How to arrange the sale of the car?


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Most modern drivers have to face for the first time since the sale of the car. Someone just decided to change the car more comfortable. Another motorist also because of some personal circumstances just need cash, the proceeds from the sale of your vehicle. Someone, on the contrary, you need to buy a car for personal use or perhaps for more choices when seeking employment. In any case, motorists should be aware of how to arrange the sale of the car, and in the latter case - what to do for it.

How to arrange the sale of the car?

Options may be different, but the fact that the sale of the car is not the easiest and not everyone knows the process - may cause any difficulties in the renewal. To execute all the right, some car enthusiasts have to resort to professional help, not knowing the stages of the process of registration of documents can lead to many problems. So before to find a buyer for your "swallow", you should take care choosing the right specialist or to study the sequence of manufacturing of the required documents and location of instances where it can be issued.

Selling cars. Making a General power of attorney

This option should not be considered at all as a General power of attorney gives the right to use this vehicle, but otherwise the main owner remains the seller. In life anything can happen, and in the case of death of a salesman, the vehicle will eventually go to his relatives by inheritance, as to prove the sale of this car will be impossible. And indeed the possession of motor vehicles through the General power of attorney is a violation of the law and the rights of the buyer.

How to arrange the sale of the car? Where to begin?

First and foremost, the vehicle must be removed from the register in GIBBD. To do this, you must write two statements and pay the state fee in the Bank. Ideally (if all necessary for this procedure documents on hand and no more problems have arisen in the course of deregistration) this procedure is done in one day. Then you can get transit plates. In principle, they can not get it, then TCP will mark that "transits not received". In this case, you will have five days to use the vehicle at all without numbers.

Next should be documented the fact of sale. By the way, before the contract of sale will be issued in full, you can go, using the old insurance policy.

To Issue a document of sale of the vehicle, both independently and with the help of experts. In addition to the design of the main documents they will free You from queues and other nuances associated with this process. This is the most convenient and much faster time option, but the cost of such services is quite large.

If You decide to act on their own, once drawn up and signed a contract for the sale of the car, you need to purchase a new insurance policy, and then put the car on accounting in traffic police, but not later than five days from the date of purchase of the car.


If you have purchased the vehicle not pass the TRP, then it must be obtained within one month from the registration of the car on the account. If there is still a valid pass inspection, it needs to be changed, if the numbers of the car changed after its acquisition.

It is Worth considering that many sellers of cars that have already had this procedure before, take a Deposit before to arrange the sale of the car. Don't be afraid, because the seller just doesn't want to risk it, thinking that during the process of buying and selling cars You'll reconsider to buy it. Just enough to take him for a receipt for any amount.

Well, that's the basic nuances how to arrange the sale of the car, you are now clear. 

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