The daily routine of a successful person: an example. How to manage time?


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Sometimes it may seem that 24 hours a day sorely lacking in order to fit everything in. Correctly written daily schedule of a successful person will clearly prioritize. It will allow to plan the day to still have free time.

the daily routine of a successful person

What you need to know, if you do not know how to make a schedule?

There are four basic rules. First, plan your next day the night before. It is good to make a schematic and put a piece in a prominent place. So you will be able to save time. How to catch it? Here is a sample routine:

  • 7.00 - lift.
  • 7.00-8.00 - morning hygienic procedures, Breakfast.
  • 8.00-12.00 - work.
  • 12.00-13.00 - lunch, rest.
  • 13.00-17.00 - work
  • 17.00-19.00 - the sport.
  • 19.00-20.00 - supper.
  • 20.00-22.00 - personal time, family business, planning for the next day.
  • 22.00 - bedtime.

Secondly, the plan only those cases, the implementation of which gives you pleasure. If you're doing something you don't like it, then you will quickly get tired and start to experience discomfort. Thirdly, prioritise. Get yourself a day planner (dated), and write back the things in order of importance. For example:

  1. Tasks that require immediate solutions.
  2. Important but not very urgent business.
  3. Tasks that you can perform another day. Diary dated are required not only for goals but also for various ideas that come to mind. To remember everything is impossible, but this method will not miss an important idea.

Fourth, find time for relaxation is mandatory. However, if left unfulfilled tasks, try to solve them in a day off, as tomorrow is back to work.


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how to make the daily routine

Time is money

How to earn money known to every business man. But how to manage time - units. There is even a special science - time management. She trained those who do not know how to make the daily schedule so that time worked for the man, not Vice versa. To start with the analysis of routine and detection of holes, leaks useless pastime. It may be only ten or fifteen minutes. However, even they are important. They just may not be enough to accomplish the daily tasks. The second thing to do is to outline goals: both short-term and long-term. It's well-articulated desire to move the person to achieve them. In other cases, success will not come. You can then plan your time. There are seven very effective tips that will help you cope with the task:

  • The 70/30 Principle. Plan a whole day is impossible. Scroll to 70% of your time and sign tasks. The remaining 30% leave for unforeseen circumstances and force majeure.
  • Today or tomorrow. Do not be lazy in writing to make a to-do list for the day ahead. This will allow you to properly allocate time and to arrive at scheduled appointments on time. At the end of a business list, you can write a commendable phrase: "You're done! But don't relax!" or "keep it up! But there is still much to do!". They will be encouraged to solve the tasks.
  • Remember that the main activity takes place during the morning hours, so try most of my work to plan on before lunch time. Psychologically, it becomes easier when you realize that half of the tasks have been completed, and there is still a whole day. Then dinner time you can devote to short-term rest and personal calls. And after the meal to spend a couple not-so-important business meeting or a small meeting.
  • Take breaks! Be sure to take a rest every hour for 10-15 minutes. This method will allow you to be more productive and not be tired ahead of time. In moments of relaxation do not have to lie on the couch or Smoking in the toilet. Use this time with advantage: make the warm-up, water the flowers, switch the folder on a shelf, read the press or get some fresh air.
  • Realistically assess their opportunities. On the fulfillment of unattainable goals you will spend a lot of time and health. Set goals that you will be able to solve it.
  • Always cleaned up at their workplace at the end of the day. This will help to save your time in future and will bring thoughts in order. Always keep your important stuff in one place and freely available.
  • Get rid of those things that you don't need. People used to leave "for later" suddenly come in handy. Look around you, if anything you don't use for several months, no doubt to submit it in the trash.

To plan your time you can have a calendar, Notepad or a notebook. Write down goals and objectives, thoughts and ideas. And be sure to make your day. A successful person is seen from afar!

business man

Owl or a lark: it matters

Scientists have long divided people into two categories, depending on their level of productivity at different times of the day. This is "owls" and "larks". The latter easily Wake up in the morning. In the early hours they're awake and active, but by evening, tired and can't do important things. Owls, on the contrary, hard to awaken, and their maximum activityis reached the evening and at night. Obviously, when planning you must consider the psycho man. And, for example, an important meeting for "owls" do not assign early in the morning.

However, in the modern world "lark" have to better, since basically all work in the office or on the production starts early in the morning. Scientists believe that anyone, in principle, with a strong desire can change your biorhythms. Each of us is capable of "owls" to become a "lark". However, this requires willpower, patience and the ability to adhere to certain rules when the target is achieved.

