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SUV «Toyota» very popular in Russia. These jeeps are loved for their reliability. “Prado” and “land Cruisers" excellent "digest" of our pits and can withstand Russian winter. But today speech not about them. In this article we will talk about the SUV Toyota Fortuner. «Toyota Fortuner” in Russia have appeared recently. However, the car quickly gaining popularity. What is a “Toyota Fortuner”? Specifications, description and photo of the car see below.


“Toyota Fortuner” is a full - size SUV class SUV. Assembled in Thailand and Indonesia. This jeep based on "Toyota Hilux". At the moment, “Toyota Fortuner” in Russia officially sold. But the prices will tell in the end.


The exterior of the SUV is impressive: front – linzovannaya optics narrow stripes running lights and also a massive bumper with round fog. Grille consists of three thin chrome strips. Hood – flat and long. The arch pronounced insignificant, but “depression” the lateral line is visible immediately. Already in the basic configuration there is a bandwagon. Drives – 17 or 18 inches. Toyota fortunerThe Metal body is resistant to corrosion. The lights do not grow turbid with time, although made of plastic. But whatever the quality, whatever the paintwork, reviews suggest gluing transparent panepinto on the bumper, bonnet and arches. The latter is particularly susceptible to peskostruy – factory mud flaps do not protect against stones flying from the wheels.


As you can inexpensively improve the engine VAZ-2110

As you can inexpensively improve the engine VAZ-2110

Probably every car owner wants that his car was always fast, powerful and maneuverable. But it does not always work, especially for the VAZ-2110. To fix it maybe just the tuning. Many drivers are mean for a variety of spoilers, clumsy skirts and bump...

Dimensions, ground clearance

Body Length «Toyota» is 4.8 m, width-1,85 m, height-of 1.84 m. the owners celebrate good ground clearance. Even on 17-inch wheels, the magnitude of the clearance is 22.5 cm. In addition, the vehicle has short overhangs. «Toyota Fortuner” confidently overcomes the roads and sneaking through the snow-covered roads.


The interior Design is also brutal – the angular lines of the centre console and square the rear seat. But not without “cars” shape. Thus, in “the Fortuner” uses a compact three-spoke multifunction steering wheel, and tidy instrument panel. Her line continues through the torpedo – in the centre there is a small display clock. On the console, you'll durdyeva radio unit and climate control. For the convenience of landing, the Japanese have provided not only tripping, but the handles on the sinks of the body in the cabin. This is a big plus-note reviews. As decoration used leather, sturdy plastic, wood and metal inserts. Toyota fortuner in Russia«Toyota Fortuner” is a seven-seat SUV. The chair is quite wide, however, no lateral support. Of comfort – only fold-up armrest for passengers. Driver's seat has more developed support cushions. The rear row can be folded in the ratio 60 to 40. But as noted the feedback on “gallery” can comfortably accommodate only children. new Toyota fortunerThe Trunk in seven-seat “the Fortuner" very little – only 297 liters. In five-seat version, the SUV can accommodate up to 620 litres of Luggage.


The New “Toyota Fortuner” staffed by two four-cylinder units. The top is a diesel engine with a turbocharger and intercooler, and 16-valve timing mechanism. The volume of the cylinder of the unit – 2.8 liters. Power-177 horsepower. Torque of 450 Nm. According to reviews, this motor has good traction. The car steadily gaining speed even at idle. As for dynamic characteristics, the SUV accelerates to a hundred in 10.8 seconds on the machine (at six levels). The maximum speed is 180 kilometers per hour. In terms of fuel consumption of motor too happy. 100 kilometers of the road car spends 11 litres in the city. Outside it, the figure is reduced to 7.3. In the combined cycle «Toyota Fortuner” consumes 8.6 liters.

Also in the line of a gasoline engine of 2.7 liters. They «Toyota Fortuner” is equipped with “database”. The capacity of the unit is 166 horsepower. Torque-245 Nm. This motor has a 16-valve head, equipped with system of distributed injection and valve timing. Hundreds of petrol «Toyota Fortuner” is accelerated for 12 seconds on a mechanical box. Fuel consumption is 13.5 liters in the city. On the highway the SUV spends 9.5 liters. And in the combined cycle this value increases to 11.5. new Toyota toyota fortuner when RussiaWhat you say about the engines owner reviews? Both motors are very reliable. Among the major breakdowns – the break of the pipe of the cooling system, which goes to cabin heater from the engine block. The factory is a plastic element. But the owners are recommended to install a metal.


“Toyota Fortuner” was developed on the basis of the eighth generation of SUVs “Hilux”. The car has a frame layout with independent suspension and all-wheel drive. The front uses double cross levers. Rear-five-link design with coil springs. Air suspension there is not even as options. What they say about the ride qualities of an SUV owner reviews?«Toyota Fortuner” absorbs the bumps. However, rates are likely to roll when cornering. This same “disease” and “Cruiser”. The reason for that is the high center of gravity (due to frame design). Brakes-disk on both axles.

The Pendant goes long enough. To 280 thousands of damaged ball joints. Also this is not able to flow out the rear axle shaft oil seal. Pads require replacement after 90 thousand. Tie rods and all eternal – they do not change over the years. Toyota fortuner specificationsA Big plus SUV «Toyota Fortuner” in its maintainability – say reviews owners. On the market you can find a lot of spare parts-analogues or even to install items from “Toyota Prado”. This machine is widely prevalent across the world, so spare parts can be found anywhere.

Prices, options new Toyota Fortuner

When Russia «Toyota Fortuner” will be available? This SUV is already available officially. Basic ‘elegance’ available for 2 million 600 thousand rubles. The list of equipment includes:

  • 17-inch alloy wheels.
  • Led optics.
  • Climate control.
  • Side and front airbags.
  • Heated seats and steering wheel.
  • Media-complex.
  • Rear view Camera.
  • Sensors.
  • Electric Windows.
  • Cruise control.
  • Rain Sensors and light.

toyota fortuner Toyota Fortuner in RussiaTop range “Prestige” available at a price of 2 million 827 thousand roubles. Here there is leather trim, electrically operated tailgate, 18-inch wheels, Keyless entry, help system at start on lifting and a lot of other “chips”. From the factory to the car three-year warranty.


Now, we find out what constitutes “Toyota Fortuner”. It is a reliable frame SUV is equipped with proven engine and transmission. Machine has been well received in Russia. However, one should not forget the value of its content. A huge expenditure may be a repair of the turbine on the engine and replace the suspension arms.

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