Passenger wagon "Toyota-Vista Ardeo": features


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The Car “Vista-Ardeo” – a passenger wagon, which was manufactured by the company «Toyota» only for domestic sales. The car had a roomy comfortable interior, good technical parameters, but was unable to obtain recognition at home.

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Passenger car "Toyota-Vista-Ardeo” – mid-size front-wheel-drive wagon that became a separate model in 1998. Restyling held in 2002, and the production ran until 2004. The car was manufactured exclusively for the domestic market of Japan and therefore has a performance only with the right wheel.

Toyota Vista ardeo photos

A Feature of the model is a roomy cabin, which its characteristics is close to the van that noticeable on the photo "Toyota-Vista-Ardeo”, shown above. The wagon had a front engine layout and was carried out in two powertrain options: the full and front drive.


The design of the model «Toyota-Vista-Ardeo” can be called calm and confident, but quite recognizable. This provides the unusual design of the rear of the car, which is equipped with a large wide glass. In front of the wide set headlamps in the two-design, straight front bumper with lower air intake and fog lights. The hexagonal grille is comparable to the height of the head optics and forms with it a unified style. The hood has a slight tilt.

The Front of the station wagon is characterized by the side Windows enlarged and the lower straight line. The roof is also almost straight contour. The rear of the car, in addition to advanced glazing, has large lights that are connected to the longitudinal insert with the model name. Under the right bumper is a niche for the license plate.


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fuel pump Toyota Vista ardeo

In General, the body structure is dominated by straight lines, which form the confident appearance of the car, which is the appointment of the wagon as a large family car.


For a small by automotive standards, the period of release, which is only 4 years, the wagon passed restyling. It is equipped with three power units with a capacity of 130 (V-1.8 l), 145 (V-2.0 l) and 158 horsepower (V-2.0 l). Technical parameters model «Toyota-Vista-Ardeo” with 3S-FE engine (145 HP), the most commonly installed in base front-drive version will be:

  • Transmission – automatic Quad automatic transmission;
  • Wheelbase – 2.70 m;
  • Clearance – 16.5 cm;
  • Length   of 4.64 m;
  • Height – 1.52 m;
  • Width – 1.70 m;
  • The amount of Luggage – 1650 l;
  • Turning radius – 5.30 m;
  • Weight – 1,4 t;
  • Acceleration (100 km/h) – to 11.1 sec;
  • Maximum speed – 180 km/h
  • Fuel consumption (city) – 12.0 l;
  • Fuel tank – 60 l;
  • Size of tires – 195/65 R15.


Despite the fact that the car "Toyota-Vista-Ardeo" officially in our country, as in other States, were not delivered, this model was sold in the secondary market. The largest number currently used in the far East. According to the few reviews of the owners, we can note the following advantages of the universal:

  • The recognizable design;
  • Body with a strongly pronounced anti-corrosion properties;
  • Spacious and comfortable salon, there are modifications to the six-performance (driver and two passengers in the front seat);
  • Roomy trunk;
  • Comfortable rear seat for three passengers with individual headrests and armrests, and a tiltable backrest;
  • Rich equipment.
Toyota Vista

Among the disadvantages is the high sensitivity of the injection pump «Toyota-Vista-Ardeo” to the quality of fuel, the lack of a full-size spare tire, high cost of spare parts. It is also noted that the popularity of cars is limited because the right-hand steering.

Passenger station wagon «Toyota-Vista-Ardeo”, with reliable design and quality specifications, is not widely spread even at home, since these family cars are not used in Japan much in demand.

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