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The subcompact Renault Logan has pros and cons. Some manufacturers do not hide. Take, for example, the level of security. We all know that “Logan” simplified design. Because of her, he inferior to the level of passive safety to other cars of the same class, and this fact is no secret. But it is often in the process of exploitation manifested as the pros and cons of “author”. Reviews of the owners, in turn, are the most reliable source to know about all the negative aspects of other motorists. That's on them and I would like to draw attention.

the cons of Renault Logan owners reviews

In Brief about the model

Before you start to consider the cons of “author”, owner reviews and their comments, is to talk a little about this subcompact car.

Under the hood can be installed one of three petrol 1.6-litre engines. They differ in fuel consumption and horsepower. Units produced 82, 102 and 113 HP respectively. And fuel consumption in the combined cycle is 7.2, 7.1, and 8.5 liters. In terms of the dynamics of the motors is also not much different. And the rest is nothing fundamentally different is not observed. Therefore, the most frequent choice is models with 102-horsepower engine, thanks to which the car accelerates to 100 km/h in 10.5 seconds.

Renault Logan owners reviews cons


This is the first thing that needs to be addressed with attention, talking about “author”. Owner reviews the advantages and disadvantages if the topic relates to the manageability, reveal the full extent.


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To start with the good. The machine has a good smooth ride, dynamic acceleration in first gear. But that's the only positive moments.

The Suspension on this machine is weak, any holes and the joints felt by the driver and passengers too clearly. When driving irregularities, can not do without vertical delay. Even while driving on the track will not be able to feel.

The gearshift Lever is in neutral twitches, like «Lada». Also the handling has a negative effect lack of stability and bad rubber. However, it can change.

And people say attention angular, “brick” the body design. Of course, appearance is a matter of aesthetics, but such a shape affects aerodynamics. And another for windage. If you suddenly have to go somewhere in windy conditions, the drift and volatility have to face.

Renault Logan 2nd owner reviews cons


This theme also calls attention to listing the cons of “author”. Owner reviews make sure that this car is practically nothing. Basic is too austere, even Spartan. Missing heated seats, airbag, only one, no electric Windows, and air conditioning.

The dashboard looks very poor, just and outdated. Orange backlight on a white background looks extremely impractical. Even the sofa back is not decomposed. And it would not be superfluous, since the basic boot capacity is 510 L. Although on the surface seems more.

But that's not all cons “author”. Owner reviews still often touch on the topic of optics. And headlights are really poor. Their properties are at the level of the classics from AVTOVAZ. The headlights Shine, but not where it is needed. Therefore, a spring for adjustment of the optics.


Unfortunately many people can not boast a sophisticated new ‘author”. Owner reviews cons not leave without attention to the ergonomics of motorists a large claim.

The Developers would make the door taller, because when boarding and disembarking many drivers unaccustomed to “follow” to climb to the top corner. Poor and sealers. If winter is not to shake off the snow from the roof, then thaw it straight into the cabin.

I should have been more pronounced inside handle. ‘Recess’ not suit everyone. And arms control climate control is located in the bottom of the panel, which is also inconvenient. Horn button is also located in the usual place.

Still on the small side rearview mirror. Pockets and containers to store small things inside. The trunk is too high, because of which the visibility becomes worse. And large loops on the inside intended for fastening of cargo, taking a large part of the volume of the space.

new Renault Logan owners reviews cons


Inside the car, the man spends most of the time, so the level of convenience is one of the most important criteria by which to choose a car. But here, the owners are considering car found cons. “author” owner reviews characterize as a machine of moderate comfort.

Note the attention to the weak airflow in feet. The ducts are directed to the side, so you have to freeze. Extra inconveniences delivers a bad system of drainage of water on the windshield. If during a rain to pick up speed above 50 km/h, then everything will be in the salon. Water will simply run down inside the door.

Leavespoor soundproofing. Up to 120 km/h the noise from the engine does not cause much discomfort, but then the silence we can only remember.

The Front seats are adjustable. But, despite the presence settings, will have to try to stay comfortably. Completely lack lumbar and lateral support, making long trips often have to stop to warm up. By the way, there is enough space for two people. The three of us closely, even people of normal build.

Renault Logan owners reviews advantages and disadvantages


We Cannot but touch upon the subject of attention, talking about subcompact “Renault Logan 2”. Owner reviews cons, as the pros reveal all the details. Above, we touched on a lot of negative things, but something positive in the Renault Logan is available. And it is his efficiency.

Under the hood of “Logan” are simple, suitable to repair the engines with a strong block and considerable resource. And they are unpretentious to the fuel. You can fill the tank as 92-m and 95-m gasoline. “Appetite” the oil can also be considered moderate. Pour a new one every 15,000 km.

More people celebrate a low cost of consumables, finding and the purchase of which will not cause any problems.

Economy version

A Few words should be said about the budget “author” (diesel). Owner reviews the advantages and disadvantages noted with equal attention. If you believe them, this car has fuel-efficient consumption even at speeds of 110 km/h More than 5 liters does not consume even after a few years of operation.

But the cons is, oddly enough, are also related to consumption. In winter it increases to 7 liters. And if you want to save, you have to spin the engine above 2,500 revs. This is the most important thing that you should know about diesel version of “Logan”.

Renault Logan diesel owner reviews cons

Why buy a car?

Even Though you can have the car “author” owner reviews, the disadvantages and shortcomings of the developers, this machine is very popular. Because it is inexpensive, about 600-700 thousand rubles. Many people prefer the other possible budget options, but a new foreign car.

However, there are still some pluses, in addition to the above. Tube of a gasoline tank, for example, closed by a key, which is very practical. Manual transmission generally works well. The crankcase is equipped with a good factory protection. And the engine runs without problems even in the most severe frosts. And still, there are several features reminders in the cabin. If the person, like forgetting to buckle up or to turn off the lights, the sound system definitely will notify.

In General, if you want to know, what is this car in fact, you should learn left about “author” owner reviews. Cons as pros, people used to paint detail, and it gives the opportunity to understand, worth buying this car or not.

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