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Job description as a repairman (Belarus and Russia) establishes the basic requirements for locksmiths mechanical works, working on conveyors and stationary stands for the collection of turbogenerators, hydrogenerators, electric machines (DC, synchronous, asynchronous) with the use of manual, electric, pneumatic tool, pneumatic presses, hydraulic clamps, presses, which use in their work of lifting means.

Technological process of mechanical works

job description mechanic repairman

Job description as a repairman installs the technological process of mechanical depending on the type of product and includes the following operations:

  • Collapsible connection;
  • Non-separable connections (pressing, bonding, welding, brazing);
  • Tests for dielectric strength, leakage, etc.

Use the following equipment and tools:

  • Tables and benches Assembly;
  • Conveyor Assembly;
  • Press and hydraulic brackets;
  • Pneumatic press;
  • Bath oil;
  • Stoves and heaters electromotive;
  • Welding equipment
  • Equipment for tinning and soldering;
  • Grinders;
  • Testing equipment;
  • Lifting tools and mechanisms;
  • Electric tools (drills, screwdrivers, Sanders, etc.);
  • Pneumatic tool (pneumohangars, grinding machines, pneumatic hammers, etc.);
  • Hammers, sledge hammers, files, chisels, chisels, awls, screwdrivers, chisels, drill, wrenches, machine vise, long nose pliers etc.

For Stoker there is a separate job description. Service technician boiler shall additionally perform the following duties:

  • Serve hot water and steam boilers for solid fuels;
  • Switch the power supply line;
  • Fill the steam pipe;
  • Enable automatic boiler feed apparatus;
  • Perform a routine inspection of the devices;
  • To collect boilers from repair and ready for use.


job description maintenance fitters boiler

Job description as a repairman installs the need to take precautions at work and facilities when traveling in the shops in the work area, before beginning work, when checking the readiness for action of the conveyor and stands for the drafting of mechanisms and machines, mechanical devices, including:

  • Of machines and mechanisms, moving and rotating parts of mechanisms, equipment, devices, systems, equipment, conveyor stands;
  • Products moving of workpieces, materials, goods;
  • Tool, fixtures, tooling, products, preparations, materials, goods moving, air tools, power tools;
  • Fragments and parts of the tool;
  • Sharp edges and roughness on the surfaces of the blanks, parts, units (prefabricated units), units, equipment and various hardware (devices), equipment, machinery, machines, tools;
  • The high content of dust in the work area surfaces, machinery, equipment, hardware, devices, and systems;
  • High tension static electricity;
  • Toxic, chemical, carcinogenic and irritating substances the digestive tract.

Safety Requirements before starting work

job description mechanic repairman RB


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Standard job description as a repairman prescribes:

- In the case of continuous operation, the acceptance of changes to carry out on the basis of entries made in the plugin log, which shall state the violations of the technological process, if any. Replacement log must be signed shift foreman.

- Before starting work, to put in order clothing. The floor is sprinkled with sand or sawdust, then collect them.

- Check the condition of ladders, stairs, supports.

- make Sure that the lighting (General or local) provides a clear visibility of the tick marks on measuring devices.

- to Check the serviceability of electrical equipment.

- Work with a pneumatic tool that is equiped.

- to Check the serviceability of exciting fixtures.

- to Check the quality of threaded surfaces rhymes-bolts and other devices designed for lifting parts during transportation.

- to Check the serviceability of equipment (grinding machines, baths for heating, furnaces, presses, etc.).

- Check fences and serviceability, the reliability of the attachment.

- Ensure that the ventilation system is running.

- to Verify the existence of safety signs and primary fire extinguishing means.

- Checking the protective grounding (neutral earthing) to identify visible damage.

- the Availability of raw materials, blanks, semi-finished products to test in accordance with the order, and their quality according to the assessment of technical control Department.

Features treatment with a mechanical tool

typical job description of a locksmith repairman

Job description mechanic-the repairman 5 category instructs:

- Use a proper tool.

- to Firmly anchor the tool and workpiece during processing.

- Conclusion materials, pieces and parts for jobs to execute in a manner that ensures their stability.

- Not kept in the work area of foreign objects that are not used in the processing of parts.

to Stop working with blunt tools (sharpen or replace it).

- to Get equipment and portable lamp sockets if you want to leave the workplace.

- do Not stop the rotating parts and tool hands.

Safety Requirements while working with an electrified tool

job description of a locksmith technician 6 discharge

Job description as a repairman when working with electrified instrument sets to avoid seizure of the clothing and of hand injuries. When working with this tool it is possible to use only certified electrical safety equipment, such as: rubber mats, gloves, galoshes.

The Work associated with the electrical test voltage is above 42 V, to perform only in the case of training, certification and proper ID.

Pneumatic tool

job description of a locksmith technician 5th grade

Job description as a repairman of 6 category perform the removal and packing of the product during the pressing and testing of units with pneumatic presses only when complete immobility of the stock.

Parts and components to be enclosed in a special container. When stacking on the floor to ensure the stability of the pile. The height of the latter must not be more than 1 m.

Mechanical work

Job description as a repairman when performing mechanical works prohibits:

  • Work with the loose large-size details;
  • Handling to not perform under the supervision of the responsible person (master, foreman, shift engineer, etc.)

You Cannot use during loading and unloading, and transport operations for securing the faulty machinery, fixtures, equipment and containers. Rigging and truss work to do in the event of special training and certificates.

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