What to become in life? How to make the right choice?


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Who never in his life asked the questions: "what to become in the future? What profession to choose?" Previously, we thought that it was so easy. Some have argued that there will be designers, others by physicians, and others - builders, etc. However, there is a category of people who didn't know what they want and want in the future.

Before you decide what to become, you should decide what you want to get from the profession, to think about what brings you joy and pleasure. In addition, you should take into account other criteria, such as desired lifestyle, level of wages that would have satisfied. But first and foremost it is important to consider their abilities. If you are not able to cope with complex mathematical tasks, though spending on their understanding of a lot of time, you do not have to be an engineer, programmer or scientist.


Career guidance Tests

In recent years, schools began to practice career guidance program, to conduct tests to find out what abilities have more students, whom he is better to become in the future. Special tests combine the various claims. Some of them agree, and some not. As a rule, in testing, there are questions on history, language, chemistry, physics, astronomy, etc. Also it is worth saying that passing the test for career guidance allows to assess the interests and features of character, and even intelligence, to determine a better future.

Today, the tests for determining the propensity for a particular profession are most famous collections of psychological tests, because you can complete them at home. Is not necessary to seek the assistance of a specialist (psychologist). A well-designed list of questions allows you to make the right conclusions according to the obtained results, that will facilitate the search for the self in this life.


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Popular profession

In Addition, it would be useful to delve into the topic of what qualifications in our time of greatest demand, where the more likely to get in a good position. It is also worth to look ahead a little – to take an interest in what profession in the future will be in demand. For example, there are people who, as students, are confident that the future for programmers. They do not lose time in beginning to learn a foreign computer literature and know exactly where and to whom you'll study. After a while they become successful pros, who are starting to build a career in our country and later work in the United States and other developed countries on the best terms and have no regrets. Therefore do not ignore the predictions of sociologists, already start to think where to start to become what you dream.

Grounds on which you should rely when choosing a career

First and foremost we need to share the reasons that lead to choosing one or the other profession, internal and external. The latter are in close relation with the surrounding world. It is the opinion of relatives, peers, desire to achieve external success, fear of stigmatizing. Full responsibility for internal reasons lies with the people, they determine the talents, abilities, habits, character. It relies on young people today when selecting one or other profession?

become someone better

The Question of what to become in life, raised by many, and some of them are very often make choices based on the prestige of the specialty. It's hard to say that this is what should guide your future path. There are unpleasant moments. So, a little earlier it was considered fashionable and prestigious to be a lawyer and an economist. But now there is another tendency: there is a surplus of accountants, lawyers, particularly those who have higher education. Many students, after graduating from College, can't get on the field. Because if to choose a profession, building on its prestige in the labour market, it is necessary to think over everything carefully. It may not be the main criterion in determining the life path.


The Importance of wages

Almost everyone wants to earn good money, so when choosing a specialty focus just on this motif. Such people no matter where and how they will work, it is important the result. To date, just to get a good money is very hard. Some don't have the patience for a long time to learn and gain experience, because sometimes girls are held waitresses get good tips, and men go abroad to work and work as General labourers. But it is important to focus on the highest salary in determining a life path?

In many ways, the growth of wages depends on the experience and growth of skills. Profession where it was originally good, in most cases, the careers do not provide. For example, after 5 years, the income saleswoman and novice engineers will be at the same level, and after 5 years engineer salary leave pay saleswomen far behind.

what to become in the future

Interest to the choice of profession

According to statistics, when choosing a profession of interest to the content is not the main criterion, today it is on the 3rd place. However, the most successful people understand thatwork brings pleasure and good results when it is loved. Because if you choose a major that you love, the question of what to become in the future, is no longer relevant. It is important to constantly learn and improve. Monotonous and repetitive work a lot of people don't like, because it is not necessary to immediately confine it, and it is better to look for ways to find yourself in a more interesting lesson. For example, passionate about your work programmer after some time can become a successful owner of his own firm for software development.

what to become in life

Working Conditions at the workplace also play a significant role in the choice of profession. However, you can change the place and to a new employment situation, a particular specialty that can afford. For example, a chemist can change harmful employment place more safe to leave the laboratory and get a teacher in College or school.

Important not to be lazy and look for yourself

In any case, I want to recommend you not treat the profession as something unchangeable, which determines the fate and future of man. Worth looking for yourself, something to start doing – if it goes well, perhaps this is what you need. You should not look for reasons for inaction or excuses the fact that you will not to try it because it's hard or not what you want. In most cases, choose the right path and to answer the question of who is better be not lazy and give excuses, so the first thing you need to deal with them, to learn and progress in any chosen life.

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