Engine oil for Nissan: review, specification, and reviews


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Today the market of lubricants offers vehicle owners a wide range of oils for motor, transmission, etc. Different brands give their products a certain set of qualities. Can also significantly vary the cost.

One of the highest quality products is Oil Nissan. This Japanese brand has developed many kinds of lubricants that are designed for different car brands. What is this oil, how it is characterized, is discussed later.


The Japanese company Nippon Oil Corporation is known worldwide as one of the best manufacturers of original lubricants. All products meet the highest international requirements. Also are the products got the approval of Gosstandart of the Russian Federation. For our country produced oil taking into account the peculiarities of climate.Nissan oil

In Great demand in the domestic market are the Oil for Nissan automatic transmission, motors old and new model. The world has long been a common practice of cooperation of leading producers of lubricants with engineering corporations. They share their development that allows to produce products of the highest quality.

Was No exception and lubricants “Nissan”. This brand is one of the activities of the eponymous engineering company. The owners of the cars “Nissan” you can choose the right oil that will protect the vehicle system from the adverse effects.


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Products Features

Choosing Oil for Nissan CVT Or motor, it is necessary to consider a number of features of such products. Oils are based on high-quality components. Their viscosity is well balanced. Multigrade oils can be applied in extreme heat and cold. It is important to choose the right type of viscosity for the appropriate climate zone.oil change Nissan

The base oil includes additives. They are designed to neutralize the products of chemical reactions that occur in mechanisms with a large heating. As a result, the parts of piston category, a crank mechanism does not appear corrosion and carbon deposits.

In part determined by the low rate of sulphated ash. This improves the environmental performance of the lubricant. When using the presented production, transmission, engine and other systems and mechanisms will be protected from wear and tear.

Oil engines

When choosing a lubricant it is necessary to clearly follow the recommendations of the engine manufacturer. This must take into account its configuration and mileage. As a rule, the owners of even the oldest car models do not pour into the system gidrokrekinga mineral Oil. Nissan Almera (1995), Micra (1992), Primera (1996) and other quite old models are well tolerated semi-synthetic oil.Engine oil Nissan

The Cost polysynthetic will be relatively lower than that of synthetics. So, the original oil “Nissan” this category can be purchased at a price of 350 rbl./l. it is composed as a high quality synthetic components and mineral substances. To change a tool in engines with high mileage will need more often.

For cars with the engine of the new model company have developed a line of synthetic media. This product is the most technologically advanced. It is able to ensure the normal operation of the motor even under load conditions. The price of synthetic is from 500 RUB./L.

Transmission oil

Deciding to replace the oil in the transmission, you must also carefully consider the choice of the type of oil. First note that there are products for mechanical and automatic transmission. In the first case it is possible to buy oil at the price from 350 RUB./l. For automatic transmissions in selling the products, the cost of which ranges from 450 RUB/l. One of the most popular varieties of compositions for automatic transmissions is Oil CVT Nissan.automatic transmission Oil Nissan

Also, when choosing a lubricant for the gearbox it is necessary to consider the conditions in which the mechanism works. For small and medium loads, you should give preference to formulations made according to the standard GL-4. If the vehicle is associated with significant congestion, it is necessary to purchase a GL-5.

In the first type of oils provides fewer detergent additives. Such funds are cheaper. Standard GL-5 involves the use of the rod means a larger number of extreme pressure, detergent and other additives. This is to protect the movable elements of the mechanism from wear and tear.

Class viscosity

Nissan Oil for the engine transmission made by the Japanese brand for new technologies. Due to the special approach to creation of the basic framework of oils, balanced additive package, the products can be applied to the system throughout the year.Oil Nissan CVT

Multigrade oils have a high ability to adapt to environmental conditions. Thanks to a good yield, oil does not freeze in the system in the cold. In the summer, when the increase of overloading, the oil becomes more liquid. However, the specialtechnology does not allow it to fully drain into the crankcase. On the surface of the mechanisms forms a thin but durable film. It protects the surface from mechanical damage.

For the southern regions of our country, it is recommended to purchase a motor oil with viscosity class SAE 10w40. For drivers who often operate the car in the middle climatic zone suitable formulations with viscosity grade 5w40, 5w30. For the Northern climate more suitable standard 0w20 oil.

Additive Effect

Engine oil Nissan contains in its composition a specific set of additives. This allows the use of this product in different conditions. In the manufacture of engine oils, transmission oils, Japanese brand uses only high-quality modern components. The amount of sulfur, phosphorus and other adverse components of the additive package in the composition is reduced to a minimum.engine Oil Nissan

One of the major destinations of additives is the creation of the parts and mechanisms of thin but very strong film. It must not break under the influence of temperature and pressure. These requirements fully meets the are the products.

Also additives counteract the occurrence of corrosion, the destruction of the oil base. They have a cleansing effect. Pollution, soot is collected by the oil from the mechanisms. During the entire life of the lubricant, these particles securely holds the grease, not allowing them to settle on surfaces again.

The Advantages of oil

Since Oil Nissan is the original product engineering group, all parameters of the formulations undergo rigorous testing directly in production. Apply real-motors “Nissan”. This allows the company to offer the customer not only a quality oil, and which will be better than others to approach the characteristics of the motor.Nissan Almera oil

The Process of creating new formulas is carried out continuously. New research and development company uses when creating their lubricant products. This high-tech, clean, long-lasting oil. They are able to reliably protect the components against premature wear and destruction.

When using the optimum composition of the engine is kept clean, not exposed to adverse environmental influences. Fixing it will require a very long time. The system will work stably at full capacity. While the toxicity of emissions will be much less.

How to distinguish a fake

Change oil in Nissan must be performed in a timely manner. Manufacturer of set of recommendations on the periodicity of the process. In some cases, drivers can face a situation when the original oil is of high quality. If the motor has become noisy, its power decreases, so purchased a fake.

To Distinguish low-quality products everyone can. It is important to know what nuances need to pay attention. Tube, which is closed by the canister to be pressed inside. Branded hologram the company should be printed as 3D images. Also in the bottom should be an icon with the number of the batch code. Also on the bottom of the canister shall be marked “spider”. The contents of the canister should have a dark color. The fake is lighter. If such a composition to freeze, it will acquire a white-blue hue.

Negative feedback

Reviews about Oil Nissan mostly positive. Almost 99% of surveyed drivers said that it is a quality product. However, there are a small percentage of negative statements. Some buyers say that the cost of oil is too great.

Experts say that you can't skimp on quality lubricant for car. If the system to fill in low-quality or even the wrong oil it can damage the motor. Repair or complete replacement will cost much more than the periodic acquisition of high-quality lubricant.

Also among the negative reviews, you can find statements about the presence of counterfeits. Similar compounds can harm the systems of the car. So buy a motor, transmission oil need only from trusted sellers.

Positive feedback

I Should say that almost all the buyers of products to service the vehicles of the Japanese brand agree that it is a quality product. Systems and mechanisms are protected against wear. The motor works on full power, quickly gaining speed. The transmission is not jammed. Start car even in the severe cold.

The oil change is not required to conduct frequently. The system is maintained clean for a long time. If timely replacement of grease sludge and dirt will not accumulate on the surfaces of arrangements.

Having Considered the features of the Oil Nissan Of its characteristics, customer reviews, and experts note the high quality of the products. It is popular in our country and the world.

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