What to write about yourself in a resume examples. Additional information about yourself in a resume succinctly and beautifully: example of writing sample


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If you need to make a good impression on a future employer, you will certainly come in handy properly designed and written resume as a document that is concise and complete analogue of the presentation about you, your skills and achievements. Article will help to tell about yourself briefly and beautifully. Example summary due to the detailed description you will create yourself.

about yourself in a resume examples

What is a resume and what it eats

As mentioned above, should be described in brief information about yourself in your CV. Examples of any similar document contain an average of 2 pages. Preferably not more and not less. Any deviation from rules will not produce a good impression. If the information is too much, the employer may think that you have a poor subordinate skills: dominated by narcissism. If too little, it would give the impression that you are hiding any information about a previous job, for example, care with the scandal, therefore, is immune to criticism.

Summary There are two versions: electronic and printed. E-it contains only a CV (and possibly portfolio). Printed is a set of the following documents, filed in a folder in this order:

the summary (in a separate file);

- copy of the document on education (all pages of the diploma);

- copies of passport data with photo and place of issue of document (first page);

- scan the permanent residence of the passport;

- required - liner with scan temporary registration (issued by the management company);

- INN (taxpayer identification number);

- SNILS (insurance number of individual Ledger accounts are also called pension insurance policy or a pension);

- a copy of military card or registration;

- copies of written opinions of superiors from previous jobs.

Is all additional information about yourself. In summary, the example describes a complete, nothing more to add not required.

Regarding the penultimate paragraph: all organizations are required to report persons who have not passed military service. If work is needed, and serve you haven't already, you should during the interview to mention the postponement of the call.


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 what to write about yourself in a resume example

Depending on the proposed post, you might need to add to the list information about your current passport, sanitary book, admission to the workplace. It also will probably need to add examples of completed projects, if the work depended on skills.

The Printed version is provided to the designated official or the human resources Department, with possible additional filling of the questionnaire on the spot.

Why the summary should be well-formed

As the format of presentation of the material is compressed, the analysis is made on each word, so you should double-check the work for errors.

The Humor will play a bad joke: one misplaced phrase - and the summary will be in the trash can, and you will continue to wait for a call with the offer of interview. Not the best way to provide information about yourself in the summary (another example let us examine a little later). If you want to make a good impression, this style of communication should be reserved until a personal meeting.

 more information about yourself in a resume example

An Important point is visual design basic information. If everything is filled correctly, without mistakes and in a friendly manner, but written in a different font, without alignment and other things, then no one will understand.

How to draw summary

It is Easier to create a resume in Microsoft Word of any version. Page fields are used in the following sizes: left-3 cm, right-1 cm, top and bottom-2 cm the Font is not small, but not large (10, 12, 14 to choose from). Future filing document can be located either in the upper left corner or along the left side (which is more practical).

Creates a large table in 2 columns. In the left column start to fill in line: name and year of birth, position, income level, home phone, mobile phone, e-mail. On the right side the cells and insert your photo.

Next leave 1 row empty. Let us examine further what to write about yourself in a resume. Example consider in detail. Write the title “Personal information" under it you have to mark city and place of accommodation (metro), education with specialty, marital status (indicating the presence or absence of children).

The Next section will be called “Experience” and consist of two columns. In the first column indicate position, organization name, period of work and responsibilities. Filled 1 place " m " again, we repeat the process until, until we list all the relevant vacant positions.

Further specified education: institution, profession, the form and duration of training.

On the same principle describes all of the courses and other: the course title, date of passage, duration (if a couple of days, it is not indicated), place of passage.

Skills: computer skills, foreign languages. This description is not limited. Something else to write about myself in a resume? An example of what should not be specified, will also be givenbelow.

Additional information: links to recommending that individuals contact information, driving license, Hobbies, and other information.

Make the whole table invisible.

 summary example of writing about yourself sample

Excess material need not be added. The entire load carries additional information about yourself. In summary example of the use of sections.


The Picture in the summary needs to be strictly businesslike. Men in suits and ties, women in suits with removed hair. The place can be any (cafe, restaurant, street), but in any case not on the background of the carpet.


This graph on her resume-an example of how a person can not rationally relate your skills with the expected level of earnings. Experienced people need to start from the wages in the previous job with a small markup. When well mastered, look for another organization with a higher salary and increasing demand (set fact).

Students expect to be well paid at the beginning of the career is not necessary. It makes no sense to demand a decent fee, the opportunities are not. Save up to a third-party draft a specialty, find a job in education for a minimal fee. Get comfortable, then move. More questions shouldn't be about what to write about yourself in the summary. Example above.


In this column describes the knowledge of General and special programs.

The Level of knowledge of foreign languages indicate higher than the actual strictly not recommended, as checking it will not be difficult.

Additional information

This section specifies, as a rule, a standard set: sociability, responsibility, learning. Common sense dictates, that does not prevent to write something great about yourself in the summary. Example should look colorful but correct. Instead, you can specify what you have achieved and be proud of the job was able to quickly find a common language with all employees, while higher hospital colleagues in charge of his work, has set a goal to read over the last summer 30 books and achieved it. You don't have to show yourself to the person who are not. However, it is possible to demonstrate your attitude towards life, goals, aspirations and work.

more about yourself in a resume example

Not having behind the experience in a new field, in summary you will be able to compensate for the lack of information and to describe yourself as an interesting candidate for the vacancy.

