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Selling the car, especially if it is not in the best condition, it is very troublesome. Moreover, problems arise not when removing cars from the account in traffic police, during the search for a buyer.  in Fact sold a car for months. But surely you have noticed such cases in your ads, when for sale, the car is already labeled “sold”. How are these sellers able to quickly find buyers? it All depends on a number of factors, which we now to sell a car

Before you learn how to sell cars, let's note a few key factors that affect the search time for a suitable buyer:

  • Price. This is the main aspect in this case. How adequate she is, and depends on the relevance of your ad. But how to sell cars? To order a special assessors? It is not necessary. To assess the value of your car you can do. And the price was adequate, view other ads of similar cars and choose the so-called Golden mean. If the machine need to sell urgently, reduce its cost by 10-20 percent.
  • Placement. Ads in Newspapers on poles now – is the last century. Even if your ad in the newspaper will be in the first line, not the fact that the buyer will call the first day, even if the price is low. Large attendance and the number of views remains the Internet sites, and recommend you where to place it. Here you can find a whole album of photos and provide all info about your iron.
  • Technical condition. Before you sell the car (or the car), make pre-training before the placement of ads. And then take a picture of the car with the right angle. Make a detailed description, upload a few photos (always without the use of photoshop and other editors) and wait for the first bell. As a rule, such announcements by “burn” after an hour and a half to sell a car under the Treaty

How to sell a car contract?

Now, this method of sale is particularly relevant among the owners of cars without a number (most often it is domestic cars older than 10 years), which cannot be removed from the register under the legislation. In this case, do “generalko”. But, before you sell the car by proxy, consider the following. In fact, this arrangement, let it be documentary, the future does not give its owner the right to 100 percent of the property. On paper the owner of the car still remain you, and therefore, the right of ownership belongs to you. And how to sell cars you no matter what, they would still belong to you according to the documents. Yes, maybe it will be good for you, but for the future keep in mind that when buying a new car (if it is not without a number) is not worth saving an extra $ 200 to remove it from the register. Otherwise sell it you will not be able, for parts only. And if, God forbid, her documentary the owner dies, ownership will pass to his relatives, and you will be third person. By the way, a lot of ads about selling a car by power of attorney placed the crooks that they catch unsuspecting customers and then take away their to sell a car by proxy

So be always vigilant, and have a great transactions!

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