Job analysis of the teacher - the basis of self-improvement


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Sometimes a person finishes high school, finishes nice, but work on a specialty can't. Why is this happening? Among the main reasons we can distinguish the discrepancy of the individual of the activities that need to be addressed. For example, the doctor worries too much about each patient that prevents him to take a sober look at the situation, calmly respond. Or accountant going crazy, when there is no possibility to communicate with people, but we need to focus on the numbers and prepare the report. What qualities ideally required for a worker a profession, helps to understand the job analysis.

Professiogram of teachersTeachers at the present stage are considered by society not just as people, transmit information, but first and foremost as organizers of cognitive activity of children. Thus, changing the professiogram of the teacher. The creation of such an ideal model helps to understand what personal and professional qualities, competencies should have a successful teacher.

The Professiogram of teachers, developed by leading psychologists, is divided into several sections, each of which consists of professionally significant qualities of personality and employee. The first one includes personal characteristics necessary for the implementation of activities of the teacher, such as ethics, vision, knowledge, willpower. The next section are professional-pedagogical personality traits: sociability, a love of children, creative skills, the ability to hear children and others.


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Professional knowledge and skills consist of knowledge of theory of education, methods of working with children of different levels, parents, and practical possessions with them, the ability to organize both his work and the work of children. Professiogram of a primary school teachersModel teachers do not exclude, and even requires a more narrow professiogram of specialization. So, the professiogram of a primary school teacher takes into account the specifics of work with children of primary school age, where a special role is played by the atmosphere of imagery, fairy tales, interest. This requires teachers of special creative abilities, enthusiasm, patience, ability to take the place of a disciple, to skillfully use a variety of techniques and, ultimately, to treat each child as their.

Professiogram of teachers of a foreign languageJob analysis of the foreign language teacher - the following is an example showing all features of the pedagogical specialization. For all General pedagogical qualities necessary to add extra, without which this activity would not be successful. For example, communication skills, a good memory, phonetic hearing, the ability to teach children to organize activities for the memorization of new words and phrases.

What is a job analysis of the teacher? It is a kind of ideal to which everyone should aspire practising teacher, because the basis of success teachers ' self - education. Self analysis in comparison with the job analysis will help to establish and to adjust the program of self-improvement, because we know that only running overpower way. Psychologists advise teachers-subject teachers to make their own job analysis to help them identify challenges to personal development for the near future. Ideal teachers as people, no, but that does not mean that we should not strive for excellence!

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