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Work, work, paid employment is one of the most important aspects of modern life. Work helps us to realize yourself as a professional, specialist and person. Many it is also a way to connect with people social life. And why work begins? Of course, with the job search and appeal to prospective employer.

That's it as a "treatment" in employment use summary. This article discusses the concept of the term, types of resumes, requirements for completing and some tweaks in its creation that they talk about psychologists.

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Meaning of the term

The Term "summary" has come to us from the Latin language. Translated it means "life". If you go into the essence of this document, do transcript good by the way. In it we really described almost the whole of their lives: education, experience, marital status, relations with their previous employers, personal qualities and characteristics, completed projects and so on.

In this document, the applicant should hold more important information, while respecting the brevity and concreteness, and also some unwritten requirements to fill.

CV template to fill out, electronically

Why you need a resume?

All types of resumes designed for one sole purpose - to draw attention of the potential employer to the person, tell him about your advantages, skills, experience, show that you are the best option of the employee on the job. If you imagine the labor market in the usual for most people the understanding of the market, it turns out that the employer acts as the buyer, the applicant is the seller.


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He Sells his talents and experience for a price - wages. Then, very summary speaking at the same time as the description of the product, the commercial offering and advertising. And good advertising, as we know, the demand for goods must increase. To do this in the course are various tricks and types summary. They should be used depending on the desired position, direction and format of the organization.

quality summary

Types summary

Summary of the various professionals are quite different from each other. All depends on the direction of employment, work experience, track record and other characteristics of each individual candidate. There are several forms of filling of this document:

  • Universal or professional summary - used in the vast majority of cases. True for applicants with a good track record, with no gaps in employment, without dark spots on the reputation and deliberately concealed past jobs. Information about the candidate is described sequentially in separate blocks.
  • Functional form summary - is relevant for professionals with a specific set of skills, knowledge narrow focus. Functional form is suitable for those who have retrained and changed the scope of activities or simply long did not return to such work. This form involves a detailed description of functions, knowledge and experience in the requested position without having to describe in detail the process of their accumulation in different workplaces.
  • In a chronological resume emphasizes the temporal sequence of employment. In this summary walks you through jobs and learning achieved, affecting the same niche employment. Suitable for people who work long in a certain area or position in the future I see myself only in it.
  • Chronological and functional resume - the hybrid of the two forms described above. It retains the structure of the sequence in time and elaborates on certain events that have the greatest weight in the totality of the experience of the specialist.
  • Target summary - it be for employment at a predetermined organization based on its features, requirements, structure and team. The target summary is indispensable for people's specific employment.
  • Academic summary document of the applicant, planning their future activities in the field of professors and teaching. The main part of the summary is a list and description of papers, articles, researches and publications scientific figure.

summary Directors

New formats

Nothing stands still. Also the field of employment. With the advancement of technology and increasing competition particularly preferred jobs new types of summary that must be paid to the applicant much more attention than the standard form. Well, or just be much more convenient to use:

  • Creative and imaginative appeals to the employer. If you work in a field where the required time of flight of fancy, the ability to think outside the box and create a new you that is such a summary.
  • Internet summary. The form to fill in electronically you can find on any site of employment. All online labor exchanges assume the standard form filling out and the sequence of points. Now applicants do not need to think about proper formationthe body of the document, they already did the developers of the site.

resume without work experience

Requirements summary

Summary - a document is arbitrary. Nowhere is it written what it should be. The applicant is not prohibited to make it to your taste. However, you should listen to some of the requirements described by experienced recruiters, or your "creative leaves" can never be read.

  • Personnel officers say that the volume should be equal to one page of A4. A maximum of two. Long summary no one will read your exceptional quality it will leave employers unimpressed. Also comes with a too short summary. The impression of emptiness and lack of qualifications of the applicant. A short summary should be positioned so that it occupies the sheet.
  • Use standard fonts without visual effects. They impede the perception of the text. And if a person is considered working day a hundred such summary, it is unlikely to have a desire to peer into poorly readable text and spoil your eyesight.
  • The font Size should be 12-14 PT.
  • Sections and blocks of the document must be clearly separated from each other.
  • All pages should contain the ordinal number, name and surname of the applicant.

novel summary

What should contain summary

What sections should contain summary? The form to fill in the electronic form on any website for job search - the most easily accessible cheat sheet for the applicant. So, a standard summary contains the following information:

  • Personal data. Surname, name, marital status, date of birth (age), presence of children, geographical data, picture.
  • Personal skills for CV. It is important to do without the cliches and to write only what is really important in this job market.
  • Qualification and specialization. Decide that the array of your skills and abilities most important to the employer.
  • Education. Where did you study, what year did you graduate, what specialty you received at the conclusion of the institution.
  • Experience. Listing of past jobs with temporary ranges and all utility functions that you performed.
  • Additional information. Did additional education, whether the car and the right to manage, ready to travel and relocate.
  • Recommendations from past jobs. If you broke up with past employers on a friendly note, ask them to write you a recommendation on letterhead. Additional positive qualities for summary not hurt. It is really a good help in their future employment.

requirements summary

Cover letter

Applicants wishing to get a good position in a large modern organization, it is necessary to Supplement the summary cover letter. Such an addition, for example, must necessarily have summary Director or senior Manager.

In this the applicant reveals additional information that is important for the position. For example, it plans for the future, commitment to professional growth in the specific company that is willing to do a contender for promotion. Also in the cover letter you can specify salary expectations.

What to write in a resume for a senior position

Summary Director, General Director, top Manager and other senior posts ought to proceed carefully. Such a position will not take the first comer.

The Community of the dominant shareholders or the organization must be interested in his candidacy. Therefore, it is important not only to list previous jobs, but to tell what you have achieved them, what successes and benefits your organization purchased during your management.

For such summary, as noted by staff, do not even need to observe the rule "one sheet". It is important to fully develop their talents, skills and experience.

What to write in a resume with no work experience

Do Not be afraid of their inexperience. All the specialists once the first time I got a job, all conducted conversations with management and sent to their characteristics for various vacant places.

Resume without work experience is not a stigma. You should carefully assess your knowledge in the field of employment is likely to train for some time, to work with a smaller salary until you understand all the nuances of the assigned functions.

The Only thing to do is strictly forbidden - never lie to a possible employer. Don't put undeserved awards, not to invent a previous job. All of this can be easy to open.

Today, there are sites black lists of both employers and job seekers. And if the organization will contribute slucajevima name of the applicant in this database in the future to find a job it will be much harder.

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