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Stylish and spacious van "Peugeot Expert" produced in the factories of French carmaker Peugeot since 1995. The model created on the basis of a similar van "Peugeot 806" and is manufactured at the plant of SEVEL (South of France). Coming off the Assembly line about 32 thousand cars a year.

Peugeot expert


The Minivan is available in two versions: cargo, with a large commodity space, and utility, with a comfortable eight-seat interior. In 2004 the car was restyled. Modernization has touched the body of the car in front. The grille became larger, the overall design of the front reflected the characteristic silhouette of the front of the van the Boxer is a powerful representative of multi-passenger and trucks from the family of Peugeot. Design "Peugeot Expert" remained unchanged, because for more than a decade of operation in different conditions, specifications no complaints did not cause. After modernization, the model consisted of up to 15 variants of different configuration and equipment, with the wheelbase (2824 mm) did not change. The principal dimensions of "Peugeot Expert" (length 5135, width 1895 height 1942) could vary depending on modifications. Change was not excluded in the development of new nodes for suspension, but significant changes in the design of the car they never made.

the dimensions of the Peugeot expert

The Engine

In 2004, the multiplicity of the power plant of the car was somewhat simplified, the main engine for the car was economical, good environmental performance, diesel 2.0 HDi engine capacity of 2.0 liters. On cargo vans "Peugeot Expert" (owner reviews this has) to install the engine capacity of 94 HP and utility version got the power unit capacity of 109 horsepower, which allowed the car to reach speeds of 165 km/h. Fuel consumption in city mode was 8 liters per 100 km. Later on the machine also installed a petrol two-liter engine capacity of 136 HP the New engine "Peugeot Expert" thanks to its pickups and a perfect system, naturally, allowed to increase the speed to 175 km/h and fuel consumption already amounted to 12 liters per 100 km in the city. All these data correspond to the movement of the car with a full load of 800 kg, which includes eight passengers, including the driver and Luggage.


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repair a Peugeot expert

Cargo version

The Cargo version of the minivan is different rational placing vnutrimatocny elements, dual passenger seat right of the driver's ergonomic and its shape is designed for long trips. Solid lattice partition separating the driver area from the cargo compartment, provides good visibility and prevents the lowering of the cargo on the backs of driver and passenger seats. The rear hinged doors of the body have different widths, which creates additional convenience when loading. In the floor of the cargo compartment, close to the back edge, mounted the ladder-ladder, which extends when necessary in loading heavy sized boxes and containers. These loads are going in the car on the ramp to the trucks. For this purpose, provided the tow rope with a hook at the end connected with the manual winch.


Peugeot expert owner reviews

Since 2007, the "Peugeot Expert" comes in two new versions, one of which (Peugeot Expert Tepee) focused on entrepreneurs, frequent visits along with partners, office workers, translators and other personnel. Large spacious minivan is the best suited for these purposes. The modifications list is constantly updated with new versions that do not require radical structural changes, however there are two options wheelbase cars, as well as process changes improvements the height of the roof. The car has several solutions contour of the silhouette of the body that allows the buyer to choose the most optimal option for themselves. Created modification increased payload, designed to load 1200 kg, and the mass of the load does not affect the running characteristics of the vehicle, assuming a uniform distribution of gravity over the entire area of the cargo compartment. Serious repair "Peugeot Expert" is required very rarely, the car is reliable and needs only qualitative maintenance.

Comfort Level

In Addition to improving technical features, the attention of producers of "Peugeot Expert" addressed to increase the level of comfort of the car. In past versions, significantly improved the parameters of the driver's seat. For passengers the entrance to the cabin is quite comfortable, opening sliding doors, and the door equipped with the mechanism of the system "easy entry", for a smooth easy glide heavy door on the guide profiles. The interior light helps to visually expand the interior space, with the same purpose, greatly increased the total area of glazing, as extended windshield, it almost connects the side stand. But his inclination made it much to extend the area of natural interior light from above. In the daytimelighting can be enhanced by the sunroof.

engine Peugeot expert


On the interior of the minivan worked for a design firm Pinifarina (Italy, Cambiano), which was founded in 1930 by engineer Battista Farina, and since then its experts successfully engage in body and interior design. Trim "Peugeot Expert" performed in three versions: Confort, Loisirs, Premium. Signs of luxury in the interior of the car is neither one of these options, but colors and finishes Confort Premium is different from the more simple combination of colors, and the seat upholstery in the Premium - mats.


Peugeot expert specifications

"Peugeot-Expert", the characteristics of which leave nothing to be desired, is one of the safest family vehicles Peugeot. The set of tools that provide reassurance for driver and passengers, is an effective system ROM, thanks to which it is almost impossible to capsize the machine. In extreme circumstances, the van will slide skid, rotate around its axis, wobble and shake, but will not turn over. Great value for stable movement of the car has a traditional, but enhanced ABS, which is always enabled, monitors the running of the machine and withstands a wheel lock at the time of braking. Sensors in options of "Peugeot Expert" allows you to Park without fear to catch the next car, at the slightest threat of rapprochement with an obstacle immediately turn on the audible signal of danger. In the salon around the perimeter of placed hidden airbags, which are triggered in a collision in hundredths of a second.

The Title of "Peugeot Expert"

In 2008, the "Peugeot Expert" has received a title of prestige from the International Van of the Year. The ceremony took place in Amsterdam. This award is given every year, the jury is assembled from representatives of the different countries of Europe. The first place in nomination took the mixed model PSA Peugeot Citroen, with the highest number of points and winning by a large margin the other contenders. "Peugeot Expert" has received its rating for the high level of interior comfort, regardless of configuration, the unprecedented efficiency of the diesel engine and impressive agility.

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