Tuning VW Passat B5, or Restraint is not always a virtue


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It is Human nature to pay attention to the bright, unusual and creative ways of expression. A radical transformation of the car is difficult to underestimate, because the craftsmen of “peasant” four-wheeled beauties. This applies to any machine, not an exception and VW Passat B5 tuning, which is significant in many respects.

vw passat b5 tuning

Why change the factory components?

Everyone wants to be unique, and the vehicle can be a key to success. The main purpose – to get attention, to make the car more individual and recognizable. Surprisingly, starting with the front bumper a can't stop until victory. It is important to determine the “problem” areas, and to begin the systematic turning ephemeral ideas into reality. For VW Passat B5 tuning is divided into three groups.


The envy of car owners will be carefully selected details. By the way, they can give a second life to see the life of the machines. Parts model most other:

  • Rims. Metal glitter in the sun, what could be better? A job is guaranteed to improve the car of any class and cost.
  • Tinted – a budget option, which will bring many benefits.
  • Kit – a treat for the wealthy, tuning, drastically change the impression about the car. A new bumper and grille indispensable for VW Passat B5 (wagon). Tuning other components depend on the ambitions, wishes and financial possibilities.
  • Optics – led lights have become a trend due to the tuning companies. It is the perfect combination of aesthetics and traffic safety.
  • Spoiler alert – not only improves the appearance of cars, but also radically changes the aerodynamic properties of the body.

vw passat b5 universal tuning


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How does the rear bushing front arm and how many it serves?

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Important! Conversion must be carried out only for the safety of both driver and passengers. Ignoring this can cause serious consequences.


The Salon can experience a magical transformation under the strict hand of a specialist. Here is almost everything can be replaced or improved:

  • Instrument panel and steering wheel – the most simple, but no less significant modifications. If funds allow, you can order branded leather steering wheel.
  • Interior Trim – very expensive. Well-proven carbon inserts for VW Passat B5 1.8 t Tuning can be supplemented with a wooden or plastic panels.
  • Lights – most use a diode or neon lamp. Proper location of the elements will emphasize the benefits of the new design.
  • A Change of seats – not only enliven the interior, but will please the driver and passengers a feeling of comfort.
  • Dashboard – is always in sight, steel dials or design solutions will add style.
  • Car audio, amplifiers, subwoofers – replacement will not be as noticeable to the eye, but the new sensations of the mass.

vw passat b5 1 8 t tuning

Tuning “toppings”

Without a responsible approach when you replace factory parts external beauty will remain “blush”. To increase internal power VW Passat B5 engine tuning, chassis and powertrain is a must! Let us dwell on the suspension, because without it will not get far:

  1. The First step is to replace stock shocks on the sport variation. Qualitative models can be adjusted due to the resistance of compression and rebound damping.
  2. To Install stiffer suspension springs. This will improve the overall handling and stability on sharp turns.
  3. Replacing the rubber hinge, the owner will receive surprisingly obedient “horse”.

If we talk about the wheelbase, the situation is a stalemate. Low profile tyres provide a good grip with the road, but the potholes seem divine punishment. Dry asphalt favors wider wheels, but rainy weather is clearly doing all the work in vain. Whatever it was, but tuning VW Passat B5 not only accentuate purebred “German”, but will add power to the electrical conductor is tuned monster.

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