Biological clock

Regardless of who the biological type of man, it is in any case subject to the fundamental laws of nature. And they say that the different clock our body behaves differently. And in order to properly use time, managing everything you need to know about it. Biological clock starts its work long before you woke up. It looks something like this:

  • 4 hours of the morning. The body prepares for awakening, the blood is ejected cortisone - the stress hormone. This is dangerous, because a high probability of heart attacks, exacerbation of chronic diseases, asthma, etc.
  • 5.00-6.00. Aktiviziruyutsya metabolism, increases blood sugar and amino acid levels - the body "launches" the work of all systems.
  • 7.00. The perfect time for Breakfast as food is easily and quickly converted into energy.
  • 8.00. The daily peak is reached the pain threshold. In this hour of intensified dental pain, with particular strength headache, aching bones. The dentist it is better to move on time in the second half of the day, when unpleasant symptoms are not as pronounced.
  • 9.00-12.00. By this time the energy reaches its maximum, the brain, increases blood circulation - the best time for productive work: both mental and physical.
  • 12.00-13.00. Lunch time. Stomach well digesting food, however, brain activity is markedly reduced. The body begins to require rest.
  • 14.00. Working capacity is still reduced. However, this is the best time for dental treatment.
  • 15.00-17.00. Blood pressure increases again, aktiviziruyutsya mental processes, the peak of health.
  • 18.00. Optimal time for dinner so the body has time to digest the food before bedtime.
  • 19.00-20.00. These watches are perfect for taking antibiotics. The nervous system is most sensitive. Watch designed for quiet family or friendly get-togethers.
  • 21.00. This period is suitable for learning large amounts of information, since the brain is set to remember.
  • 22.00. Perfect time to sleep. The body is configured to restore power and energy for the next day. If you fall asleep now, strong and healthy sleep is guaranteed.
  • 23.00-1.00. The activity of metabolism is reduced, the pulse slows, breathing is smooth. Deep sleep.
  • 2.00. During this time, you can feel the cold, as the body becomes especially sensitive to lower temperatures.
  • 3.00. The hour when most often occur suicide. People visit depressive thoughts. Better to go to bed, if you still did not.

Plan your daily schedule with consideration of the biological clock. Then you will succeed!

the diary is dated

Experience Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey is a successful entrepreneur and founder of the social network Twitter. At the same time he is acting Director of world-renowned firms Squer. How he manages to combine work and rest? It is likely that the daily routine of a businessman few people will like. But the experience of Jack is truly impressive. He works 8 hours on each work, that is, 16 hours a day. However, only from Monday to Friday. The remaining two days he leaves on vacation. Its success lies in the fact that it is a thematic work plan for each day, which strictly adheres to. While the tasks he performs in both companies. Working day of the head looks like this:

  1. On Monday, he is involved in administration and management.
  2. Tuesday dedicates of products.
  3. Wednesday Jack is busy with marketing and public relations.
  4. Thursday aimed at establishing and maintaining relationships with business partners.
  5. Friday is the recruitment of new staff and addresses cross-organizational issues.

Of Course, the daily routine of a successful person is very similar to the schedule of the workaholic. However, Jack Dorsey always finds time for walks in the fresh air and relaxation.

Daily Routine of a successful person. Example: Winston Churchill on the work of the house

It's clear that from Winston Churchill as Prime Minister of great Britain was long working hours. However, in spite of everything he managed to do everything and stick to your routine. You will be surprised, but, waking up at seven thirty in the morning, Winston was in no hurry to get out of bed: lying down, he read the day's newspaper, had Breakfast, sorted your mail and even handed out the first instructions to his Secretary. And only eleven hours Churchill got up, went to wash up, dressed and went down into the garden to stroll under the open sky.

Dinner for leader of the country is covered approximately in an hour after noon. On the feast were invited all members of the family. Within the hour, Winston could easily communicate with themand enjoy the company of loved ones. After this stop it with the new forces proceeded to their duties. No work day Winston Churchill did not pass without a long NAP. And at eight o'clock for dinner again gathered family and invited guests. After that, Winston was again closed in his office and worked a few hours in a row. Thus, the head of the British government managed to balance work with personal communication with family and friends. And it certainly made him a man not only successful, but happy.

Daily Schedule for work at home

The daily Routine of a businessman working at home is extremely important. The nature of some people allows you to work remotely, even without leaving home. Typically, these workers are not used to spend time on planning the working day, although for them it would be very useful. Often work at home without any mode: sitting at the computer until late at night, then Wake up late in the afternoon, broken and limp. Such workers are unlikely to be ever successful. Another thing, if you stick to the correct order of the day, it is possible to achieve success. And to be happy in his personal life while maintaining their health. Here is an example of how to create a daily routine:

  • Need to get Up early, no later than 7 am. After waking up, take five minutes to morning exercises, take a shower and eat a full Breakfast. After that, you should not immediately throw yourself into work. Relax a bit, let the body to Wake up and tune in a working mood.
  • From 9 to 12 could work. Take care of those things that require mental stress, as at this time aktiviziruyutsya memory, increased performance, and better the brain works.
  • 12.00-14.00 - these two hours will be devoted to cooking and dining, eating and an afternoon rest.
  • After again, you can get to work, but no later than 18 hours.
  • From 18 to 20 PM will devote ourselves to the works that bring you pleasure: the fresh air, working with children, reading fiction, etc.
  • 20.00 you can dine with your whole family and gather around the TV to watch an interesting movie.
  • Go to bed it is necessary not later than 22 o'clock, because the next day you will again rise early.

