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The Fisker Karma is a sports car with rear-wheel drive hybrid powertrain, made in the four-seater sedan, with a bright individual appearance, comfortable interior premium and high environmental properties. Read more about it in this article.

Eco-friendly sports car

Sports car business-class Fisker Karma was first presented at the motor show in Detroit in 2008. Feature of the new sedan has become a hybrid performance powertrain. We used a traditional gasoline engine and two electric motors that are powered by lithium-ion batteries. Another feature of the car is the Fisker Karma was considered a large solar panel which covered almost the entire roof. Such used solution gave the car a high environmental impact.

fisker karma

The New business sedan is designed the designer Henrik Fisker, who led to this design for premium cars “BMW” and “Aston Martin». Production sports car began in 2011 and were terminated due to financial difficulties in 2013.

The Company “Fisker”

In 2005, Henrik Fisker opens in United States (California) private bodywork Studio of Fisker Coachbuild. Initially the new company was planning production of a unique body for passenger cars in the premium class. But it was closed rather quickly because of the need of a large number of regulatory approvals and expert opinions. And economically justified in the production of over 150 copies. A number of bodies can not be considered unique.


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Later, after a temporary cooperation with the firm “Tesla”, it was decided to begin creating your own electric vehicle, which is called the Fisker Karma was produced in 2008. After showing at the Detroit auto show “Tesla” H. accused Fisker of stealing design of the car, but lost the subsequent trial and paid a large compensation.

car fisker karma

Despite the fact that the manufacturer of the Fisker Karma is the company Fisker Coachbuild, model building was carried out on Finnish car Assembly enterprise “Valmet”. In all there were about 2,000 hybrid sedans that cost more than 100 thousand dollars. But it is not allowed to recover the credit investments in a new car, and in 2013, the firm Fisker Coachbuild was declared bankrupt. At auction, the company was bought by a Chinese company. Currently, a firm from China called the ‘Car Karma” and produces the same sport-sedan called “Karma Rivera”, the cost of which is 130 thousand dollars.

Exterior sports sedan

The Car is the Fisker Karma has a very unique and beautiful appearance with pronounced sports features. This way H. Fisker created thanks to the following decisions:

  • Large radiator grille in chrome edging and bright with two vertical panels;
  • Large head optics mounted above the front wheels;
  • Powerful rib of the bonnet;
  • Huge wheel arches under the wheels of 22 inches;
  • Front punch lines;
  • Front slant medium;
  • Narrow side of the glass;
  • The clearance is quite small;
  • Gently descending roofline;
  • Wide rear bumper;
  • Large diffuser exhaust system;
  • Narrow the rear combination lamps.
fisker karma manufacturer

Interior of the premium sedan

The Interior of the four-seater interior the Fisker Karma is as unique as the exterior. Has a high quality finish, ergonomics and a completely consistent premium class car. Such qualities were able to form due to:

  • Multifunctional steering unusual design;
  • The original instrument panel, which is a colour electronic display reproduces a classic design with round dials;
  • Large Central touch-screen monitor;
  • Anatomical seats;
  • High tunnel with storage compartment.

In the interior, except for the brushed aluminum panels and chrome accents, applied suede, made from soy and polished wood from fallen hurricane trees. These unusual materials may be used to emphasize the environmental friendliness of the new car.

Technical parameters

Specifications Fisker Karma proves your ownership of the car class of sports cars are:

  • Length – 4,99 m;
  • Height – 1.33 m;
  • Width – 1.98 m;
  • The size of the boot – 200 l;
  • Wheelbase – 3,13 m;
  • Clearance – 14.2 cm;
  • Front track – 1,69 m;
  • Rear track – 1.70 m;
  • Engine - hybrid turbocharged;
  • Fuel – gasoline;
  • Number of cylinders/valves – 4/16;
  • Location – inline;
  • Volume – 2.0 l,
  • Capacity – 408 HP;
  • Number of motors - 2;
  • Motor rating – 148 HP;
  • The magnitude of the electric range – 80 km;
  • Drive – back;
  • Drivetrain – automatic with a CVT;
  • Maximum speed - 202 km/h;
  • Acceleration – 5,8 sec (100km/h);
  • Fuel consumption (combined cycle) – 2.4 liter;
  • Fuel tank – 35,0 l;
  • Size – 255/35R22.
fisker karma specifications

Despite the fact that the release Fisker Karma sports cars discontinued in 2013, individual design, high comfort and technical parameters continue to make the model popular in the secondary market of sports cars.

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