Feedback of employers about the design summary

Resort to the polls for clarity. According to one resource, there is a list of words that should never use a candidate for a position on her resume. Examples: the best in their field, active (energetic, enterprising), thinking outside the box, quickly trained, Executive, leadership, thinking, responsible, result oriented, team player, sociable, hardworking, strategist, dynamic, samootverzhennyj, perfectionist. Admit it, you also used them repeatedly.

Now the words that you long to hear a candidate talking about himself in the summary. Examples: achieved, improved, trained, managed, created, decided, demonstrated initiative, influenced by the growth (and decline), ideas, cope (overcome), started with enthusiasm, income (profit), within budget, won. Practice on a piece of paper. To each word from the list, add five to his words. It's use in the summary and the interview in as arguments.

 about himself briefly and beautifully resume example

And finally - a list of the major errors that cannot be avoided when writing a CV. Examples: error due to illiteracy, incomplete summary, formulaic phrases in the summary field of the desired position indication “any”, you apply for a job with a different name, a common phrase (without specifics), exclamation marks, copying someone else's information.

How to defend your resume. An example of writing about yourself, sample and more

So, have you sent CVS via email, you are invited for an interview. This is not a reason to relax. At the appointed time you should come in the appropriate form with the required documents (bring just in case another copy of the summary) are recognized.

The Most important point - you need to come to the interview not nervous, but calm and in a good mood. No need to be hung on the neck, to beg or to promise what to do you are able for the post. Before the interview you need to get rid of outerwear and to keep in readiness the handle. Sit in a comfortable position after the start. Do not cross your arms, don't turn your head from the interlocutor. In conversation as often as possible to smile. The simpler your answers to the questions, the better.

Depending on the vacancies and number of people in the office the interview will vary. One person: asks superficial questions later is tricky. Two people: one asks questions and puts in an awkward situation second, the psychologist analyzes the behavior, reactions and other (the position of Manager in the standard program includes the stress tests). Stream out of the office with management: not the most pleasant form of interviews due to the fact that there may beproblems with communication, a large number of people more difficult to cause sympathy, but from the side or behind the back sits a psychologist (or local chief).

When answering questions in any case, you should not shift blame regardless of who is to blame. Answers you can come up with different, but preferably concise and accurate. Formulate the answer as to avoid any questions.

One of the questions will be asked like this: “What you want to achieve in this position?” the Answer must be carefully addressed.

Let's Talk about the other features of a summary. An example of writing about yourself, fill pattern any longer. Consider the student gets a job without work experience (questions will be on the diploma and the skills). You gave a reason to ask questions, write something extra on her resume. Examples of responses are as follows:

Option 1.

- Why do you have so many triples in the diploma?

- at Times lazy, at times worked and did not fit in the scoring rate.

This is the most balanced response to the question of how to describe yourself in a resume. A good example, because you openly admit their mistakes and indicate that you have an idea on the work. In this embodiment, it is necessary superficially to tell that it was for the post that she gave you or that it has nothing to do with jobs.

Option 2.

- Why do you have so many triples in the diploma?

- saw No point in the pursuit of ratings.

Lack of motivation - a good way but be prepared to counter-question.

Option 3

- Why do you have so many triples in the diploma?

- teachers have not found a common language. 've filled up there disliked me because… (missed classes, too smart, etc.)

Shifting the blame on the other does not produce a good impression on the employer.

Option 4.

- Why do you have so many triples in the diploma?

Went only to those classes, which he liked.

From this we can conclude that forced to work against his will a man will not work.

Version 5.

- Why do you have so many triples in the diploma?

- There is a saying: better to have a blue diploma and a red face than a red diploma and…

The Joke was inappropriate, a problem is identified with the laying of a large amount of work.

From the examples it can be concluded that it is better sometimes to take the blame or answer, but briefly.

Summing up

Now you know the basics of creating a summary, you know how to fill, what should be included and what is not. Once again briefly go over the main points:

- create a document in Word;

- set fields in the new document;

- create the table.

- fill in contact details;

insert photo

- fill in personal information;

- filling experience;

- specify education;

- specify courses, skills;

- specify additional information;

- make the table invisible;

- recheck for errors;

- to print 2 copies;

- make copies of required documents in two copies;

is filed in a separate folder.

Full summary ready. Again going through the plan of preparation for the interview:

- read summary and try to make all possible questions concerning the report;

- prepare the clothes to the door and the handle;

- sleep;

- raise the mood;

- clean the shoes with a napkin.

- come to the interview and remove the upper garment;

- pass into the office and sit down (feet and hands control the head of the interlocutor not turns);

- don't use words-parasites are not saying that the summary was not specified;

- remember what I wrote on paper;

- if necessary, additional time required for the response.

 how to describe yourself in a resume example

Again, think what to write about yourself in a resume. Example and example, always have something to add. That's about it. Wish you success in achieving the cherished goal!

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