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Cars of Sweden remained in the shadow of the global race for leadership. In contrast to German and Japanese, they are not so known. At the mention of Swedish cars a surprised raise of eyebrows: not heard, not know. In fact, the Northern neighbour of Germany for the quality and safety of vehicles is not inferior to such giants of industry as the Mercedes or the BMW.

Swedish automobiles (brand): list

From the very beginning of a headache for designers in Sweden were bad roads and severe weather conditions. So all the machines have passed rigorous test before getting on the domestic market. Guided primarily by the requirements of safety and comfort, the Swedes were able to build a car with the perfect ratio of price and quality.

Swedish cars

To manufacture cars here come with no less thoroughness than in Japan. The variety of models allows you to keep the bar high. Sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs and trucks – in the lines of Swedish producers can manage to find a vehicle to suit every taste. Presented to the Swedish cars and on the world market. Popular cars not only in Europe but also in other countries. What are the famous brands there are in the Swedish automotive business?

  • Volvo.
  • Saab.
  • Koenigsegg
  • Scania.

History of the development of the automotive industry in Sweden

The Cars in Sweden have tried to produce since the beginning of the 20th century. But the Swedes always had bad luck: the crisis has covered the country, the competitors got their hands on the entire market. I ended up in the second half of the twentieth century, the automotive industry in the North country almost completely disappeared. But Askar Gabrielson and Gustaf Larson managed to develop a car whose reliability could compete with global automakers. And specifications helped to overcome the bad roads and not dependent on weather conditions. And in 1926 produced the first model of the brand “Volvo”. Universal car accelerated to 90 km/ h – very serious for those times numbers. Volume 2-liter engine consisted of 28 horsepower. It was a clean break for the two beginners. Now, Volvo is a world-renowned leader of the market.


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Swedish cars

Another well-known company Saab came into the world of cars even more unusual way. The main activity was the production of military aircraft and fighter planes. In 1937, the leaders decided to try to realize the potential of the company in a new industry. So "Saab" began to produce cars. Now the cars of this brand are more famous in Sweden than in the rest of the world, but not as good as the more well-known competitors.

Sports car Brand Koenigsegg was named in honor of its founder – designer Christian von Koenigsegg. He created the first car in 1993. Now the company competes with global leaders in this segment: Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Swedish cars

The Swedish Volvo

The secret of the success of the company “Volvo” was the production of inexpensive cars and good advertising. The ideal ratio price-quality was highly prized in the postwar world. Most of the parts for the Swedish automaker produced in the same country as the car itself. This greatly reduced the cost of production.

In Addition to the quality and low price, Volvo has always followed advanced technologies. For example, in the 90-ies in the newest models introduced a new type of ignition with microprocessor, which saved fuel and was much more easy to maintain. One of the first “Volvo" think about comfort and external style. The special streamlined shape, the variety of products (from sports to family cars), and most importantly - Bezopasnost - that's what attracted buyers in the “Volvo”. Swedish cars since 1970 had protection from side impact and child safety cushion.

Volvo car Swedish

Now Volvo produces different series of cars:

  • S – sedans;
  • V – universal vehicles for family use;
  • XC – crossovers;
  • C – auto coupe.


The Brand “sale” is known primarily for its trucks. Coming from the sphere of railway construction, the company has reached good sales only fifty years after its founding. And 80 years of Scania became one of the world leaders in the truck sales.

The Lineup of vehicles represented by trucks for both average and severe weather conditions. There are over 25 different options: from small to huge “tractor”.

Swedish car brand list

The Company is considered a leader in the security driver's seat. Cabins “Scania» recognized as one of the safest in the world. Streamlined, power-420 HP, economical use of fuel – all this attracts buyers for many years.


The popularity of the brand "Saab" gained thanks to the excellent vehicles that combine the latest technology, convenience and safety. Founder Gunnar Lungstrum in 1946 released the first model equipped with enginetwo pistons. In the line of cars 80-ies began to produce both family and sports cars. The number of customers has significantly expanded. Body with a wonderful flow is not just become the hallmark of the company Saab. Such attention to the aerodynamic properties of the car came from the aviation industry, with which the founders of the brand began its activities.

Now comfort each series, extraordinary design and attention to customer contribute to a high sales around the world.

Swedish cars, though less well known than the more publicized representatives of other manufacturers, nevertheless, deserve attention and admiration. Their commitment to quality and safety makes them the standard for the modern car. A minimalistic design and innovative solutions provide high demand.

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