The profession of housekeeper. Who is it?


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In the service sector are always in demand professional, responsible, positive and able to work in a team of people. A prerequisite for good development and operation of such plants is the presence of professionals who are versatile in all industries affecting the activities of such companies: it is communicating with people, and ability to find compromises and quick solutions to problems and specific chore. The housekeeper is the profession that needs to accumulate all of these abilities.

a housekeeper who is

Who is the housekeeper

The Position of the person who is responsible for the storage, receipt, cancellation and issuance of special clothing and all kinds of underwear (depending on the company for which he works) called the housekeeper. What she should be able to? It's not necessarily people with education, experience and certain skills. The housekeeper must be responsible and meticulous on many issues.

From the housekeeper depends on what clothes and shoes will be worn by employees of medical institutions, workers of production, construction, maintenance and transport companies, workers rest houses, resorts, hotels and various organizations that use clothing. For quality new and used (after washing or Ironing) of linen, towels, robes, overalls, curtains, gloves and mittens also followed the housekeeper. Who can do that besides her? She's the only one, because this profession involves in this position financially responsible for the person who is storing, maintaining credit documentation and, if necessary, discarded, old and unusable equipment.


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The position housekeeper

working housekeeper

Besides what the housekeeper, still need to include the need to be able to determine the degree of wear of all uniforms and linen, to know the appropriate marking to properly execute the documentation set: stock adjustment records keep records on the use of uniforms, footwear and underwear.

The Post it receives in the appropriate order from the head of the institution, according to the current legislation. Subject to the housekeeper to the head of a structural unit. It is subject to dismissal in case of violation of labor discipline, law and regulatory legal acts.

What is the responsibility of housekeeper

housekeeper duties

The Housekeeper prepares receiving of material values, packs and arranges them in the warehouse (which must be equipped), stores, issues, delivers cleaning, Ironing service, Laundry, charges and maintains all records. The entire workflow from receiving, inventory and write-off of leads to also a housekeeper. Its responsibilities relate only to the material supply and all organizational points of his position and in accordance with the requirements of the enterprise in which she works. She performs all management orders regarding its activities and complies with internal rules. The housekeeper has full financial responsibility for entrusted property, informs the user upon the occurrence of any violations, if it will contribute to the emergence of threats to the activities of the institution and its employees.

What should be the housekeeper

what does the housekeeper

Preferably, what sex must be the housekeeper? Who is male or female? The housekeeper position is most often occupied by women. This is a profession that requires a business sense of accuracy with things and fill in the documents, responsibility for the issuance of items of workwear, lingerie and registration of withdrawal of care in relation to people. He should also love order and cleanliness not only at home in the pantry. Man that meet these requirements can only be neat, economical woman, combining all these qualities and meets all the requirements of the profession.

Underestimate the work of the housekeeper is not necessary. This is a profession that requires physical and psychological approaches and skills in their work. The housekeeper during the day for a long period of time is on their feet, constantly physically active and performs the routine work of picking, storage, access, cancellation and issuance of uniforms and some equipment. When the entire staff is dressed in neat, ironed uniforms, specialized clothing, when rest homes, hospitals, motels and hotels provided with fresh and clean linen, bathrobes and towels - all this is taken care of by the housekeeper. Who is it, becomes immediately clear-this is almost the most important staff in any manufacturing industry.

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