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What is the "Karavella"? All know: the so-called fast sailing ships of times of the great geographical discoveries. However, in 1990, on the European market, in the framework of the presentation of the new models, the public was presented the car of a class "minivans", the German concern Volkswagen. Beautiful car with graceful contours of the body received the name Caravelle. The history of the development of the new model differs gradual improvement of the technical characteristics, but along with it the car has not been modified in the full sense of the word. All the improvements were largely cosmetic in nature, although in some cases (as, for example, the adaptation of the car under the business category) changes significantly improved the image of the "Carabela".

what is Caravel

First generation

The first generation Model "Caravel", the technical characteristics of which largely repeated the options of rear-wheel drive minivans of the time, were produced in small series and enjoyed moderate demand for six years. Descended from the conveyor glittering varnish minibuses, everything went on as usual. However, Volkswagen is not in vain is one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world. In 1997 the launch of the "Carabela", the reviews which were not always positive, was suspended, and the machine fell into the hands of specialists in restyling. Constructive changes affected the individual elements of the body and design of the front end. In General, modernization was superficial, but nevertheless, the "Karavella" has changed, its rating has increased significantly.


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Restyling 1997

Expected changes in the technical characteristics of the car were focused on extending the engine compartment to accommodate any brand of engine from the Volkswagen family, including sports. This was radically changed the parameters of the hood and pushed the front strut. Now Karavella, reviews which considerably improved, equipped with inline 4 - and 5-cylinder petrol engines or diesel turbo 102 HP, which clocked the car up to 160 km/h. The engine six V-shaped arrangement of cylinders, allowed to accelerate to 200 km/h, but this speed for minivans had no meaning.

Caravel reviews

In addition to the new powerplants, "Caravel", the characteristics of which by the time has improved markedly, has received a softer front suspension, ventilated disc brakes on all wheels, an efficient system of ABS and four airbags, two front and two side. Picking "Volkswagen Caravelle" has greatly expanded, the basic set includes electric exterior rear view mirrors and door glass, electrical heated seats and rear window, heater with timer and Quad audio system. The preferred configuration also received Supplement.

The Benefits of a new salon

The Interior of "Carabela" has significantly improved, the finish began to use the more expensive, the seats are tight fitting high-quality velour, and the door was embossed leatherette-type "jacquard". In the center of the salon was nominated a special module in the form of an oval table, indispensable on long journeys. Overall, the salon eight-seat minivan was comfortable, spacious, with a high degree of ergonomics.

Caravel features

Particularly noteworthy is the system of ventilation of the internal space of "Carabela" with a developed schema of the air ducts. Compact heat exchanger, built under the torpedo, ensured the air circulation in three modes: heating of air streams to 22, 27 degrees centigrade and normal room temperature. The air conditioning worked in conjunction with the heat exchanger, which in summer was turned down. Controls for ventilation and microclimate of the cabin was in the center console, in the upper part, at the right hand of the driver.

Second generation

The New generation of "Carabela" was presented in 2002, with the radically modified front fascia, integrated bumpers in body color, updated optics, 4-speed automatic transmission (which came to replace the 5-speed manual), four-wheel drive system 4Motion and a double-layered Climatronic air conditioning. "Karavella" the second generation was produced in long - 5189 mm, short version - 4789 mm. Difference in the parameters of the wheelbase was 400 mm - 2920 and 3320. Salon "long" machine was designed for 9 seats.

Caravel specifications

What is "Karavella" from the point of view of business

Then, in 2002, was presented another modification of a minivan, "Karavella-business". The car is fully adapted for business trip with the relevant functions. The equipment of the car include steady Wi-Fi-Internet, mobile communications on two independent phone, remote Fax, TV, CD player, VCR, bar and fridge, under which was placed a small trash container. This model of "Carabela" was different expensive trim, leather seats, soft fluorescent lighting, an excellent sound insulation. Engines for cars of the business class were offered two options: a six-cylinder three-liter turbodiesel capacity of 150 HP and 204-horsepower gasoline engine.

JDM Volkswagen Caravelle

What is "Karavella" from the point of view of security

The Security of the latest versions of "Carabela", both active and passive, is aged at the highest level. First and foremost the safety of the vehicle at any speed provides a well-balanced suspension, front and rear suspension, equipped with effective anti-roll bars. Thus, the machine ensures a reliable coupling of wheels with road surface. Brake system of "Carabela" consists of double-circuit hydraulics, regulator of brake efforts, anti-lock braking system ABS and brake discs on all wheels. Passive safety includes airbags and seat belts.

Today, van "Caravelle", the customer reviews confirm this is one of the best models in its class. The machine parameters every year improving. This is the answer to the question: what is "Caravel"?


"Caravel" - a multi-purpose vehicle, spacious interior can accommodate seven to nine people. And no wonder the machine selected for modification in the category of "business class", with the wide use of communication means and special equipment. After the release in 2002 of a new model of second generation, the demand for "Carabela" has increased dramatically. Buyers note new structural advantages of the car, a high level of comfort and impressive driving performance. Pickup machine, with a relatively small consumption of fuel, a pleasant surprise experienced users, and the crossings for many hundreds of kilometers, it goes unnoticed - passengers will not get tired of well-adjusted ergonomic parameters of Seating.

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