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The Interesting story of the birth of this car. For this reason goes to this bike that its development has ordered the Arabs, or, not agreeing with the Americans about the price of their technique, or trying to pressure them. In any case, under this contract, GAS has developed the SUV of the Tiger prototypes with different body types and was shown to the customer. However, whether the Americans in the negotiations with the Arabs dropped the price, whether the Arabs themselves had changed his mind, but the Treaty was broken.

SUV TigerAs a result of all these negotiations and incomprehensible machinations, there was a full-size SUV Tiger, which immediately drew the attention of Russian security services and interior Ministry. The car was ready for production, its design used components and parts from the BTR-80. Basis is the robust frame on which are mounted all of the nodes. Body armor for the military are made on the fifth class of protection, it can withstand machine-gun bullet.

Except for the armored, the Tiger and the SUV is produced in a civil version with a normal body. However, in the first place are the military applications, wait for the civilian car have indefinite time. But even this does not stop those who want to become the owner of this unique machine. This is not a complete list of the equipment – four-wheel drive, millennia samolechenie differentials (front and rear) with lockable center differential, transfer case with reduction gear, wheel gears.

And this is not all that can offer its owner SUV Tiger. Despite its not small weight, its curb weight is 6100 kg, the car is very agile and is capable of speeds up to one hundred forty kilometers per hour. The capacity of 205 HP for the diesel turbo is equipped with a five-speed manual or automatic transmission, or a six-speed SCP, ease of control gives the message.


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SUV tiger priceClearance   400 mm, four-wheel drive and locking allow the driver not to think about the road and go in any direction, even Ford 1.2 meters will not be a hindrance. Independent suspension provides excellent handling, its course is 30 cm, so the obstacles the machine almost does not notice, but in order to break the suspension, it is necessary to try very hard, the weight of the car causes a drawdown of the suspension by 30 mm. in Front are two people in the cabin can accommodate nine passengers. The machine is capable of carrying 1,500 kg of cargo.

That's just as good off-road Tiger, the price is also good. Now it is defined at the level of 60 thousand dollars. It is hoped that someday this car will be more accessible, not only for soldiers, but also to ordinary fishermen and tourists, are capable of such machine to discover new places.

Tiger SUVHow to evaluate a contract in Saudi Arabia with Gas, plus also is the fact that there was a SUV Tiger – the machine has excellent off-road performance with which few of the foreign cars can match. And most importantly, his story is not finished yet, it continues to evolve and improve.

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