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Recently, in the spring of 2014 years, the world was shown the new car from the popular German producer – the BMW X4. The technical characteristics of this machine, it should be said, is worthy of particular attention, and therefore is worth to consider them in more detail.

bmw x4 specifications

A New modification of the concept

Sports Activity Coupe, which was introduced for the first time in X6 models last year reached the other segment, average. This model is the BMW X4 the 2014. A photo of the vehicle clearly shows the characteristic features of "Bavarian” – the perfect lines of the body, “glance” headlamp, which cannot be confused with any other car, sporty design. This crossover has been created on the platform of the X3, however, from its predecessor it is distinguished by dimensions. In the body has increased to 15 mm, but here in the plan elevation of the machine opposite the “lost” 3.7 cm. it Should also be noted that, in contrast to version X3, this model is available only in all-wheel drive performance that should please fans of this brand. Also of note is the individual attention to appearance and the exterior of the X4. Sporty, assertive, even more aggressive – such turned out this model. Sloping hood, led lights, littered the glass surface, low rack – all of these details give the true character of this car.

 test drive bmw x4

Speed and power

On what should be discussed in more detail, talking about the BMW X4? Technical characteristics – that's important. In this model, we used independent architectural pendant, also, the developers reconfigured the damping elements. Again, compared to the X3 it is a improved model in all plans. The chassis was stiffer and denser. This car is offered with six different engines-3 diesel and 3 petrol. Their power, depending on the performance range from 135 kW/184 HP to 230 kW/313 HP As you can see, you can choose any of the BMW X4. Technical characteristics (in terms of power) is impressive, especially if to consider the version with a capacity of 313 HP Is – the BMW X4 35d xDrive AT. Its maximum speed is 247 km/h, to “hundreds” the car accelerates a little more than five seconds. But is this version more expensive than, for example, AT 28i xDrive with less indicators – more than 2 700 000 rubles. The most inexpensive model is the aforementioned 28i – if you take the car with the starting equipment, it will cost 2 304 000 rubles.


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bmw x4 2014 photo


Comfortable driving – that's what differentiates BMW X4. Specifications allows you not only to quickly attain overclocking, but also to feel the real pleasure of driving. Suspension design remains the same – at the front you can see two levers, rear mounted multi-link system. Settings this model has been improved, also increased and the track wheels. It directs the driver to a more sporty ride. At each wheel you can see the vented brake mechanisms, attention also should be noted the presence of electrical power. Each model of this modification has the electronically controlled multi-plate clutch, which includes the front axle. In General, to be behind the wheel of this car – is a real pleasure. And test drive BMW X4 confirmed it. I should say a few words about that.

Test drive BMW X4

Many motorists have experienced this model on highways and roads, and the vast majority of them confidently said: “It really is a new level!rdquo;. Of course, not without critics, some believe, for example, that in too many places, which is unusual for a sports car. However, there have already – a matter of taste, but in terms of control the manufacturer has succeeded.


Discussing BMW X4 specifications of the model and its features, you cannot ignore the looks of the inside of the car. Of course, external design is important, but in the cabin the driver spends all his time. From its predecessor, the X3 model BMW X4 2015 has a low dome roof and a sports orientation. Also worth noting is the lower landing – before the seats were installed 2 cm above. Despite the fact that the production used the concept of sports (and most sports cars are known, little space), inside could easily accommodate 4 or even 5 people.

bmw x4 2015


It is Impossible to ignore the impeccable Assembly and finishing of excellent quality, which were used expensive materials. Inside there is everything you need – of media-high resolution screen, which is embedded in the information service what situation on roads, Concierge service, color projection display. If there is a desire, for extra charge you can acquire such add-ons like the driving assistant and cruise control. You can still install an intelligent control system of distant light. In General, as can be seen, the model of the BMW X4, the technical characteristics of which were discussed above, this is a really nice car that in a relatively short time of its existence, has already gained popularity among fans of this brand.

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