Tuning Moskvich 2140 - finalization of the Soviet legends


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Tuning Moskvich 2140 – improvement of technical qualities and characteristics of the famous Soviet car that has literally become a legend. Many old domestic cars already compete in the era of new technologies, but fans of the improvements are not keeping them alive and give a second life.

tuning Moskvich 2140

External tuning

The Tuning of the "Moskvich" 2140 his hands begins to run improve body characteristics. The car body is subjected to overhaul and only after that it will improve. Installs on the hood scoop air intake, which will further cool the engine.

Outdoor kit and a plastic threshold you can buy at the store or make yourself from the fiberglass. Install the front and rear bumpers held on regular mounting of the car "the Muscovite" 2140. Tuning (the picture presented in the article) of the optical fiber is considered optimal, since the material cost is low, and work with it easily, even if the manufacture of parts is carried out with their hands.

Moskvich 2140 engine tuning

Plastic sills are glued on double sided tape. To install the wing you will need to drill holes in the trunk lid. Next, the bolts to secure the spoiler, but before that, make a hole from corrosion.

The tuning Moskvich 2140 ends. Then on the standard seats you need to find and mount the rear view mirror. Also you will have to change and mirror in the cabin, which was covered with black spots at the edges.

Before you start airbrush tuning Moskvich 2140 (surface patterning) is covered by a matte layer. Then, if needed, trimmed and applied paint.

Technology improvements "Moskvitch 2140 Lux" is similar. Only cars are a little different on the outside, while the radiator grille, each individual, therefore, is selected separately. Also, the radiator frame can be made with your own hands.


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2140 Moskvich tuning photo


If you decide to change the interior, the tuning Moskvich 2140 starts with the fact that the interior of the car completely disassembled. The instrument panel can paste a special color film, or replace with alternate from "Oper Vectra B".

The Seat when tuning 2140 are subjected to the padding fabric Alcantara. Colors of this material allows you to choose the right color to match the interior and exterior. Next comes the padding of the ceiling and side pillars. Rear shelf where the speakers are mounted, redesigns. Seat can be replaced by the same, but with another car.

The Latest revision is setting the media center and subwoofer in the Luggage compartment.

The Engine

On the car "Moskvich" 2140 engine tuning is worth doing fully, because the machine is devoid of electronics, there are two options for completion: the first – is tuning a mechanical part, the second – complete replacement of the power unit together with PPC.

In the first version, installed the lightweight pistons, camshafts, repair liners, valve with fine chamfer, increased the saddle. All of these improvements you can make with your own hands, with the exception of bore-honigova unit. Installing a turbo, you can increase the capacity by 10%, but if to it to add a water injection system through the carb, it is possible to achieve 25% fuel savings of 15%.

In the second embodiment, in place of the old motor mounts opalewski 2-liter engine. This revision requires some alterations in the power systems, cooling and exhaust gases.

"Moskvitch 2140 Lux" has the same technological procedure of engine tuning, except for the fact that it is impossible to replace the valve and seat as they are not on sale. The way out can be a independent production of these parts on a lathe.

tuning Moskvich 2140 with their hands


To improve the suspension set rod stabilizers that make their hands on the "Moskvich 2140". Tuning (photo rebuilt machines below) is that you need to replace all the shock absorbers Zhiguli, as well as set-forged low springs to reduce ground clearance.

The Wheels and tires in this case are selected according to raspaltsovki. They can both increase and decrease ground clearance. The tuning version of the rubber has a size of 185/60R15. Also by replacing the wheel hubs and install raspaltsovki 5h100 you can install chrome wheels company «Cragar” that will allow the car to always be stylish and distinctive.

Moskvich 2140 Suite

Brake system

Tuning Moskvich 2140 in the brake system more than reasonable. As you know, all the cars of this brand had a bad brake system. Replacement brake discs and pads from a company called "Brembo" will improve the quality of the brakes. Along the way, have to replace the cylinders to be sure to do the brake part of the ideal.

Parking brake suitable from manufacturer ATI, which has proved popular in the domestic market of spare parts. When installing the Parking brake cables and not have to redo anything, you just need to put them instead of regular items.

Improved steering mechanism

"Moskvich" 2140 factory supplied insufficiently reliable steering. So, after 5-7 thousand miles, the driver noticed that the steering wheel was a backlash that was associated with poor quality tips. Master tuning normally, instead of the standard steering set Zhiguli VAZ 2107. This required to make some constructive changes.

In the early 21st century with access to the domestic market a large number of parts from different countries, motorists began as a revision set for Moskvich 2140 the steering gear from the Chery Amulet. This allowed to improve the stability of control and to buy an old car steering.


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