As you can see, the whole dedicated to 6-8 hours. However, it is this your daily routine will allow you to perform it efficiently and without compromising the health and personal life.

important meetings

How to fall asleep fast?

Obviously, a full and good night's sleep affects our activity throughout the day. It is therefore important lies in time and be able to sleep. Follow the following tips:

  1. Read before going to bed with a book. It is much more useful than watching TV or searching the Internet. While reading, the brain relaxes and it is easier to sleep.
  2. Sport finish a few hours before the desired bedtime. This is necessary to ensure that blood pressure returned to normal, the muscle activity decreased and the body was ready to rest.
  3. Walk in the fresh air will favorably affect the time of falling asleep.
  4. Do Not take heavy food before bedtime.
  5. Before going to bed, thoroughly ventilate the room.
  6. Wake up in the Morning always at the same time, even if you want a bit more sleep.

Obviously awake and well-rested person has a healthy appearance. He is cheerful, cheerful and is configured to productive decision of tasks during the working day.

Housewife man too

If you think that a woman who stays home with the kids or without them, does nothing, then you are sadly mistaken. In order to understand how busy every day housewife, you only need one to go in her place. Therefore, the timing for it is just as important as the daily routine of a successful person. This will help to carve out at least a couple of hours for personal Affairs and not become a slave of the household. In order to get a little to organize their work, women are encouraged to keep a special record. In the table below, it is clear how to rank the planned to manage time

As you can see, you need each day to plan an important and not very Affairs. They will be run independently from the daily duties of cooking, washing the dishes, walking a pet, and so on. Removing the whole apartment every day, you get tired quickly, making everything superficial. We offer you to pay attention to one room per day. However, it should be done carefully and responsibly. So you kill two birds with one stone - you almost don't have to do a General cleaning and you will not get tired as much as from cleaning of the entire apartment as a whole.

In small things let them come up items such as linen, transplanting flowers and more. Daily responsibilities also try to perform in chronological order. So you cut the time. For example, getting up in the morning, first fill the bed, and then start cooking Breakfast. Wash dirty dishes immediately after eating and not hoard it all day (only if you do not have dishwashers).

Remember! You have to be at least one day off. On Saturday and Sunday, don't plan anything big. Write in your schedule the things that can run together with hisfamily. For example, a trip to the store for groceries. Make sure to connect the work of their households and do not hesitate to ask help from husband. Repeat this worksheet for the week ahead. Then you will learn how to organize their homework and will be able to find time for walks with friends, shopping, clothes and other nice things.

 the scheduled meeting

Work - time, fun - hour

It is Impossible to work without interruption. Even a business person you need to arrange at least one day off. We show you how to spend it wisely for yourself and your family:

  1. Working person spends too much time in the office or office. Because he just needed the outing in the fresh air. The day - optimum time for this! Go with friends for a picnic in the nearest forest. Collect berries or mushrooms. In the summer, be sure to go to the beach, to the lake or the sea. Take a boat trip on a catamaran or boat. Play beach volleyball or rent bikes. Whatever you do, it will certainly do you good.
  2. Weekend in the city often hosts various fairs, festivals or just small themed festivals in the Park. There you will be able to participate in contests, enjoy the performance of actors, listen to live music, eat cotton candy or popcorn, to meet old friends.
  3. Movie - also a great excuse to take the stress of the last busy week. Select the movie that will be interesting for the whole family. And after the cinema you can go to the nearest café and treat yourself to a delicious pizza or ice cream.
  4. If the weather for the weekend was not lucky, it is possible to stay home and play Board games. Or watch a favorite show. Reading interesting books, too, will take a lot of pleasure.
  5. On weekends, you can schedule a shopping trip. And in order for it to not look too casually, assign each family member responsible for a specific Department in a retail facility. And tell them to adhere strictly to the shopping list.
  6. Saturday and Sunday is a wonderful time for entertaining. And, of course, do not forget about their parents. They, too, appreciate your attention and care.

If you are a business person, do not neglect rest. Be sure to plan your day. This will allow you not only to save your nerves and health, but also with new forces and fresh ideas to start the next work week. Thus, to achieve the intended result, you need to learn how to manage your time. Your daily schedule and how many tasks you will have time to decide, largely depends on how well you can plan your time.

To do this, get yourself a day planner and be sure to make a mode, which will be strictly adhered to. Examine the experience of successful entrepreneurs and follow the tips that are right for you. Define your biorhythms and make a routine based on your capabilities. Prioritise, this will allow to save forces and time to perform minor tasks. And don't forget about sleep and rest. This is an indispensable part of the daily routine of a successful person.

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