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The Work of the exhaust system is accompanied by high mechanical and thermal loads. The muffler is one of the most important components in the structure, directly providing the output gases from the combustion chamber. And after a small operation on its surface formed burnouts, gaps and cracks. These and other defects require appropriate treatment, which will stop the process of destruction of parts and contribute to maintaining the same functionality. This task of maintenance is good sealant for the exhaust system of the car, but choose it carefully, taking into account the smallest nuances. The following review of proposals on the market will determine the best tool for each specific case.

sealer to the exhaust system of the car

Auspuff Reparatur Liqui Moly

The compositions of the chemicals of this brand occupy leading positions in different categories. In this case, the company offers a comprehensive solution for the protection of the exhaust pipe, eliminating the risk of formation and development of the existing cracks with small holes on the surfaces of the structure. The sealing paste is resistant to high temperatures and doesn't require any difficult Assembly operations such as welding and does not contain harmful chemical ingredients. In particular, the coating retains its performance at 700 °C. processing of the sealant to the exhaust system of the car Liqui Moly can be done in a typical garage environment without connecting special equipment, which is also attracting advantage of the choice.


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sealer for exhaust systems car reviews


Designed for home use composition, which is suitable for exhaust repairs and sealing compounds. Working abilities this tool even more effectively than analog from Liqui Moly. The maximum temperature, in particular, is 1100 °C, that is ES-332 can be used in the harshest operating conditions for high performance internal combustion engines. To address this sealant can not only in a situation when there is a clear process of destruction. The manufacturer recommends it as a prophylactic during the installation phase of the muffler. For example, new systems sealant to the exhaust system of the car ABRO it is advisable to apply in fixing. Such processing initially minimizes the risks of formation of cracks and holes in the structure. Also in the resonator with a catalytic Converter composition performs well as a high temperature adhesive.

sealer for the exhaust system of a car how to use

CRC Exhaust Repair Gum

The market For this sealant is represented as a black putty based on inorganic compounds and modifying additives. Linking the adhesive ability is a key function of Exhaust Repair Gum, thanks to which it is possible to achieve sealing cracks and holes, even without dismantling the system. As practice shows, the composition becomes sufficient for the operation of a hardness less than a day and does not require special crystallization conditions. With the engine running (at idle), the coating hardens and does in just 10 minutes. As the ultimate effect of applying the sealant to the exhaust system of the car can be expected increase the strength of the structure, restoration of surfaces with defects and noise reduction. With regard to protective properties, the shell prevents the target area from moisture, thermal effects and vibration (damping effect).

Permatex Muffler Tailpipe Sealer

Version of putty for sealing exhaust pipes sometimes leak. After applying the remedy provides strength to the connection points at temperatures up to 1000 °C. Especially sealant from Permatex is recommended for the installation of new system components. Inside the treated part of the structure attain a higher degree of reliability of fastening and with minimal losses transferred operational load. Practiced and repair of external surfaces of sealant to the exhaust system of the car of this company. The same seal damage insulation effect significantly extends the service life of the pipe.

sealer for exhaust system of a vehicle bosal

Bosal 258-502

The Company is known for quality mufflers and auxiliary mounting accessories for exhaust system as a whole. Obviously, to service his own products the manufacturer develops and sealants. To the universal modifications is attributed the composition 258-502. Best of all it manifests itself in the incorporation of docking sites, if you link the two items together. You can use sealant for exhaust system Bosal car and as tonic. Thick and stretchable weight corrects small defects such as cracks and holes. From the point of view of compatibility, of course, it is recommended to purchase this sealer for mufflers of the same company.

How to apply sealant?

The Whole process consists of three stages: preparation of the repair areas, direct treatment and drying. You must first clean target surface from dirt, soot and grime. It is desirable to eliminate before applied protective means, since the sealant needs to contactdirectly from the structure of the metal. Next is to degrease the area and dry it. The next step may be to apply sealant to the exhaust system of the car.

How to use the tool to get the best effect of restoration and protection? Processing is performed on thick layers (about 7-10 mm) with a spatula. When the coupling operations, it is important to capture and inner surfaces. Also promazyvaetsya holes, cracks and chips. In the final stage if you wish, you can speed up the drying process. This is done, or by turning on the engine at idle, or with the help brought to the processing area heater.

sealer for exhaust system of a vehicle abro

How to choose the best option?

Each of these compositions are good in their own way. To focus in the selection of a particular characteristic should be calculated from a solved problem. Sometimes, in the foreground, temperature resistance gasket sealant, its resistance to reagents and other active chemicals. This is particularly the case when the planned operation of the structure in aggressive environments. Other selection criteria relate to physical security. To reinforce seam, it is desirable to use a restorative sealant for the exhaust system of the car. Reviews show that the effect of cementing bonding is most preferred, if we are talking about the mixing of the two components of the structure. Have these qualities and a polymer means compositions which contain metallic particles.

sealer to the exhaust system of the car liqui moly


Of Course, to consider means of sealing, as a full repair of the exhaust system is not worth it. Heat resistant adhesive designed for dealing with minor defects and enhance the mechanical strength of the joints. But a radical alteration in damaged structures performed very different means. In what cases is it appropriate to buy a sealant for the exhaust system of the car? It is a universal preventative solution for the protection and strengthening of all the exhaust pipes with their components. If the new muffler formed small cracks and in this case, the insulating sheath will only benefit. But if there is serious fault or defeat rust large area sealant will do, so will likely need to update your work details.

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