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After Reading this article, you will learn all about car Ulyanovsk automobile plant – 396255 UAZ. You will learn about what it is, about the characteristics of the van-van and that the conditions in which it is applied.

Van-minivan utility

396255 UAZ

Buy 396255 UAZ Combi vans-a van may be implemented on a variety of conditions: loan, leasing, nalichnih or Bank transfer. Regardless of the method of acquisition, questions concerning service and warranty service are settled by appeal to the dealership offices of factory or official representative offices located throughout the country. The car 396255 UAZ can be purchased directly from the factory and regional offices.

Features cargo van-minivan

396255 UAZ

Modification of the utility of the van-minivan UAZ 396255, technical specifications:

  • Has prosys salon (two soft seat);
  • Equipped with an internal combustion engine ZMZ-4091, with a capacity of 112 horsepower;
  • Interior with swing-out benches for six seats;
  • A Desk.

The Cost in this configuration is about 550 thousand rubles for the period of February 2017.

Use car

The Car 396255 UAZ specially designed for transporting both cargo and people. Application this machine is in urban areas, and in villages, where, as you know, there is not always a good road.

What's the difference?

spare parts for UAZ

In appearance and some technical characteristics, internal arrangement, this machine is very similar to the traditional "orderly", but because there are no brackets hanging straps and also mounting for stretchers and other "sanitary" devices, registration in the traffic police is no problem.


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Why UAZ-396255?

396255 UAZ is a versatile utility vehicle that can accommodate up to nine passengers, or freight of similar weight. The car will be irreplaceable at work and convenient enough for travel. The car belongs to the car category.

Browse reviews

UAZ-396255 specifications

Analyzing the reviews, we can say that the car is good solution for everyday Russian reality, at the same time, the machine completely can be used for camping, travel, hunting and fishing.

Despite some problems with reliability, spare parts for UAZ, you can buy almost in any city of Russia, the auto parts store, and repair itself you can largely produce on their own, without the involvement of specialists.

In General, the cars of the Ulyanovsk automobile plant have earned the respect and love of owners, especially fishing and hunting, because all-wheel drive cars of this plant are indispensable helpers, when you need to navigate in off-road conditions, delighting their driving characteristics and comfort.

Despite the years since the release of a number of models and their appearance has not changed, although the filling machines are constantly being improved, making the design of new technologies, materials and operation.

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