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«Euronetwork» - the largest company representing the biggest cell phone retailers. The main directions of its activity are: information services, retail trade communication, small digital devices, accessories, MP3 and CD players, as well as cooperation with Moscow and regional dealers. Want to get a job in the «Euronetwork»? Then you might want to read the information in this article.Euroset reviews

HR policy of the company

According to statistics, last year the total number of employees «Euronetwork» more than 33 000 people. The company is going to continue to develop the business, opening new stores in the capital region and the province. It is impossible to achieve goals without the involvement of young, talented and motivated employees. The company is willing to pay for good footage. But does a good job in «Euronetwork»? Reviews about this employer does not give a clear answer. This will be discussed below.

The advantages of working in a company

What young people are so attracted to the work «Euronetwork»? Salary there is above average (28 000). For representatives of each link (salespeople, managers, couriers, merchandisers and so on) there is a fixed salary + percent from sales, bonuses and benefits. What else are the benefits of working in the «Euronetwork»? Reviews current and former employees revealed the following pros:Get a job in Euronetwork

  • The Opportunity of free education.
  • A strong team, consisting of young and ambitious people.
  • Competitive wages.
  • Freedom of expression.
  • Fast career progression.
  • The Promotion of innovation.
  • Award to the best employees.
  • Flexible work schedule.

Jobs and personnel requirements

The company «Euronetwork» want to see in their offices, shops and salons when an energetic and hard-working people who are not afraid of responsibility, know how to communicate with customers and want to be confident in the future.

Key requirements for a potential employee:

1. The motor in the shower. Well, if the person himself takes the initiative in certain situations. It is always welcomed and encouraged.

2. Focus on results, not on process. Posedovati no interest. In «Euronetwork» all conditions for career growth.

3. Nezakonchennyi brain. Companies need people who are able to learn and improve their skills.Euroset wages

4. Communication skills. In this case, the bets are not all-knowing experts, and those who can establish contact with customers and colleagues.

Jobs for professionals and students:

  • Merchandiser;
  • The cashier:
  • Accountant
  • Interior designer;
  • Sales Manager:
  • The courier
  • Sales.

«Euronetwork» staff

Elena Popova (Ekaterinburg): “In the position of sales assistant has worked for almost 5 years. The staff was friendly, the award was given regularly. Now am on maternity leave. Next year plan to return to their former workplace and come to grips with career”.

Ilya Khamidullin (Samara): “for Three months worked as a courier in «Euronetwork». Always a lot of orders and time for their delivery little. Regularly received reprimands from his superiors, the award never seen. In General, the work in this company, I still have not the best memories”.

Tatiana Snegova (Krasnodar): “a Career in the «Euronetwork» started as a courier. Today I am a senior sales representative. Not going to stop there. Because the company offers such great opportunities”.

Now you know what is working in the «Euronetwork». Employee reviews and other information, announced article will help you make the right choice. We wish you good luck!

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