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“Chery Tiggo 5” owner reviews characterize as affordable crossover with good road qualities worthy equipment, a roomy Luggage compartment and reliability when operating in domestic conditions.

Formation and development of the company

The Company “cherry” established in 1997. Founders are few public companies in China, while the state's share in the firm is 90 %. The development of the automobile industry began with the acquisition of plant equipment "Ford" preparation and start of production capacities. This enabled in 1990 to start manufacturing passenger cars “Penguin” on the basis of the licensed chassis model "Toledo" company “SEAT”. The first cars “cherry” was intended for the domestic market and has been used in China as taxis.

Further development of the company is due to the increase of vehicle models, the development of which involved well-known European design companies and American companies. This approach has enabled us in 2007 to produce the millionth car. Simultaneously the company has increased exports and created their own production in other countries. Currently it is 6 plants and 11 production facilities in different countries. Sales is dominated by the new “Chery Tiggo 5”.

The Chosen strategy allowed the company in the current period to produce every year more than 650 thousand cars, almost 400 thousand complete sets of chassis and 600 thousand power units.

Chery Tiggo 5 reviews

“cherry” in Russia

In the domestic market the cars “cherry” came in 2005. It was cars And 21 collected in the first for a Chinese company to foreign production facilities located in Novosibirsk, on the capacity of the holding «Transservis”. In the future, the production of automobiles was moved to Kaliningrad. The most popular model was the “Chery fora”.


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As of 2017, the company's dealer network in Russia consists of 84 of the center sales and service. Sales of vehicles in 2017 has increased by almost 25 % compared with the previous period. Plans to “cherry” to increase the number of dealers this year to 115 centers.

Cars “cherry”

At present, the domestic authorized dealers offer following cars of model range of the company “cherry”

  • "M 11" - the C-class sedan.
  • "M 11" is a hatchback.
  • “Bonus” is a sedan In the class.
  • “very” is a hatchback In the class.
  • “the Indies” - the subcompact crossover.
  • "Kumho" is a hatchback A-class.
  • ‘Cross ester” - a station wagon With class.
  • “Tiggo 2” - crossover SUV class.
  • “Tiggo 3” - crossover SUV class (has a large size compared with the “Tiggo 2”).
  • “Tiggo 5” - a mid-size crossover.
new Chery Tiggo 5

Presents a range of cars to a Chinese company is quite diverse. Official dealers in “Chery Tiggo 5” call the SUV the most popular model among buyers. It should be noted that inexpensive crossovers and SUVs are always in high demand in our country compared to other classes of vehicles. Extras for the model “Chery Tiggo 5”, price is an important competitive advantage.

Crossover «Tiggo 5”

The First car of this model appeared in our country in 2014. The restyling of the crossover took place in 2017. Almost immediately with the advent of updated versions, on the basis of tests “Chery Tiggo 5” held a number of car publications, specialists noted the following advantages of the car:

  • Design, giving solidity to the crossover;
  • Led optics;
  • Folding side mirrors;
  • Schedule an 8-inch monitor;
  • Handling;
  • Ground clearance;
  • Equipment;
  • Comfort;
  • Roomy trunk.

The Updated crossover is assembled at the factory “Derways” in Karachay-Cherkessia. The number of specifications “Chery Tiggo 5”, manufactured by the company is unusually large and is six options. The selected approach is very useful for buyers, as the cost of various modifications. This number allows you to choose the “Chery Tiggo 5” at the price available to various categories of owners.

Chery Tiggo 5 price

Technical parameters and equipment

According to the feedback on “Chery Tiggo 5" of the technical characteristics of the crossover are of good quality and fully corresponds to the class. In accordance with the information of the manufacturer to complete in version of “Comfort” they are as follows:

  • Drive – front;
  • Drivetrain – mechanical;
  • CP – five-speed;
  • Capacity - 5 people;
  • Engine type – diesel, four-stroke. inline 4-cylinder;
  • Volume – 1,97 l;
  • Capacity – 136,0, L. C.;
  • Torque - 18,0 kg*m;
  • Maximum speed – 175,0 km/h;
  • The compression ratio to 10.6;
  • Environmental class - Euro-5;
  • Fuel consumption – 8.2 l/100 km (combined cycle);
  • Length –Of 4.51 m;
  • Width of 1.84 m;
  • Height   of 1.74 m;
  • Clearance – 19.0 cm;
  • Wheelbase – 2.61 m;
  • Weight – 1.50 t;
  • The size of the fuel tank - 55 l;
  • The amount of Luggage – 370/1000 l;
  • Size of tires - 225/65 R17.
Chery Tiggo 5 test

In finishing salon used fabric materials (leather in the Deluxe version), soft plastic, metal inserts. Among the numerous equipment, which include crossover it is necessary to allocate:

  • The electric lights;
  • Exterior mirrors with folding function, electric seat;
  • Immobilizer;
  • Parking sensors;
  • Rear view camera;
  • Six airbags;
  • Cruise control
  • Keyless entry;
  • Windows;
  • Start the engine with buttons;
  • Driver's seat adjustable in 6 directions;
  • Heated front seats
  • On-Board computer;
  • Temperature sensor;
  • Dual-zone climate control;
  • Multifunction steering wheel;
  • Blind for Luggage compartment;
  • Front armrest with compartment for things;
  • 8-inch touchscreen monitor;
  • ABS;
  • EBD;
  • Traction control;
  • Help when driving uphill.

Feedback about performance

Due To the fact. the car is very popular and produced in our country, information about it is represented in many national automotive publications. In their comments on “Chery Tiggo 5” the owners there are the following advantages:

  • Appearance;
  • Patency;
  • Equipment;
  • Led headlights and rear lights;
  • The cost and possibility of acquiring various credit programs;
  • Long-term warranty (5 years or 150 thousand);
  • Trunk;
  • Efficient performance.

Among the disadvantages of the new notes the lack of a full-size spare wheel and stiff suspension.

Chery Tiggo 5 configuration

Better road quality, different packaging options and low cost make the crossover a new “Chery Tiggo 5” the best-selling car company in the country.

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