to the enthusiasm.

If the character manifested the specified personal qualities of a person, the person has all chances to become the leader of a certain group of people, large or small, that is, to manage the personnel, production, or other process.

In General, the quality of the business are extremely complex psychological category. If not conducted with thorough analysis, you need at least to write a thesis, and all the ensuing. Note only one side of this concept, which characterizes the quality of the business as a symbiosis of two components: organizational skills and competencies. These definitions are key in the category “personal leadership”.

The Head, is incompetent in the Affairs of the company, not having certain skills, is humiliating dependence on subordinates. He is forced to act on their prompts or instructions of superiors. So often it happens that he surrounds himself with such incompetent people, not to look, at least, stupid.

As for the second part of the question – organizational skills – here it is necessary to more accurately determine that they include:

  • The ability to identify and formulate specific task concerning a specific problem and perspective;
  • The ability to justify decisions and ensure their implementation;
  • Ability to coordinate plans with the actual conditions;
  • Ability to organize, coordinate, supervise the work of subordinates;
  • Ability and willingness to cooperate effectively with regulatory authorities and other entities.

The Possession of specified business personal qualities – guarantee the success of the organization headed by such a person.

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